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Warning: hints of Sasunaru Kibahina.


"You are sooo jealous of my pickles." Kiba raised an eyebrow. Was that Hinata talking?

"What pickles? You're a girl! Remember?" Was that Naruto? Kiba walked over to the corner and peaked around. Yep. Naruto and Hinata were talking...about pickles?

"Yeah, but you're femine. What's the difference?" Hinata lifted her hand and examined an apple.

"The difference is I have pickles and you have melons." Kiba examined their faces which had a red hin of drunkeness to them.

"Kiba, what are you doing?" Kiba turned around to face Shikamaru and Chouji.

"Shhhh. I am listening to Naruto's and Hinata's conversation." Shikamaru and Chouji eyed eachother before starting to listen to.

"They are alot more useful then your pineapples!" Naruto drunkenly glared at Hinata.

"My ass! Those potatos are smaller then a tick in the middle of the desert!" Kiba Shikamaru and chouji looked at eachother.

"What do you mean? You've never seen 'em!"

"Well you've never seen my pineapples!"

"You show them off to me all the time, dumbass!" Naruto argued back.

"What are you people doing?" Sakura asked the three boys, Ino at her side.

"Shhhhhh!" The three boys hissed and went back to watching with Sakura and Ino joining them.

"I hate eggs!"

"And I hate tadpoles, but we still have to live with them." Hinata said, going to the next stand.

"No cuz' I don't have any eggs." Naruto sleezed.

"No, but you have plenty of tadpoles in the pond." Naruto's eyes narrowed at Hinata. What the hell were they talking about anyways?

"Oi, dobe, there you are."

"Hinata, where have you been?" The group flincehed as they saw Sasuke and Neji come form behind them.

"Shopping and Naruto's is jealous of my pickles." The two men raised an eyebrow and looked at eachother.

"I am not jealous of your pickles! You don't have one, you're a girl!" Naruto fought.

"Yeah, so? You're gay what's the diff?"

"The difference is you've got melons."

"So? You're gay. Atleast I don't have Sasuke's pickle up my ass."

"So? You have Kiba's up you're vagina!" Kiba, Sasuke and Neji blushed.

"How many?" Sasuke asked Neji.

"Atleast 12, Hinata can't get drunk unless she's had twelve shots." He replied. Sasuke nodded and everyone else watched from behind the corner still.

"Alright, dobe, this is the last time I let you go shopping drunk. Did you get the pickles and the potatos for dinner? The tadpoles in the pond behind the mansion are gone so don't worry about food for them."

"Yeah yeah. Are they really froggies now?" Sasuke nodded to Naruito question and he smiled.

"Same for Hinata. Did you get the eggs and melons?" Hinata nodded at Neji.

"Are they pineapples ripe?" She held hope.

"Yes, let's go hame and pick them." She nodded and they left.

The group behind the corner were shocked none the less but in some way relieved. They said their good-bais and left themselves though it did still disturbed them in their dreams before they noticed. Sasuke and Naruto are gay? With eachother?