Petunia's Sacrifice: Part 2

" He's , he's not here right now," said Petunia as she butted in.

"Oh he's not, well alright I will be back for him another time" said the man.

Petunia slammed the door on the man.

"What the Bloody hell did you do that for Pet", snapped Vernon.

"I maybe cold hearted to Harry, but I will not hand him over to that bloody murderer," said Petunia.

"Hell if you don't I will,. " snapped Vernon.

Dudley looked at his parents in a confused state as he looked at the both back and forth.

"Dad,.Mum?" said Dudley in a shush whisper.

" what tis is Duddles" answered Petunia.

Dudley looked out the window as he poynted over to the Dementors.

" Those things is what Harry Saved me from, The night we both were coming home from the park" Dudley answered.

Vernon and Petunia looked over to Harry .

" You saved my Dudley, you , of all people,." said Petunia.

"Yes Ma'am, I did save him" answered Harry"

Vernon looked at Harry then to Petunia.

"If I have to hug this this idiot boy, Pfft over my dead body" snapped Vernon.

Petunia Hugged harry tightly as she thanked him deeply for saving her duddles from the creatures.

"Im so so sorry Harry, I always gave you the negativity, and i should of never doubt you " said Petunia.