Part Nine

Zelgadis: *Sighs, * I'm going to have a LONG talk with Jaime after this...

Lina: *Cries out loudly with her stomachs growls, * I'm SOO HUNGRY!!!

Gourry: *Pauses and then remembers the peach. * Oh yeah, here Lina - *Holds out the peach,* This is from - *Is cut off as Lina grabs it and scarfs it before he can even finish his sentence. *

Zelgadis and Amelia: O___O

Zelgadis: Anata wa baka!!! You don't even know where that came from!!!

Lina: From Gourry... *Blinks, the looks worried, * Wasn't it...?

Gourry: Uh-uh, *He shakes his head. * Xellos told me to -

Lina: XELLOS?!?! *Groans. * Oh man... *Teeters, * I'm going to kill him... *Casts a wobbly ray wing and flies off... Well she tried valiantly to. *

Zelgadis: *Flies after her and catches her as she her spell breaks and she falls towards the ground. * Lina!

Lina: Everything's moving in a really weird way... *Her eyelids begin to close in drug induced exhaustion. *

Zelgadis: She's been drugged - *Looks worried as Lina goes into unconsciousness. *

Amelia: Xellos-san has gone far beyond cheating this time...