Title: SoRiku Collection

Author: Me O

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts

Pairing: RikuxSora with mentions of others

Rating: Eh. M. Just to be safe.

Warning: Shonen-ai (Yaoi), language, and um. Bad writing.

Disclaimer: I don't own 'em. Only myself, but my parents own that.

Author's Notes: Hiya. Guess what? I'm going to write 100 SoRiku's. –gasp- It's not related to the LJ contest, I don't do that stuff. But eh…I might get inspired by some of their themes. So don't eat me please.

Oh, and I will be basing some of these off roleplays I've done. I know, I know. The scandal. But seriously, they're pretty awesome. Oh, and I'll probably do the same thing, but AkuRoku style. Spiffy, right? I just got to finish this one first. Yeah. So onto the stories.

Ansem or Not?

The land of dragons really was different from good ole' Destiny Islands. It was cold, and there was weird white stuff on the ground. Mulan had said something about 'snow', whatever that was…Sora was freezing to death, and ran out of magic. No more fire spells for him. He was standing on the mountain top alone; Mulan, Donald, and Goofy were temporarily somewhere else. And a whole bunch of Rapid Thrusters were coming his way. Along with a cloaked man. The Organization?

Sora slashed away at infinite Heartless, ignoring the cloaked man for the time being. Big mistake. The other human, well, Sora assumed he was human, threw his weapon into Sora's side. Ow. Sora fell. Damnit, he was out of potions too. The Thrusters disappeared and Sora panted heavily, out of breath, cold, and hungry. "Just kill me." He muttered into the wind, tossing his Keyblade behind him. It's not like it would matter if Sora died. He couldn't find Riku, and Kairi was supposedly kidnapped.

"Giving up already, Sora?" asked the man. He spoke in a sarcastic tone. A very familiar sounding sarcastic tone.

"Wha-Riku?" Sora asked, lifting his head. He tackled Riku, sitting on his best friend's chest. "Riku!" Sora exclaimed, happily pushing away the hood to reveal-huh? That was not Riku. "Ansem? What did you do to Riku?" Sora demanded. He raised clenched fists in what he thought was a scary-threatening way, but it really wasn't with the tears streaming down his cheeks.

Whoa. Sora was sitting on him. O-kay…no naughty thoughts, Riku. Yup. Same old pervert, new body. "Hey, calm down, Sora. I didn't do anything to him. Stop crying, it's okay." Riku said, staring into the big blue puppy-eyes.

Sora wiped away the tears with his wrists, pouting. "What do you mean? I hear him, but I don't see him. You did something, Ansem!"

"I'm Riku."

"No you're not."

"Yeah, I am."

"Not-uh!" Sora yelled. "Riku has way prettier eyes, and light skin, and he's shorter, and skinnier."

Yeah, Sora had a point. Riku didn't like his current eye color much. "I know, I know. Do you want me to explain?"


Riku/Ansem chuckled and began "I went to this guy named DiZ, and I helped him with his mission involving Roxas. But that entire time, I really wanted to protect you…so I switched bodies to help."


"I wanted to protect you. So this is the new me, I guess."

"No, no, I got that. But why did you want to help me?"

"I was a pretty shitty friend, but I didn't mean to do all that stuff to you. And if you haven't noticed, I kinda like you." Riku said with a slight smirk.

Sora blushed and looked at the sky for a moment. "Well, either you're a really big pervert…or you are Riku. Or both." Sora said with a small giggle, hugging the man. Riku was back. He pressed his face to Riku/Ansem's chest, and stroked the dark cheek.

Then, an angry quack was heard, and wings batted at Riku's face. "Sora! What are you doing?" The duck demanded in a quack.

"Don't hurt him!"

Donald backed away in surprise. "Why are you helping Ansem?"

"A-hyuck. I think Sora likes Ansem." Goofy stated with a giggle.

"It's not Ansem, it's Riku." Sora informed them, lifting his head from his friend's chest.

"Sora, that's not Riku." Donald and Goofy said in unison.

"Yes it is! I'll prove it." Sora told them and quickly started kissing the man.

Riku's mouth opened in his obvious surprise, and Sora quickly took advantage of that. The tongues clashed as Riku dumbly lay there. Sora was kissing him. Sora was kissing him. Holy crap! Sora was kissing him. Riku placed his gloved hands on Sora's skinny hips, trying to take this all in.

And then Sora pulled away. "See? It's Riku." Sora said, nodding slightly.

Riku desperately tried to grab for Sora. Oh wait. He had a mission to do. A look of sadness came across his face as he said "I'm sorry, Sora. I have to go."

"Why?" The brunette asked, burying his face in Riku's warm, leather cloak.

"I can't explain. I promise I'll see you again soon, I won't be gone for long." Riku assured Sora, gently pushing the teenager off. He pulled up the hood of his cloak, and said softly "I love you, you goof." And he ran off, down the mountain.

"Was that really him?" The dog-like human asked.

"Yeah, it was."

"But Sora…I thought you liked Kairi!" Donald said, wings crossed over his feathery chest.

"I guess I did for awhile, but Riku needs me more."

"Aw. Well, let's get going! Riku said we'll see him again soon!" Goofy exclaimed, walking in the direction Riku had left.

"Yeah." Sora whispered to himself. Riku wouldn't lie about that, especially if he said what he had said.

"I love you, you goof."

I love you too, Ansem or not.

- - - - -

Author's Notes: Awz. It's like…semi-fluff! Yay. Well, I don't know how fast or slow I'm going to get all these stories out, but whatever. The genres will change (along with the warnings). So yeah. First one out, 99 to go!