Harry Potter :
Second Chances Part Three

By Melissa

Ron and Hermione went upstairs together as they went into separate dormitories . Now Harry and Ginny were Left alone as they sat at the nearby Couch as they both looked into the fire .

Ginny Looked up to Harry as she kissed his chin to get his Attention,

Harry Looked at Ginny as he smiled .

"Are you alright? " she asked .

Chapter Three

Ginny moved onto the floor as she now laid down there she looked to Harry as she now reached for his hand. he moved to her side a he smiled.

there he slowly laid his hand upon her petite tummy as he looked into her eyes.

there he kissed her.,as she now kissed in return.

"Love me Harry" whispered Ginny.

Harry Looked at Ginny as he rose to his feet, there he now reached for her hand,"not here,come on" whispered Harry as he now reached for his invisibility cloak.

they both now walked to the entrance as they made their way out as they now both hid.

"Where are we going Harry?" asked Ginny.

Harry just smiled as he wanted to surprise her, "You will see" he said.

he walked with her until he came up upon the DA Room that they hid. "Go In" he whispered.

Ginny now entered as Harry now removed the cloak. she looked around,"I haven't been in here for quite sometime,"said Ginny.

she looked at Harry as he was now staring to her. he moved closely to her as he now removed her pony tail as he fixed her hair.

"Do me a favor Ginny?" asked Harry.

"What?" she smiled.

"Leave your hair down, it makes you look older" smiled Harry.

"I will"smiled Ginny.

There Harry gathered her hair as he placed his hands upon her cheeks as he now pulled her close to him as he now kissed her with passion.there he moved her to the sofa as he now laid her down. his hands now moved as they traveled to her blouse as he now began to unbutton it, Ginny's hands were now around his neck as they were kissing.

"Shit, how do you take these button's off baby" whispered Harry.

Ginny unsnapped her blouse as she now revealed her satin laced bra.

Harry got hard as he kissed between her breasts, as he now moved the straps from her shoulders as it now exposed her breasts.Ginny moved her hands to Harry's Pants as she now reached over to move his shirt as she now exposed his naked chest.

Again he kissed her hard and passionate, and intimately as his tongue now traced her lips, she slowly stuck her tongue out as he now sucked on it, there he stoppeds he move upon his knees as he was now removing her skirt and her nickers, Ginny moved up on a sitting postion as she began to remove his belt from his pants and unbuttoned his pants as she now yanked his pants down revealing his hard manhood.there she rubbed him as Harry arched his head back. there she slowly held it in her hand as she now began to move her hand in slow motion.

"Ohhh Ginny" he moaned.

she looked up to Harry.she now laid back as she parted her legs to give him easy access. "Ginny are you sure about this, we don't hav protection' said Harry.

"I do"said Ginny as she showed Harry the condom as she now opened it and put it on him .

"Damn Baby, " Moaned Harry. there he now moved between her legs as he put her legs upon his shoulders as he now pushed himself inside her. "God she's even tighter than Cho" he thought.

Feeling Harry inside her as she looked to him, as she winced a bit she smiled. "Deeper Harry, I want you " whispered Ginny.

"I don't want to hurt you Ginny" said Harry.

Ginny laughed."I rather have you hurt me, I need you so much," said Ginny.

noticing that they were experiencing the pain and pleasure they were giving each other, Harry deepened his penitration deeper into Ginny.
"Ohh yea right there baby" whispered Ginny.

Harry began to move in and out of her slowly as he wanted to be careful. but enjoying being inside her was making his manhood very thick and hard.

He now moved in and out as he now moved his waist in circular motion and shoved himelf so deep that it made her scream out. "Like that baby" he whispered.

Ginny Nodded. "Want more baby" whispered Harry.

again she nodded as he went few more times circular motion and shoved himself deep inside her,Ginny arched her body to his as he continued shoving himself deeper and shooting his seed, he was now relieved that they had protection. but Harry wanted Ginny carrying his baby. as he didn't even give a thought about that.

Harry moved faster and kept up with his and Ginny's pace as he now moved her legs into a v shape, there she felt the wetness between her legs as she now kept her legs open with her hands upon her legs. there Harry pulled himself up on his hands and knees as he now moved in and out of her.

"Damn she's sooo damn tight" he thought as he now filled her with her seed, but the protection was in the way.

"Damn baby you are tight" said Harry.

"Just for you Harry" she breathed heavily.

"She never slept with Dean " he thought.

they were still on the sofa as Ginny wiggled herself off of it as Harry now met her on the floor.

He continued non stop, his erection was hard and wanted Ginny.

"Oooo HARRY!!" screamed Ginny.

No one could of Heard that as he rode her. "Oooooo GINNY!!!! YOU ARE SO TIGHT!" he screamed as he pounded his very thick hard manood soo deep that the rubber broke.

he smiled as he just continued pounding her feeling his seed going into her.

" dont stop Harry"

"Hell I won't Ginny, damn baby why did we wait for soo long for this" said Harry.

"Damn it Ginny, You feel tight " said Harry.

there he noticed her breasts bouncing up and down as his mouth now claimed a nipple into his mouth as he was doing her.

Ginny gasps as she felt his mouth on her breast.

Harry suckled her breasts as he suckled both of them,

he now fell upon Ginny's chest with his member inside her.

wthin moments Harry exploded. Ginny and harry now both laid down as they were both brething heavy.

"Wow that was amazing" sad ginny

"very amazing" said harry as he kissed Ginny on her back