He follows the bus into the school parking lot and idles until Sammy opens the passenger door. A little blonde is waving shyly at Sammy, so he nudges until Sammy looks up and sees her. "That's Kara?" he asks.

"Yeah." He waits until she gets into a maroon sedan before pulling away and heading home.

He puts water on the stove to boil before he goes down the hall to help Sammy unpack. Sammy's sprawled on the bed, asleep, so he shuts off the burner in the kitchen and starts the washing machine instead. He gathers all of Sammy's dirty clothes and his own and pulls off his shirt and socks and jeans. There's something crinkling in the pile, and he finds the notes he made while he was on the phone with Caleb, the paper folded in soft creases. He sorts the clothes and starts the load of darks, then rereads his notes. He wants to call Caleb and brag about what Sammy did. But it's Sammy's story to tell, and Dad should be getting home soon, so he heads back to the kitchen. He makes Sammy's favorite spaghetti with meatballs and peppers and sets the table for three.