Cast Cast



King Of The Goblins aka Jareth

Xellos Metalium

Sarah Williams

Lina Inverse


A very young Phibrizzo

Sarah's Step-mom


Sarah's Father



Zelgadis Greywords





Sir Didymus

Amelia Wil Tesla Seyrunne

Various Goblins

Mummy Man (Zolph), Nunsa, Rodimus

Wise Man


Merlin and Ambrocious

Dilgear (again)


Jaime Whistler

Lina: All right! I'm the main character!

Jaime: ^_^; Don't thank me just yet Lina....

Zel: Hey why is Xellos the King?

Jaime: Because he fits Jareths' personality--

Zel: Who's this Hoggle anyway?

Jaime: *Sweat drops*

Xellos: *Peaking into original script* Oh.... interesting.... *Looks to Lina with a secret look* VERY Interesting.... *Smiles with open eyes*

Lina: *Blinks uncomprehendingly*

Gourry: Why am I Loud-o?

Jaime: That's 'Ludo'. And you're him because you fit his personality. He goes with Sarah wherever she goes, and is big and dumb... but has a strange sweetness you can't help but love. ^_^

Amelia: Who's Sir Didymus?

Jaime: Sore wa himitsu desu!

All except for Xellos: *Sweat drop*

Xellos: You have gained wisdom my child...

Jaime: ^_^

Lina: Lemme see the script! *Nabs at it as Xellos holds it over her head*

Xellos: NO. *Burns the script in his hand*

Jaime and Lina: NO!!! T_T!!!

Xellos: There we go! Now no one can see it! Now lets get this play started!

Amelia: MR. XELLOS!!! You just destroyed the WHOLE script!!!

Zel: Oh boy....

Rezo: The script wasn't of use to me anyway.... *Shrugs*

Jaime: He destroyed the only copy that had the words in text and brail...

Rezo: *Hits Xellos over the head with his staff* I needed that you idiot!

Xellos: Hey you're pretty good at that… Could you do that again?

Jaime: Disgusting!!! *Clocks him*

Xellos: *smiles in happiness* I like the way you hit me....

Jaime: EWWW!!! HENTAI!

Xellos: Your point?

Jaime: *Ignores Xell and looks to the three quiet people in the corner who are sulking, I might add...* Something wrong?

Dilgear: I'm not a worm! How will you get me to be that small?!?

Jaime: *smiles evilly*

Dilgear: *sweat drops*

Nunsa: How come I can't be the king instead of one of the actual goblins?

Phibrizo: At least you aren't the one playing the baby...

Jaime: ^_^ Suffer... and your complaint mummy?

Zolph: Quit calling me that...

Rodimus: Lets finish this...I want the suffering to be over with...

Jaime: Watch it. I like this movie...keep up the whining and I'll make sure to write out and put you all on the Barney series....


Jaime: I'm an older sister...I've learned how to torture just as Luna did...

Lina: *shudders at the name*

Jaime: Lets get started!

Xellos: Yes lets!

Phibrizo: I'll get her for this someday....

Jaime: ^_^V

(Authors Notes: Ok this story is WELL over a year old. In fact I was in ninth grade now I'm almost outta tenth. YAYY! Anyway so don't try to accuse me of stealing or anything. Labyrinth and Slayers belong to their creators. Any bad humour or perversion in this story was all my insecure minds fault.)