The first bite of autumn was in the air, a little bit chilly, the skies above grayer than they'd been for the past few months. The park was rather barren looking, piles of dirt in one corner - the remnants of a construction project that wasn't quite yet finished.

Martin pulled his coat more firmly around himself and then shoved his hands into his pockets, squinting against the sudden rays of sun that peeked through the clouds.

Danny walked up the hill, pushing sunglasses onto his face, smiling when he looked up at Martin. They sat down next to each other on a park bench, old, peeling paint, forgotten. Danny leaned back, arm lying on the back of the bench so that it rested lightly against Martin's back.

The sun was trying harder to break past the clouds and Martin reached inside his coat for his sunglasses, putting them on and cutting down the glare. "So this was rather pointless, huh?" he asked.

Danny shrugged nonchalantly and leaned a little closer. "It gave us a bit of a break," he replied.

Martin turned to face him, inadvertently bringing himself closer, a soft smile on his lips. Danny lowered his sunglasses and looked at Martin curiously, tilting his head to the side, lips poised to ask a question. But Martin shook his head and ducked his eyes, smile broader now.

Danny laughed quietly and looked away. Martin leaned closer still and kissed him on the cheek, hand coming out to quickly grasp Danny's own, fingers playing over his palm. He felt Danny sigh, shiver and press his hand more firmly against Martin's back. A touch Martin leaned into happily, letting everything else stop if only for a little while.