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Kate hunched over the toilet bowl and grimaced as her food came back up. She searched for a towel in the dim lighting and sighed. A solitary light bulb swung overhead, barely providing enough light to see two feet in front of her. Her head pounded and every sound made her wince. She looked at the glowing display on her watch, 2:32 am. She headed over to the sink and turned on the water. Her eyes clouded over as she watched the liquid swirl down the metal drain. She cupped her hands under the flowing cold water before splashing it on her face. The tiny water droplets ran down her face and pooled on the cold cement. She quickly ran the rough fabric over her ashen face, absorbing the wetness.

Alex was expecting her in eight minutes and had warned her not to be late. She shuffled out of the bathroom and headed to the door. She took a deep breath before placing her hand on the cold metal door handle, and prayed the rest of her food didn't come up. Expertly she slipped out and tiptoed through the silent, well lit halls. Kate ventured through the left hallway and plastered herself against the wall as a guard poked his head out of a room a few feet away. She held her breath as he looked around before slipping back inside. With a trembling hand she tucked a few stray pieces of hair behind her ears before continuing on

"Over here" whispered a voice out of the blue, making her jump. Alex grabbed her arm and pulled her into a dark cement room. The space was small and she ran into an object, sending invisible objects scurrying. A chill ran down Kate's spine and she muffled a scream with her hand. Alex turned on a flashlight, dispelling the shadows and the tiny creatures. She moved close before putting a finger over her lips.

"They know about me." she uttered "I'm leaving Kate."

Kate began to panic, she couldn't do this alone. Before she could speak and voice her concern, Alex continued on.
"I'm going to get help. Who should I bring?"

"Jack." she whispered into the darkness. "Get Jack."

Jack stood sorting medical supplies in the hospital tent. Outside he could hear the multitude of raindrops pattering on the thin canopy stretched overhead. The gusty wind rocked the flimsy material and scattered the crinkled papers on his bed. The combination of water and wind made him shiver as the cold seeped past his clothes and skin. He pulled the worn blanket tighter around his broad shoulders and sighed. He was so tired but he didn't want to rest. The moment he closed his eyes the pictures of her wounded face filled his memory. Everyone in the camp pitied him and he hated it. They knew nothing of his pain, nothing. There were days when he just wanted to take the metal gun from his pocket and press it to his temple. Without her there was no meaning in his life. Long ago his father had said that you don't really appreciate people till they were gone. To Jack that principle had become reality.

Suddenly a rustling drew him out of his reverie. Instinctively he placed his hand on the cold black gun lying next to him in the sand. He wouldn't let the Others take him, not again. Without a doubt he would kill anyone who stood in his way. No longer was he the merciful doctor. The cold blooded killer from his past had returned. Quickly he whirled around, the gun drawn in his calloused hands. Before he could pull the trigger the illusion in front of him called his name. It took a minute for his hazel eyes to focus, but when they did he stared at the figure in disbelief. It couldn't be, there was no doubt in his mind that she was dead. It had to be a ghost that had come back to haunt him from deaths firm hold. With trembling hands he raised the gun back to her shivering form.

"Jack" she whispered, her words barely audible

Her mocha tendrils flew wildly with the wind while her crystal green eyes stared back at him, never leaving his own intense gaze. Tiny raindrops clung to her eyes lashes and curls. As she blinked the hundreds of water droplets fell to the floor. He stared into her brilliant eyes and for a fleeting moment she bared her soul to him. He was able to see past the layers of her calloused heart to the shattered pieces that lay beneath. For those few seconds he saw the wounded young girl crying for help. That young girl then changed into the wild black stallion trying to break free of her horrible past. In that instant his heart broke for her, but then the moment disappeared.

"Kate." he muttered, still not believing what he was seeing.
He moved hesitantly towards her, still keeping her steady gaze. He reached out a tentative hand, afraid that if he touched her she would disappear and it would all be a dream. When his hand touched her cheek he felt like an electric shock had ripped through his veins and reached his heart. Gently he pulled her closer and she willingly followed.

"I'm home Jack." she said

"I know." he said tenderly "And I'm never letting you leave again."

Without a second of hesitation he smothered her soft lips with his. He wasn't going to let the moment pass away. The kiss as pure heaven, but he desired more. He wrapped his arm around her waist and drew her even closer to him. They had wanted this for so long and he could feel his pent up passion surfacing. He moaned into her moth as she pressed her body flush against him, nothing separating them but the few articles of thin soaked clothing. She was the first one to draw back because of the lack of breath. She pulled further back so she could gaze into his loved filled eyes.

Out of the quiet a booming voice interrupted their moment. Her serene face turned pale and her eyes shifted towards the entrance of the tent.

"Jack they're here." she stated fearfully as she extracted herself from his muscular arms.
Before he could open his mouth to speak she turned to run out of the tent. He followed her outside into the pouring rain, his vision blurred by the droplets. When she screamed he turned his eyes towards her.

"Help me Jack!" she yelled over the raging storm

A man stood behind her hidden in the darkness. He laughed sadistically before drawing a knife to her throat. "Yes Jack." He bellowed "Help your damsel in distress"

The last words Jack heard was "Save me!" before his world was turned upside down as the man slit her throat.

Jack woke up in a sweat, panting for air.

"Kate!" He cried frantically looking around the tent for her absent form. His navy blue shirt lay plastered against his rapidly moving chest. He ran a dirty hand through his short cropped brown hair before inhaling a deep breath.

'Damn it." He cursed

It was the fifth time in the last week he had woken up gasping for air. Every time it was the same dream, Kate returning before being violently killed. He walked outside, desperate for fresh air. He dropped down into the sand, sending the grains scattering. Jack watched as the waves crashed against the sharp rocks, spraying mist into the air until it came cascading back down in thin layers. Above him storm clouds began to accumulate, blocking the moons glow from penetrating to earth. A slight breeze blew in from the sea ruffling his hair and clothes. Besides the waves it was silent, leaving Jack alone with his thoughts and dreams. They had relocated to this part of the beach after she was taken.

He missed her so much but now she was dead and it was all his fault. It was all his fault and he hated himself for it. If he just would of held tighter to her hand maybe she would still be sitting next to him. But he hadn't and now she was gone. For awhile he denied the fact she was dead. Maybe just maybe she was still alive, but as time passed he realized it was just wishful thinking. He remembered her, oh he remembered every part of her. Her sparkling green eyes and hazel spiraling locks were forever imprinted in his memory. He remembered every curve that he had dreamed of exploring and her silky smooth skin he ached to touch. Once she disappeared every fantasy of being with her was dashed, but he still dreamed. He dreamed of what could have been.

"Why?" he spat out "Why her?"

But it wasn't just her, she was just the first. Soon Sun vanished along with Claire and some other women. But now the men were starting to disappear and Jack was beginning to get scared. Slowly they were being torn apart until no one was left. He had to do something about it, but the problem was he couldn't do anything. For once in his life he was helpless, and it was killing him.