Title: The warrior in Me

Author: Dís Thráinsdotter

Rating: K

Summary: Gimli wonders if he will become a skilled warrior.

Disclaimer: Gimli doesn't belong to me, only my plot does. Pre LotR. Gimli´s POW.

I have just finished my training session with the axe. Cousin Balin is the trainer and he is one of the best axe fighters I know of. He has a lot of patience with us and that is a good thing but I still wonder at times if I will ever become as skilled as he is. My father and mother tells me that I will become very skilled, "after all" father reminds me "Khazad-Dûm wasn't built in a week" but it can be a heavy burden to have so many great warriors in the family. Apart from my cousins there are Thórin Oakenshield and Dáin Ironfoot, the slayer of Azog, and still more whom I don't remember at the moment. They are truly skilled. Father and mother are also good warriors and I would be proud to fight alongside them, which they tell me that I will be able to do.

Yesterday as I was on the training field, Thórin Oakenshield and cousin Balin showed us their skill. All of us watched them in amazement as their axes flashed and danced in such a speed that they blurred before our eyes. Afterwards they told us that if we are patient and train well we will reach that level and I believe that we will but that seams a long way off. But I will do all I can to reach there.