xle gasp! a humor fic from me?

1. a collection of miscellaneous or incongruous parts; a jumble


Ever wonder how the KH guys got their wicked sexy hair?

Yeah, me too.


The boy was in panic, switching from morning grog to near-spontaneous combustion all in a matter of seconds. Running around his house, he searched frantically for his parents . . . and a mirror.

His fingers were clenched tight over his once silky golden locks, which were now purged of all color and left a cold and metallic silver-ish shade. In his distress, he hadn't even noticed his friend arrive at the door, waiting, ringing the bell every five seconds in childish annoyance. At least, not until he decided to open the door himself. And when he did, he took one look at his best friend, and said the first thing that came to mind, his younger, gloating voice ringing through the home.

"Riku!" he whined, pointing his chubby little finger at the mass of dead skin cells that was once Riku's hair, "I told you bleach wasn't the same thing as shampoo!"

The boy only glared in response, grabbing the knob and slamming the door in the younger boy's face.

Stupid Sora, he thought, why did he always have to be right?



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- ha-ha. this was mighty random, now wasn't it? not at all like the angsteh stuff i usually do. well, long story short, my angst-bunnies abandoned me, so, yes, once again, my updates will be delayed. sorry. :(

- as for the basis behind this story. it started as an idea for a comic, and i started drawing it last night. at least, until i realized that i haven't drawn chibi characters in FOREVER. so yeah, eventually i'll come up with a comic for this, but it might take me a while. xDD

- whee, this is my first time writing riku! yay! XD

- reviews are love. :)

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