Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Humor/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, violence and the concept of insanity.
Summary: Dumbledore decides that all of the sixth years need to learn more about the muggle world. So, he takes Gryffindor's group to St. Dante's insane asylum, where they meet one Remus Lupin.

Disclaimer: This is the only one so if you want to see it, come here. I don't own Harry Potter or its characters.

Notes: Since I have completed two of my stories I thought that I wanted to make this one. Actually, I was laying there late at night in bed and suddenly the idea hit me! Couldn't it have waited till morning you stupid idea! Thus, the woes of an authoress are revealed. Anyway, since you all love me so much, you will surely give me support on this one. I love you all.

Notes2: This entire story is completely rewritten with a whole new plot. Please read this with the knowledge that things have changed. So don't review reminding me of a part in the story that missed out on because people, I know. Anyway, enough of that ne? On to the story that was once taken off to be completely redone.

Gaspeth! On with the new story!

---Chapter One---

Sirius Black stared out the bars of his playground prison, his gaze directed at the apple tree just beyond his reach. He was so hungry, but the tall lady would be back soon, so he figured he wouldn't even have the chance to slip away and back with a juicy apple in his hands. He sighed, resigning to his fate.

Until a particular apple was positioned directly in front of his face. Looking up, his gaze met a beautiful pair of hazel, almost as bright as James' when the other was full of mischief, but just as big.

"Here." The boy offered the apple, a smile on his face.

"I'm not supposed to accept food from strangers," Sirius stated, having memorized all of every adults speeches. The boy continued to smile, the hand with the apple still in place.

"How old are you?" The boy asked.

"Five," Sirius responded proudly, before he realized he gave out personal information to a stranger. Clamping his hands over his mouth he murmured something incoherent to even his ears. The boy giggled.

"I'm turning five next week," he said happily, that smile still in place. "My name is Remus by the way." Sirius stared at him for a moment, those smiles beginning to infect its nasty way onto his face. Smiling as well, he placed his hand on the apple, looking into hazel eyes for reassurance. The boy only nodded, looking happy.

"My name is Sirius," he responded. Remus nodded, sitting down right in front of him, just beyond the fence. The hazel eyed boy glanced around, looking at how far off the ground the fence was.

"Daycare?" He asked.

Sirius nodded. "How did you know?" He asked.

"The fence," Remus responded. "I had a dream about a fence last night."

"Why would you dream about that?" Sirius asked, making a face. Remus laughed, shrugging his shoulders in reply, before taking a bite of his own apple.

"I can't control my dreams, at least, that's what mommy says," Remus replied at last. "The fence was different in my dream, much more stable, to hold the unstable."

"There can't be any place like that," Sirius stated confidently, chewing on his apple some more before tossing his arms up in exaggeration to his statement. "Besides, was it a good dream, or a bad?" Remus stared at the fence, his small hands clamping down on one of the bars. Looking back up, Sirius was briefly startled at how hard and hurt those eyes were.

"A nightmare, one I couldn't wake up from," he said softly, voice shaking. Sirius set his apple down, his hands wrapping around Remus', smiling at the confused look the boy gave.

"Then I'll get you out, I promise."

Remus grinned. "You'll have to escape your prison first."

"Hey Sirius, Sirius wake up you lazy butthead!"

Sirius opened his eyes, cursing the voice that had woken him from his dream. Now that he thought about it, the whole thing was a memory than a dream. He remembered that daycare actuallythe one that was stationed on the outside of a small muggle community. It was a wizarding daycare, something very rare for the pureblood parents to find. Even better, it was only for purebloods.

The large, metal black fence that always kept him away from what he wanted. Then again, Sirius guessed he had to thank the accursed place for introducing himself to James, and practically binding the other boy to his hip for life. Sirius sighed, running a hand through his long hair. Looking at his magically geared clock, he cursed, realizing if he sat in bed anymore he would miss breakfast. Cursing again, he got dressed quickly, grabbing his schedule and brushing his hair, proceeding to tie it into a loose ponytail.

Assessing himself in the mirror only took a second for him to smooth all the wrinkles in his school robes and fixing random strands of hair before he was out the door in less than two minutes.

James' smiling face greeted him at the bottom of the staircase. "Record time buddy, congrats," he laughed, tapping an invisible watch. Sirius rolled his eyes. Smiling still, James and he proceeded to the Great Hall, chatting about the new year of school and its opportunities. Sirius and James joined the later students going into the Great Hall, still in deep conversation.

"Well, Sirius, your understanding the point just not how I want to explain it," James said, flapping his arms. Sirius scowled.

"Of really now, Mr. I-know-this-subject-so-well-I-will-take-Sirius'-way-of-explaining-over-mine-because-of-how-great-he-truly-is," Sirius finished, feeling brief amusement at the puzzled look he was receiving. James shook his head at last.

"I agree, let Sirius win for once," a sultry voice floated from beside Sirius, making him smile.

"Now there she is, my girlfriend Claire," he said, allowing the younger Gryffindor girl to sit on his lap. James snorted.

"You better watch your virginity girl, this boys hand is always wandering," he pointed out, stabbing a piece of sausage and putting it on his plate with the other five. Claire was giving him a confused look.

"But I already lost it," she stated dumbly. James blanched at how truly stupid and sluttish the girl was. Sighing he yanked Sirius down by the hair, so only the other boy could hear his comment.

"You picked a right stupid one mate, dump her next week, she's trouble," James hissed, letting go and allowing Sirius to smile as he nipped the girls neck, kissing her very violently. She giggled, her hips moving to cause friction between them. James rolled his eyes; his gaze fixated on the fiery young red head seated a couple seats down from him, her voice like music to his ears when she laughed at her friends jokes.

He yelped softly when his own hair was being pulled, his body pulling towards Sirius.

"She's not a great kisser, I'll give her two days before I find a new girl," Sirius whispered back, going to his sexual acts again. James snorted at how typical it sounded.

Dumbledore's sudden call for attention brought all students chatter and discussions to a halt. The old man's appearance, if Sirius' eyes were proving true, was more relaxed and had an excited jump to it after a while of waiting for all students to calm down. Smiling, he looked at everyone.

"Okay sixth years, the staff and I have decided that it would be in your best interest to examine the muggle world by taking you to different places in different cities," Dumbledore said, blue eyes glittering. The Slytherins moaned, the Ravenclaws gasped at the new opportunity to learn, the Hufflepuffs didn't care either way, and the Gryffindors had mixed opinions. Sirius in particular looked skeptical of the whole situation.

"So, the groups will go as such," Dumbledore continued after everyone settled again. "All the houses will be split into groups of two. So, last names A-M gets into group one." A slight shuffle of sixth years. Sirius cursed that James wouldn't be in his group, and looking over at the other boy, James had the exact reaction to his and had a perfect scowl on his features.

"The rest, get into group two," Dumbledore finished. Another shuffle as the rest of the years watched. After everything was sorted, McGonagall stood up, holding up a piece of parchment.

"Now listen up! Slytherin group one will be going to Liverpool, visiting a high school. Hufflepuff group one will be going to Newcastle, visiting an Amusement Park. Ravenclaw group one will be heading off to Birmingham, visiting a local fair that will be held this week. And Gryffindor group one will be going to London, visiting St. Dante's Insane Asylum," McGonagall said.

Sirius clapped his friend on the back, earning a sarcastic glare in reply. They waited until she had gotten the second piece of parchment. James was still muttering under his breath and Sirius was able to catch phrases like "no Lily" and "can't live without my hot red head" and the like. He resisted the urge to laugh, instead, looking back up when McGonagall had cleared her throat again.

"Listen up students, Slytherin group two will be going to Liverpool as well, only going to visit a daycare. Hufflepuff group two will also being to Newcastle, only visiting an office work building. Ravenclaw, again, will be going to Birmingham only visiting a movie theatre. Don't worry Ravenclaw, we have chosen a good movie to watch. Finally, Gryffindor group two will also be going to London, however they will be visiting a Supermarket, where you will be able to buy as much stuff as you want with the money provided," McGonagall finished, bustling back to her seat. Dumbledore smiled, and Sirius couldn't help that it was aimed at him.


Sirius stood outside of the large gates of St. Dante's Mental Hospital, looking at the building with a distinct feeling of him being there before. In fact, it almost resembled the daycare he was forced to go to, the same, thick metal black bars guarding the perimeter. Sirius grimaced, trying to remember that dream he had had that night. Something about his daycare, and an apple…

He almost growled in frustration when his mind hit a blank, flashing big signs saying "THINK TOO MUCH STUPID AND YOU'LL GET A HEADACHE" around him in circles. Sirius scowled, he really did hate his minds humor. He loved it when in classes and pranking people, however when it was berating him, he loathed it.

He only snapped out of his wayward thoughts when the large gate opened and people were trotting their way passed him, looking angry, disappointed, or excited. Sirius could only name one person with that last attitude: Lily Evans, standing directly behind him. Her air of confidence was choking, and he wished it was a physical thing so he could choke her with it.

Calm down Sirius, James would kill you if he found out Lily was injured on this trip, namely by you he thought to himself, effectively pinning the aura of anger down to the depths of his messed up mind.

Sirius bit on his lip to stop the jabs that threatened to spill out when he passed the smiling Dumbledore on his way inside the gates. Looking around he saw multiple children patients playing safe games with the nurses and workers. Sirius assumed that was the case, considering the women in white were telling them different strategies to win against the other opponent.

Licking his lips he proceeded forward, coming up to walk with Frank Longbottom, whom was surrounded by all the other equally nervous sixth years. Come on, was he the only cynical one here? "Hey Frank, what do you think we're going to accomplish by doing this?" He asked, clapping himself on the back for successfully starting the conversation. Frank looked at him, then the building, then back at him.

"I dunno, but seriously, if it came down to it, I'd rather be at the Amusement Park or the County Fair the other groups got to go to," he whispered in Sirius' ear, hoping to not be heard by the headmaster.

Sirius nodded. "I agree man, nothing like spending the day around a bunch of crazy people intent on eating your spleen," he said back, just as quietly. Frank blinked at him, chuckling once before he and Sirius were swallowed up by the double door entrance.

Looking around it seemed…normal, to Sirius. In fact, he thought they stepped into the lobby of an office building, albeit the disgusting disinfectant smell, it was pretty normal. Blinking his eyes he caught sight of a particular patient heading down the hallway to the left, head bent low and blushing lightly at the visitors.

Embarrassed by visitors? Sirius asked himself, curiosity trying to get the best look of the boy as he walked by. Sirius leaned over as far as he could go to get a glimpse of the brown haired teen, before gravity took over from there.

"Sirius are you okay?" Frank asked, bending over the fallen boy with a look of concern. Sirius blinked, still confused on what just happened.

"I'm fine," he mumbled, letting Frank help into a standing position once more. He glared at Lily as she tried to hide her snickers. It went unsuccessfully, her laugh coming out in chopped bits. "Oh shut up Evans," he snapped. Blinking innocently she continued to snicker as she and the rest of the group walked away. Sirius almost walked on too until Dumbledore's voice stopped them all again.

"They were notified ahead of time that we were coming, so have fun kids, don't get killed," Dumbledore laughed. "Just kidding, just kidding, don't look so scared."

Sirius scowled at the joke, not looking at all in 'haha' mood. He was downright pissy actually.

"Well, this is where I depart children," Dumbledore hooted happily, going towards the game room and beginning to play a game of chess. Many of the students followed, wanting to be in sight of their equally insane professor.

Sirius watched as they left in that direction, even Frank and Lily following. So now only he stood in the lobby, the creepy woman behind the desk peering at him suspiciously. Rolling his eyes he walked up to her, putting on his best smile.

"A boy passed by quickly earlier, would you care to tell me where he usually goes?" Sirius asked politely, putting on the flirtatious smile as he went along. Oh yeah, he had this info gathering thing pegged. She blushed, her eyes growing big as she suddenly started to talk to the hot kid in front of her.

"He is always quiet, but most of his time is spent in his room or the library," she said, seemingly happy that she hadn't stuttered once. Sirius nodded.

"Where is the library ma'am," Sirius pried, licking his lips as he said his statement. He was the master at subtle flirting, as he did the little lip action as if it were a normal sort of tick (except he made it look sexy, Sirius would brag to James).

"Down the left hallway, take a right, and it is the double doors at the very end," she said, pointing in the direction for good measure. Tapping his knuckles on the desk he muttered a 'thanks' before going down the hall, making sure to check the rooms he went by; Storage, Janitor Closet, and the one hundred rooms that began from the middle of the brown painted hallway.

Funny, Sirius always thought Mental Hospitals were pure white.

Walking down the multiple hallways was always confusing for Sirius, no matter where he was. He hated to admit this, especially to James, but he had a very poor sense of direction, no matter where he was. James, on the other hand, was quite skilled in taking directions and getting right to the destination needed. That was why he always suspected that his poor sense of direction was the reason why he and James were always placed with each other in classes, ever since their first year together.

Sirius shook his head, stopping at where the hallways now went right and left.

What was it again? He thought desperately. It wasn't the first time he cursed himself for not listening to directions completely. In fact, he beat himself up over it usually. That wasn't the case now, however, because he clearly remembered the secretary saying the library entrance was a set of large double doors. Looking both ways he mentally screamed that both directions had sets of double doors.

This is just my luck! I'm cursed, someone up there cursed me! He thought snidely, putting all blame away from him. In fact, Sirius bet he could even find a way to twist this into being James' fault of all people. It was a matter of wording, something he was very good at.

However, that didn't help things now…

Take your chances Siri old boy, right or left he thought to himself. Nodding confidently he walked down the left hallway, smiling. Pushing the doors open he came to be in the kitchens it seemed…

Damn, it was to the right he berated, resisting the urge to growl. Turning swiftly on his heel he walked to the other end of the hall, peering in through the little glass windows on the doors. Bookshelves upon bookshelves were all lined up neatly, the entire room dim lighted from what he could see just outside the door. Placing his hands on the handles, he paused, a random thought crossing him.

"What was that about a dream?" He asked himself, biting his lower lip as nothing came to his mind. He cursed inwardly once, opening the doors with a good yank, taking hold of the large door and walking in, his gaze going over multiple books and titles. They were old and new, a good mix for a mental hospital, Sirius reasoned. His gaze caught sight of many people at different tables, namely the nurses reading to the patients. He allowed his fingers to ghosts over the many books, walking passed everyone.

A nurse glanced up from where she was reading to an older man, her gaze questioning. "Excuse me, young man," she exclaimed, catching Sirius' attention. "Are you searching for something or someone? You're not a patient." Sirius furrowed his eyebrows.

"I'm here on a class trip," he said, choosing his words. "I wondered what was in this room. A very lovely library it would seem."

"Any books you want?" She asked, pointing half-heartedly to a line in the current book she held, smiling as the man tried to read the sentence. Sirius gave her a warm smile, shaking his head.

"No, I'm not looking for anything, though you might want to tell me if a boy came in here about a minute ago," he said, going over to where she was seated.

"Do you mean Remus?" She asked. Sirius shrugged.

"I'm afraid I don't know his name," he said politely. She grinned at him.

"It would be wise to go to someone else, I'm afraid Remus isn't much of a talker," she said, briefly petting the man's hair as he finished the paragraph. "In fact, he doesn't do anything accept read. No one has ever heard his voice, he just doesn't speak. However, doctor reports say that he was never mute." Sirius frowned in thought.

"Then I think I should talk to him, you know, cheer the little guy up," he suggested brightly. She giggled.

"He looks to be the same age as you," she pointed out politely. Sirius flashed another grin at her his whole demeanor changing to a lighter mood.

"Thank you miss, but could you tell me where he might be?" He asked. She nodded, pointing to the back of the library.

"The most secluded area you can find, he's there," she said, winking at him. Nodding he thanked her again before walking off, briefly awed at how big the library was. St. Dante's Mental Hospital must have been rich, Sirius concluded. His gaze, however roaming it was, immediately locked onto the lone figure seated in one of the far tables, about five to ten books littered around him in a messy fashion.

Walking up he hesitated, before sitting down directly beside the boy. Grey blue eyes scanned the appearance of the other boy; short brownish blonde hair, dull hazel eyes, and a very slim frame. He's almost feminine Sirius thought rudely, noticing the soft features of the other boys -Remus, Sirius told himself- face. He looked very sad to Sirius, though he had no idea why.

"Remus, am I right?" He asked the boy in front of him. Remus' gaze flickered up to him briefly, before promptly ignoring him all together.

It's alright, didn't expect him to do much anyway Sirius thought to himself, smiling at how he kept his self confidence up. Remus' gaze had flickered up to him again, and this time remained. Sirius watched in interest as those hazel eyes took on a very surprised state.

"I was right, you're Remus," Sirius said happily, looking pleased. Remus pursed his lips, slamming his book shut and throwing it at Sirius, smacking the boy right in the face before he fled the library. Sirius peeled the book off, nursing his nose in an effort to stop the gentle bleeding.

"Ouch, he really did a number on you," the same nurse from earlier chortled from behind him.

"I thought you said he was reserved," he muttered, dabbing at his nose. She smiled wistfully, taking out a handkerchief and handing it to Sirius.

"He is, no one has ever gotten that reaction out of him, except his parents," she said, still smiling. "I'm Anna by the way; I am in charge of Remus, his caretaker in other words. Truthfully, he doesn't like anyone but me, though he never talks, and he never smiles. However…I don't get books thrown in my face."

She was laughing at him!

"Fine, whatever, just teach Remus some manners," he bit out, not really liking the silent boy or Anna at the moment.

"His actions were strange, but that means he recognizes you," she said softly, trying to keep Sirius' temper down. "I'm not sure, but I think Remus was startled and did the only thing he could do to get away from you."

"He could have just left," Sirius grumbled, his nose feeling a little better. She gazed at him softly.

"I have a son just like Remus," she said softly. "If he doesn't know what to do, he runs, but recognizes the people who would stop him. Tell me, if he went to get up and leave, would you have followed and stopped him?"

"…yes," Sirius admitted.

"There you go," she laughed. "He got scared was all. Don't worry." Sirius felt himself relaxing at her words, even despite his outward anger. A thought struck him, allowing him momentary panic.

"You were busy with a patient earlier, I'm sorry if I pulled you away from him," he said hurriedly. He wasn't used to apologizing.

"Steve's caretaker came to pick him up," Anna replied. "So don't you worry. Now, I think we need to find Remus and have that boy apologize, ne?" Sirius gave a quizzical glance as they made their way out of the library.

"What's 'ne' mean?"


Dumbledore would be considered a very hard worker. Careful and very cunning. When moments come up as Headmaster of Hogwarts that need his immediate attention, he would jump to the chance. However, when things that are out of his reach are brought to his attention, he gets the school involved. It was just how he worked, and people came to thank him for his ideas, no matter how weird they sounded at first.

In fact, one of Dumbledore's most bizarre cases had been when he had to support Sirius Black in court in order for him to get a place of his own. The boy, despite his very hard yet carefree appearance, was very tired and broken from constant abuse by his family. Dumbledore, after Sirius' first year, vowed to help his best student in his problems. Sirius, without a doubt, accepted the old Headmaster's help, knowing that he would eventually have to return the favor.

"Checkmate," Albus declared, moving his queen into position. He was playing chess with one of the doctors on break, and he seemed thoroughly upset. Though, Dumbledore had come randomly out of the blue to the young man some time ago, said he was a very good student at Hogwarts, and then proceeded to give him a career at St. Dante's Mental Hospital. That was ten years ago, and now the old man suddenly appeared again in his life.

"You said you would let me win for helping you," he said softly, not wanting to draw the other children's attention. "I'm the head doctor, so when I heard you were coming with a merry bunch of misfits I was a bit skeptical of your plan." Dumbledore, however, continued to smile.

"Remus," he said. "Surely you know he has magical talents." The man in front of him nodded.

"Of course, I could always feel it radiate off of him when the boy was feeling particularly strong emotions," the doctor informed with a frown. "Am I some sort of undercover spy for you or something Albus?"

"You could've refused of course," Dumbledore pointed out, setting all the pieces back into place. The young man frowned.

"I did, but you 'assured' me that it would only be for a short while," he grumbled. "You never told me that I would have to keep at this for ten years." Dumbledore chortled happily as he made his first move.

"Well now you can stop working in the muggle world and go in as a healer, because now I have everything set," he said. The young doctor raised a curious eyebrow.

"You do, do you?" He stated, looking skeptical. Dumbledore waited patiently as his opponent made his move.

"Remember Sirius Black?"


Sirius had only been in an awkward situation about twice in his life.

The first time was completely by accident, and had resulted in him seeing his parents having sex that looked illegal in multiple countries. It was a simple mistake and he was only six years old. He had been told by their house elf that his clean pair of Quidditch socks were in his parent's room. So, when he went to go and retrieve them from the clutches known as 'parentals', he had mistakenly walked in on them in act of conceiving what was further known as 'half wit idiot brother'.

The second time he had ever been truly awkward was right now. Smack dab to the present. Anna and him were sitting in a completely brown colored room, in the company of the most silent and depressing person on the face of the earth. Oh, and the door was closed shut. Sirius had long since given up trying to escape, because now the bloody handkerchief he once innocently used to clean his nose was now in the act of keeping him in place. It was secured around his wrist and tied to the arm of the chair. When they first entered the room, his eyes were hopeful and bright, but now, they were dull and lifeless, all sense of retaliation out of his mind. It had been knocked out of him at his fifth attempt at escaping. Damn Anna, damn her and her evil ways.

"Remus, you really hurt him, you should apologize," Anna prodded. Literally, her finger was poking Remus' side, earning glares every time the finger drew near. He turned his head stubbornly, crossing his arms. Sirius mimicked his actions.

He was really desperate to get out of this place. It was awkward, and felt like a cage holding a wild animal in. It was to be his doom, he could feel it. However, the door opened with a gentle squeak and his favorite old man stepped in, wearing a very evil grin. At least, it looked evil to Sirius.

"Anna, good to see you again," he said. Anna squeaked happily, throwing her arms around Dumbledore's neck, hugging him tightly. Sirius was very disturbed, and taking a quick glance at Remus, he noticed the other boy was startled as well. Dumbledore chuckled at the act and gently pried her off of him. His gaze was very caring, and Sirius found himself relaxing despite the hidden emotion in those blue eyes. He raised a very elegant eyebrow when Dumbledore and Anna proceeded to whisper to one another, being so quiet Sirius doubted that they even heard each other. She smiled at last and pulled away, a smile on her lips.

"Well then, come on Remus, let's leave these two to chat," she said. Remus looked like he about to protest but a hard latch on his arm cut him off and he was out in the hallway before he knew what was happening. Blinking, he shook his head, trying to be rid of the dizzying spell that had come over him. "Come now Remus, lunch time." Anna prodded, forcefully shoving him down the hallway.


Dumbledore sat on the bed, smiling at Sirius as he did so. Clearing his throat he got strait to the point.

"Sirius, as you recall I have helped you out in your family situation last summer correct?" He started.

Sirius nodded. "I have to repay you back at some point," he stated, crossing and uncrossing his arms at the awkward atmosphere. Dumbledore either ignored the nervous tick or didn't realize it because he pressed on anyway.

"One of my former students is a doctor here," Dumbledore said. "He has already pulled a few strings to bring us to the point we're at now. All I need you to do is befriend someone."

"Someone?" Sirius echoed, not getting where this was going.

"Yes someone," Dumbledore replied. "Anya will help you the best she can of course."

"Who is this someone sir?" Sirius asked, a bit impatient. Dumbledore, however, continued to smile, completely ignoring Sirius' question.

"Everything has been set up so you have as much access as you can, however your approval is needed Mr. Black," he continued, looking a bit wary now. Sirius scowled at the response he got to his question. Of course, Dumbledore also always called him 'Mr. Black' when things desperately needed him. And he did have that debt to repay…

"What is it?" He sighed, resigning to his fate. "And who do I have to befriend?"

"Remus Lupin," Dumbledore responded to the last question. Sirius squawked.

"No way! He threw a book at me! He might do highly more dangerous things! N-O, NO!" Sirius made a slicing motion with both of his arms. Dumbledore ignored the book part seeing as he continued.

"You are now a patient here Mr. Black," he said, ignoring Sirius' 'ah crap' statement just then.


"Well?" Dumbledore pressed.


Dumbledore was getting highly annoyed at the silence, however, he waited, seeing as this was a big thing he was signing one of his favorite students over to.


"Please give your answer now Sirius," Dumbledore informed, keeping the eye twitch down.



Sirius opened his eyes, the grey blue color considerably brighter than when Dumbledore first entered the room. Suddenly, as if a flash flood came pouring through St. Dante's Mental Hospital, Sirius was spilling out complaints, profanity, and anything in between.


"Now calm down Sirius," Dumbledore tried to reason.


"Please control your anger Sirius," he tried again, but it seemed to work, since the rants were now heard more clearly.

"This sucks!" He yelled. "I was loyal to you! Are you imposter! Who are you and what have you done to my self-sacrificing professor?"

Dumbledore remained quiet, though the eyebrow was twitching away.

"I'll quit school! I will!" Sirius threatened.

"No you won't," Dumbledore sighed.

"Your right I won't but I would so impeach your bony as-"

"Buttocks before you finish Sirius," Dumbledore said tonelessly. Sirius scowled, his face flushed and all the anger seeming to drain away with that simple sentence. Sirius slumped in his chair.

"Allow me one profanity and I'll go along with this plan," the teen sighed, seemingly tired. Dumbledore waved his hand in approval, as long as this got the disgruntled teen to agree with him.

"Fuck," was the sigh.

"Language Mr. Black," Dumbledore really couldn't help correcting.


Totally changed the plotline! I am so happy with this new storyline; it will fit so much better than I had originally planned. The two OC's, Anya and the young doctor. They are not main; they only supply about one paragraph a chapter. Maybe less. Their purpose is to fill Sirius (and the readers) in along the way. Enjoy the new plotline, tell me what you think.





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