Me: Hi Peoplez! I decided to write one shots of skits. The title is not the candy! First, I need to write the cast! Every skit is complete, not related to each other. So, if I stop, it's done. Okay here's the cast!


Me! (Duh!)

Sam Manson (SM)

Danny Fenton (DF)

Fun Danny (FD)

Fun Sam (FS)

Danny Phantom (DP)

Belle (Sam's OC ghost half)


Dan Phantom




Sam Fan

Dan Fan


(If you want to be in the cast, just say so in your review!)

Me: That's the cast, for now. Like I said before to be in it, tell me! Okay! Give me ideas! Here's the first skit:


(Me sitting at the computer typing, the cast comes in.)

Me: Okay! I finished the cast!

Danny Fenton: Who's in it?

Belle: Us, Duh!

Sam: (Sighs) why do I need to be in it?

Me: Because I'M the writer!

Sam: Right, right.

Gem: Dan, Dan! (Hugs Dan.)

Dan: Get this crazed fan girl off me!

Me: (Sighs) Maybe I should start the skit next chapter.

Lisa: No! Besides, you already started!

Me (in army uniform.): Okay troops! What are we here for?

Fun Danny: To make funny stories, dude!

Me: I'm a girl.


Me: Okay?

Everyone: Right!

Me: What are the rules!

Belle: Um, keep cursing to a minimum?

Me: Yes.

Sam Fan: Can we say…


Everyone: O.o'

Sam: To not have a plot?

Me: I might be a writer, but what's a plot?

Dan: An evil scheme.

Me (to Sam): No I don't have an evil scheme. .

Sam: Okay…

Gem: I haven't been talking this whole time.

Me: Another rule is to right these on sugar highs.

Danny Phantom: Isn't call a sugar rush?

Me: Sugar is a drug!

Danny Phantom: No it isn't.

Me: We'll talk about that in the next skit.


Me: Okay last rule?

Everyone: No big words!

Me: Good! I will actually start the skit! 2 days from now.

Christy: Why?

Me: Duh! To give the reviewers a chance to say they want to be in the skit, or their OCs!

Belle: How do we now when a skit ends?

Me: By this!

The End!

Yep! That's the end of the first skit! I'll say it again! To be in it tell me! I will wait two days, and begin the skits! No flames! Or constructive criticism! Thanks for listening to my rants! Also give me ideas!