Chapter One:

Second Chances

By Melissa

This story is based upon the Harry Potter Fictional Characters, This First story is dedicated to the one and only outragous writer J.K. Rowlings.

This story is taken place after the second Harry Potter Series of The Chambers of Secrets . Ana Nadine is my character everyone elses belongs to HP

Harry's Journal

entry 01 pg 1.

Finally the fight is over I survived thru the destruction of Tom Riddle and Proffessor Snape , especially Lord Voldermort even though He was the same Person of Tom.

but thru the fight I lost two important People within the life , Proffessor Dumbledore and my GodFather Sirius Black. Im back in school now . Me, Ron, and Hermione are graduating in a month ,Now I am focusing on reconcilation my relationship with Ginny Weasley, she's not speaking to me at the moment But maybe if I gave in to her maybe she'll take me back . What can I say about her. She's Ron's Baby sister whats there to say , she was my life and still is. I had to let her go, I was afriad that Lord Voldermort would Get her again to get to me.. I had to let her go to protect her, I could not involve her again I knew She was my weakeness and still is, its funny though I still get choked up when I am around her, so does she, I remember the day I met her. she was so shy and still is a round me , i seriously have trouble speaking , I guess I am inlove with my Best Friends Sister.

Hermione is trying to convince me to talk to Ginny and Tell her how I feel about her , how can I , I get tongue tied, maybe someday i will tell her when the time is right.Now Ron and I were relieved that the fight was over with the man,

end of journal

They looked at each other as Harry given a sigh, " How's your Sister , asked Harry .

She's alright, But sill shaken up", said Ron.

" You Know when you are done with that Journal Im planning to read it, you know that", he added.

Harry smiled at Ron .

" My best Friend wants to read my journal" he said grinning.

Harry and Ron never hid anything from each other. and Ron was about to find out what He's been hiding.

" Ready to go", asked Ron.

Harry closed his journal as he placed it inside the drawer of his beside table as he stood as he smiled again to Ron.

" Yes I am, " he answered as he reached for his cloak as they waked out of the dormitory, Ron realized he had forgotten his wand as he stopped.

" My wand, I forgot my wand, why don't you head on and I'll catch up" said Ron.

"uhm Alright I guess," said harry .

Harry made his way thru the castle as he headed For Class Ron took a look back waiting for harry to disappear he made his way back inside into the dormitory as he walked over to his bed as she reached for his wand, he looked at Harry's nightstand as he went and opened the drawer and reached inside for the journal.

a he was serious about reading it and so he did, he noticed how his best Friend felt about his sister and smiled .

" If you only Knew Harry, If you only Knew" he laughed .

He closed the journal and placed it back into the drawer as he made his way out of the common room and straight to

Proffessor lupin's Dark Arts Class.

he ran as he was stopped by Sir Nicholas." Slow down", he called out.

Sorry Sir Nicholas", said Ron.

as he arrived in class , he made his way to sit beside Harry

" what took you so long," asked Harry

" I couldn't find my wand ," lied Ron.

" Glad you can make it to class Mr. Weasley," said Proffessor Lupin.

" Sorry i'm late Proffessor", said Ron.

hopefully you will catch up with the others", added lupin.

now walking over to his desk as he retrieved an extra parchement as he made his way back to Ron

" Yes , sir", answered Ron. as he looked over the questions. he noticed thy cointained ofwhat they had learned with a sigh relief he began to answer the questions, by the time he knew he was the first to finish with the parchement before anyone else as he gave a slight grin to the Porffessor Lupin other's finally managed to finish the exam as Proffessor decided to excuse them from class.

" Wow, once in a lifetime, you come to class late and you finish s test before us ," smiled Hermione.

"I'm just glad it wasn't about Gildroy Lockheart," He answered.

Harry Chuckled

"Oyi, Ronald Please leave the poor man alone,' said Hermione.

Harry, Hermione and Ron walked thru the corridors as they suddenly ran into Ginny and one of her Friends from HufflePuff her name was Ana but everyone called her Nadine.

" Oh Hey Ginny ", waved Ron

"Hello Ron, Hello Hermione,H...Hi Harry ', choked Ginny.

"Eh, uhmm ... Hello Ginny ", smiled Harry

" Aren't they a cute couple," smiled Hermione.

Nadine just laughed as she just stood there.

Ginny I better go, I don't want to be late for Class," said Nadine.

"Alright, I will talk to you later,' said Ginny.

"One of these days we are going to lock both of of you together in a dungeon for you both to talk", snickered Hermione.

"Wh..What?", said Harry and Ginny together.

"Oyi nevermind, come on Ronald I don't want o be late for Herbology, Don't be late Harry", said Hermione.

Harry looked at Ron then to Hermione as they walked away as he looked over to Ginny and smiled .

" Are you alright Harry ," asked Ginny.

"Yes I am fine ", said Harry

"No you aren't , come walk with me", said Ginny

"What's bothering you Harry?" Harry just sighed as he reached for her hand as he dragged her into an empty corridor.

" what are we doing here?asked ginny.

"This ", Harry bent his head and kissed Ginny and Held her close to his body.

"Ginny uhm, what Happened between us was my fault, I had to let you go, because I was afraid that Voldermort would get a hold of you to get to me, I didn't want any of them to use you I promised myself that I would protect you. I couldn't bare it if they had you again. and with my relationship with Cho Chang, it never lasted Ginny. I found out you had feelings for me, as I do you", explained Harry.

Ginny concentrated of what he was saying as she studied his face carefully.

"Harry , what are you trying to tell me," asked Ginny

" Uhm... never mind Lets get to class Before we are late,"he quickly changed the subject.

"Harry,"whispered Ginny as she grabbed his arm which made him turne to face her Face to face . only withone swift move Harry bent his headhead as he kissed her , he whispered between the kisses.

" I Missed You so much Ginny," He whispered

" And I missed you too Harry " she whispered in return.

yet again another kiss was given as this one left them both breathless.

I think we missed Herbology class," she whispered.