By Melissa

: Summary : Lily and James visits Petunia as she tells her the side of her story why they died. ( GoF - OoTP )

Petunia Dursley sat in the TV Room as she watched Tele one evening as she sighed, while her Chubby Husband and Dudley were half asleep on the sofa she rubbed her eyes hoping to watch the late night news.

she heard crying from Harry's room as she stood up and made her way upstairs as she went to check on him. She never meant to hurt her Nephew at all. but the way she disrespected him so much, He has had no choice but to return to live with them year after year of going to Hogwarts.

With his GodFather in Hiding Harry has had a choice, he offered Harry to live with him after his name had been cleared as they hoped to retrieve Peter Pettigrew for the Murders of James and Lily Potter.

She slowly crept open the door as she unlocked it as she peered inside as she saw her nephew tossing and turning , crying out a young man's name Cedric Diggory, his death he blamed it upon himself , he and Harry both touched the trophy at the same time which led them to the cemetary where Wormtail and Voldermort were waiting.

They both looked around as Wormtaill spoke " Avadra spell as he killed Cedric. .

"He's weak Sister". said a Females voice .

Petunia looked around as she walked over to the stairs as she now looked to her sister's spirit .

"Lil?" Is that you ," whispered Petunia,

Lily Potter there now stood at the entrance of the hallway as she smiled to her sister . she lowered her head as she looked aside to her as she revealed James.

Petunia there stood frozen as she gasped. she walked over to the two as she slowly looked him over as she looked over to her sister. she cried out .

"Lil it is you, Oh my lord." she cried.

" It's alright Pet, You have done a good job of raising our son,. He's growing into a Handsome young man," spoke Lily.

We kow how Vernon don't like Harry much , please tell him not to be upset and to take his anger out on him because of me.

James and I are here to tell you that Harry will be married soon and will be leaving your home. He has a choice to choose where he wants to be . He loves you Pet, I know he does. We didn't raise our son to be cruel and mean to you, you are his Aunt and he respects that.

Petunia stood there as she heard her sister speak as she looked to James .

" We know what you have been telling Harry. But it isn't right to make him believe something that isn't true. You know Voldemort killed us, You know that This wasn't suppose to happen this way. Please Petunia take care of Harry and respect him. " said James.

" You have a beautiful son, He's like his father , an Honorable young man." said Lily,

Petunia smiled.

" I have so many questions Lily, what really Happened. why did you die?" she asked.

James looked over to Lily as he given her to tell her part as they stood there. " Voldemort arrived at our home, Hoping that we would work with him we didn;'t we turned against him, we didn't want anything to do with him, but instead he killed me and James. harry survived the killing curse . Our love saved our little boy. " said Lily.

They were now fading as Petunia stood there, " Please Pet. take care of our Harry, let him make his choice when he's ready to leave your Home.

With that Lily and James faded away as she left her scent as Petunia's tears trickled down her cheek as she saw her sister for the last time.

"Good-Bye Dear Sissy", she cried

The End