Summary- Two thousand years after the Great War which caused youkai to be common knowledge among Ningenkai, Urameshi Yuusuke is now Noriyuki Akikaze, a 15 year old boy who has tremendous reiki and is a hanyou. Finding out you were Yuusuke, the great warrior from the War, as your past life is surprising. Finding out you've been threatened to being Koenma's Tantei is shocking! Along with Kiyomi, the reincarnation of Kazuma Kuwabara and his best friend, they have to find the other reincarnations of their friends and prevent any demons from causing trouble. But they got more help on the way. Three really. Ketsui, a hi-youkai who is cold and aloof with the power of the Jagan and Kokuryuuha on his side. Miharu, a seemly normal ningen but with the power to manipulate plants to do her bidding as well as boys. Ryuuichi, another seemly normal ningen who seems to be able to control the air/wind and has the IQ of 165. With these four on the demons' tails, let's just say things are gonna be a lot more interesting.

Rated- T

Warnings- Shounen-ai, Shoujo-ai, OCs

Genre- Action/Adventure, Romance, Humor, Drama

Pairings- Aki/Aimi, Ryuuichi/Miharu, Kiyomi/Satsuki, one-sided Hideki/Kiyomi

Background Pairings- Kurama/Hiei, Kuwabara/Yukina, Yuusuke/Keiko, Koenma/Botan

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I'm offering a deal here. Seeing how you've served me well, I will look past the fact you're a demon and give you a choice. To live another life. A second chance. But you won't remember your past life. Will you accept it?

I don't know.

Will you accept?


Will you?

Didn't I just say maybe!

Yes or no?

Fine! No!


It's not worth it. I'd rather be dead and remember my friends than lose them and start another life.

Is it really?

I'm not answering your god damned questions!

Think about it, Urameshi Yuusuke. Is it?

Don't use your tricks on me, Enma.

This is no trick. Choose.

Shit! I can't dodge...WHAT THE HELL!

"Kuwabara! No!"

"Heh. Looks like this time, you owe me, Urameshi." Blood was coughed up as the man looked at his friend.

You can't do this to me... You're my best

"No! You can't!"

He smirked, a trickle of blood dripping from the corner of his mouth to his chin. "Tell Yukina...I thought of the last...moment life...and that...I love her..."

Baka...tell her yourself...she's waiting for you...why...?

"I'm...counting on"

Last breath and a scream was heard. "KUWABARA!"

WHY! You weren't meant to die! That was for me! Kuwabara!

"NO!" He rushed forward in rage at the demon who was laughing, not caring if he died, just so he can avenge his friend.




Aki yawned when he heard someone call out his name. He smacked his lips as he looked up and saw the math teacher looking down at him with an irritated expression on him. He brushed his amber brown hair from his partly opened eyes. He sat up straight and looked at the teacher with his hazel-colored eyes. He blinked and thought, Oh shit...

"Noriyuki Akikaze, mind telling me what the answer to that problem is?" the adult growled out, crossing his arms and glaring down at him.

Aki looked at the blackboard boredly and looked back at his teacher. "It's a 'not possible' problem. You can't solve it. Isn't that right, Takahashi-sensei?"

He smirked as he noticed that the older man was glaring at him with such intensity that he can see sparks in his eyes. Aki thought he wasn't going to get an answer until he heard him. "Yes...that is correct," and Takahashi walked off to stand in front of the class. "I want you all to do problems 1 to 25 on page 183. Due tomorrow. Now dismissed." He waved his hand and the bell rang at that moment. Aki packed up his things and walked out of his math class, yawning and going to his next class, History.

As Aki walked to his next class, he couldn't help but wonder why he kept having dreams. Dreams that included Yuusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Kurama Minamino, and Hiei Jaganshi. Aki knew of their names. They were in the history books, after all. They had fought in the Great War two thousand years ago and saved Ningenkai and Reikai, though it cost them their lives. Oddly enough, his dreams were in Yuusuke's point of view. Everything he saw was from the warlord's eyes. It was both exciting and scary. He saw how the warrior's adventures first began: when Yuusuke died and then was reborn.

It scared him, although he was used to it. The dreams had started when he was fourteen, last year on his birthday.

He yawned once more and walked inside the classroom, going to his seat near the back. History was the only class, besides P.E, that he actually bothered to pay attention in. It was fun, comparing his dreams to the events in the book. The teacher came in after the bell rang and looked at everyone in the class.

"Last week, we've learned about the Three Worlds. Can anyone name them?" the teacher asked. A few hands raised but he called on someone who hadn't. "Noriyuki-san, please name the Three Worlds."

Aki inhaled and listed them off. "Reikai or the Spirit World. Ningenkai or the Human World. Lastly, Makai or the Demon World. There is also the Netherworld or Meikai but that's another subject."

The teacher's eyebrows furrowed at the fourth world but said nothing about it. The hands fell down and he nodded. "Right. Reikai, Ningenkai, and Makai. Before the Great War, Ningenkai had no idea that these other two worlds existed. That is, until Akitaka, an A-class demon, began collecting power which started the Great War. But before that, we must learn about the Reikai Tantei."

He walked over to the chalkboard and wrote down Urameshi Yuusuke. "Some of you might recognize the name from the stories and the monument we have. He had died saving a little boy and Botan, a ferry girl or the Grim Reaper as some of us know, told him that it wasn't his time to die yet. Which caused him to meet," He wrote down Botan and Koenma above Yuusuke. "Koenma, the son of Enma-sama, the God of the Underworld, King of Reikai. After some while, he was returned back to life and became a Spirit Detective." He wrote (Grim Reaper) underneath Botan's name and (God of Underworld) under Koenma's.

He wrote down Kurama and Hiei next to Yuusuke. "He then met Kurama and Hiei who had stolen Reikai's three treasures. Not the best way to meet your soon-to-be team mates. I'm sure you can read your textbook to find out what happens." He wrote Kazuma Kuwabara next to Yuusuke. "Kuwabara went to the same school as him and always challenged Yuusuke to a fight. The two became friends when they went to Genkai's temple. And that's about all I'll tell you as you can read the rest in your book." He drew a line underneath Koenma and drew a line that connected the four male's names to that line. He wrote down Reikai Tantei underneath the four's names. "And they made up the Reikai Tantei and were well-known throughout Makai."

He looked around the class to see they all were writing down notes. Aki was staring at the board in an interested way before taking out his notebook and jotting something down. He already knew these things but it was helpful to remember them, just incase he might need them in the future.

"For homework..." Majority of the class groaned as they heard what he said and the teacher couldn't help but smile. "Oh don't whine. It's nothing serious. Just want a paper on what you know about the Three Worlds and the Reikai Tantei. It'll be due at the end of this week!" The bell rang and they all piled out. Aki walked out calmly and when he was out of the room, he ran down the hall and out the school doors. He exited the school grounds and walked down the streets.

"Oi! Aki!" Aki turned around to see a girl his age running up to him. She had light orange hair that reached to her chin only and sky blue eyes. She wore the girl's uniform; a red sailor outfit. The color of the Sarayashiki High had changed from dark blue to red about five years ago.

"Yomi," Aki greeted with a grin. The girl caught up and they both walked together. When they turned the corner from the school, Aki looked at her. "So what is it?"

"What? Can't a girl just walk down the streets with her best friend anymore?" she teased, smiling.

Aki playfully punched her on the arm. Kiyomi was his best friend since elementary school, after saving her from a bunch of older boys who were picking on her. After that, Kiyomi trained herself to become stronger and was now the second strongest punk after Aki. Weird for a girl, yes, but she was unique and didn't care what others think of her. "Yes, but you live the other way."

Kiyomi sighed. "You caught me. Anyway, I was wondering how Atia is doing."

"Why don't you come over and see? I'm sure she'll enjoy the company," Aki suggested. Kiyomi jumped up, excitedly.


"Kiyomi, calm down. You're causing strange looks from the people walking near us."

"I'm home and I brought Yomi with me!" Aki shouted to the house, taking off his shoes with Kiyomi copying him. The two walked in and saw his mother up and cooking something.

"Ah. Kiyo-chan, I haven't seen you in so long," she said, smiling at the orange head girl.

Kiyomi smiled back. "How's the baby doing?"

"Quite well. The doctor's says it's going to be a healthy baby."

Noriyuki Atia was six months pregnant with a baby. Aki never knew how, seeing as he never knew his father since he had left them when he was two years old. Also, Aki knew that his mother wasn't seeing anyone right now. Plus, Atia never answered whenever the two asked her. She just smiled and her eyes have a weird gleam in them.

"Yeah well, I hope it's gonna be a boy," he muttered. Kiyomi whacked him over the head.

"A girl wouldn't be that bad."

"At least if it's a boy, he'll inherit some fighting skills from Mom," Aki said, grinning. Atia smiled while Kiyomi rolled her eyes. The three knew of Atia's school days and how she struck terror into people's hearts whenever her name was mentioned. Like mother, like son.

"So you're saying if the baby's gonna be a girl, it won't?" Kiyomi said in mock anger. She even placed her hands on her hips and glared for good measure. Aki wasn't fooled by the act but decided to play along.

"N-no. At least if the baby's going to be a boy, he'll hit harder. DON'T HIT ME!" Aki said, cowering. Kiyomi fake glared at him as the two kids' eyes met and the two laughed. Atia sighed and went back to cooking. It was a ritual sort of thing. It wasn't anything serious. They enjoyed playing with each other.

"Hey, Atia, what are you cooking anyway?" Kiyomi suddenly asked, looking at the mother.

"Mixing the batter for cookies," she said.

"Cookies?" the two repeated, ears perking up like an animal's. Atia laughed at the adorable expressions on the two most feared kids in the city. It was hilarious. It reminded her of when they were younger.

"Yes, but I must prepare them. Go do you homework or something. Tuition is so hard to pay these days..." Atia said before turning to her child. "Good thing you managed to find a job, Aki-chan."

Aki forced a smile and said, "Yeah...good thing. Come on, Yomi, let's go wait upstairs in my room." Without another word, he grabbed her wrist and led them upstairs. He locked the door and turned to Kiyomi who was looking at him, suspicious.

"Alright. What's going on?" she demanded, noticing the nervous look upon his face.

"Just don't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you, okay?" he said. Kiyomi looked at him before nodding. "I don't have a job. The truth is, I've been selling a few hiruiseki that I've gotten from a friend of mine."

Kiyomi's eyes widened. "Hiruiseki...but only Koorime shed them and they all live on the Glacier that's in Makai. They never go down from the island...Well except for that Koorime who was the twin of the Forbidden Child. Yukina, was it?"

"Yeah. The Koorime I befriended, her name's Satsuki and she came down because she was searching for someone. She didn't tell me who. Just that she was searching for someone."

"Alright and how exactly did you get her to agree to sheding tear gems for you?" Kiyomi asked, suspecting something.

"Well, I told her that I'll help her search for that someone if she'll help me with my money troubles."


"She agreed and told me who she was searching for."


"I've been trying to find that person since three months ago."


"And what?"

Kiyomi whacked him over the head. "Baka! Who is she searching for!"

Aki rubbed his head and said, "Her sibling. Wouldn't tell me the gender though I suspect it's a boy since she said 'Forbidden Child' as well. She only told me that her sibling will have youko in their blood since her father was a silver youko."

"Baka! How do you expect to find a youko in Ningenkai? Especially a silver one! You know they're extremely rare!"

"I know, which is why Satsuki was reluctant for me to help her. And only when I told her that I knew someone with a strong sixth sense did she finally agree," Aki explained quickly.

"Strong...sixth sense...AKI! You better not have been talking about me!" Kiyomi yelled, suddenly standing up and looking as if she wanted to strangle him.

Aki instantly covered his head, fearing he will get whacked over the head again or something worse. "Sorry but I was desperate and so was she. Do you know how long she's been in this world! At least half a year!"

Kiyomi sat back down on the bed and sighed heavily. "I'm surprised she lasted that long without someone figuring out what she is."

"Yeah. I was surprised too but that doesn't matter. So are you going to help?" Aki asked, looking at the orange haired girl in the eyes. He even did the Puppy Dog Look for good measure. Kiyomi sighed and then nodded, knowing he wouldn't give up until she agreed either way. Aki cheered. "Great! Then we can get started!"

"How exactly?"

Aki blinked before thinking, putting his index finger on his chin. "Haven't thought that far yet..." If Kiyomi was an anime character, she would have sweatdropped.

"A Koorime's gone down from the Glacier looking for her sibling."

"And I care because...?"

There was a sigh. "They haven't told you?"

The shorter person blinked. "Huh? What do you mean, Honou?"

The taller one's cheeks became pink. "Must you call me that?"

"Yes. Now what do you mean?"

"You're going to have to ask your parents, Kitsune."

"Kitsune?" the shorter one questioned, raising an eyebrow.


The other shrugged. "Whatever..." She grinned. "Honou."

"Stop calling me that!"

"I'll stop when we find out that I wasn't a girl in my past life and you're the reincarnation of Youko Kurama!"

"Kitsune, you come up with the most weirdest things..."

"It's part of the personality in which you love."

"If only that wasn't true..." The boy shook his head while the girl laughed softly. He smiled at the girl.

"So what are we going to do?"

The boy's smile turned into a smirk. "What else?" The girl sighed.

"The dragon is embracing his inner youkai..." She pretended that she was holding a mic and began talking real low to be more dramatic. "Be prepare for the end of the worlds as the dragon's wind destroys everything in his path but then comes back to his senses after accidentally killing his girlfriend who coincidentally is me, the narrator but that's beside the point as the dragon, also called Honou by his girlfriend, is going to take over the worlds thanks to his inner youkai which is quite deadly and wants to have sex with me quite badly since that's how youkai are and..."

The boy shook his head before he sorted out what the girl's run-on sentence contained. "Kitsune! I'm not interested in sex right now!" The girl laughed as the boy groaned.

"Oh come on. You know you wanna!"

"You horny, perverted silver youko..." The girl stuck out her tongue and the other laughed at his girlfriend's immaturity.

Aki looked at the blue haired girl that was currently sitting on a floating oar in disbelief. "Say whut?"

The girl nodded. "I'm here to take you to Koenma-sama!"

You all are probably wondering what the hell is going on, huh?


Aki was walking down the streets in a grey t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Seeing how it was Sunday, he didn't have to go to school and was heading to Kiyomi's house to hang around and maybe play a few video games when suddenly, he was pulled by his arm into a clearing in the park that was surrounded by trees and bushes. He shook his head to clear it and was about to strike his kidnapper until he got a proper look at the said kidnapper. It was then he was glad he didn't hit the person. He didn't want to hit a girl. Especially one as weird as her.

She had blue hair with purple eyes. She held an oar in her hand and wore a pink kimono. She looked at him with a bright smile and said, "Hello, Akikaze-kun!"

Aki blinked as he stared at the girl's hair. It was "You...look familiar..."

The girl blinked before her smile grew bigger. "I suppose I should. I'm mentioned in the history books a few times. My name's Botan."

Aki's eyes widened when he heard the name. "Y-you're that ferry girl who's known as the Grim Reaper and was the Reikai Tantei's assistant and is really happy and perky all the time and in love with-"

"I get the point, Akikaze-kun," Botan interrupted, a bit embarrassed at the last comment.

"Just call me Aki. Akikaze's just too long. Don't know what Mom was thinking..." he said, trailing off.

Botan grinned. "Okay then, Aki."

"So what are you doing here in Ningenkai?"

"I'm here to take you to Koenma-sama!"

Flashback Ended

"But why do I need to go to Koenma?" Aki asked, eyebrows furrowing. "I'm not dying, am I?"

Botan smiled again which caused Aki to step back a step since the ferry girl had smiled a lot since the beginning of the conversation. "No. You're not scheduled to die just yet. He'll tell you when you get there. We also need to get Kiyomi-chan as well."

Aki blinked before saying, "Huh?"

Koenma rubbed his temples. He was getting too old for this. Even though he already was but still...maybe he should try hiring older Tantei.

Kiyomi and Aki were currently arguing over something that Koenma didn't bother to pay attention to.

"Look! There's no point denying it!" Kiyomi yelled.

"Oh?" Aki said, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes! I'm telling you! Just admit it!"

"Well, I think you're wrong!"

"No, you're wrong! Youko Kurama is the most beautiful youko in all of Makai history!" You would have thought that by the way they were arguing, it had to be something important. Koenma couldn't take it anymore and began banging his head against his paper filled desk. Botan, who had been watching the two teens argue, heard the banging and looked over at her boss.

"Um... Koenma-sama? Are you alright?" she asked innocently.

"Yes," Koenma mumbled. "I'm fine."

"Kou is!" Aki yelled.

"Youko Kurama!"


"QUIET!" Koenma had finally snapped. The two quickly shut their mouths but glared at each other. Koenma sighed at the quiet and then cleared his voice. "I'm sure you're both wondering why you're here."

"Well, duh," Aki said, rolling his eyes. Kiyomi whacked him over the head. The boy clutched his head and glared at the girl who just ignored him.

"Thank you. Anyway, I've called the two of you here because I've been watching you since last year."

Kiyomi gasped, covering her mouth with a hand. "Stalker!"

Koenma was really beginning to lose his temper as Botan and Aki began snickering. "No... It's my duty as the Reikai ruler to watch over people. Anyway, I've been observing you and have decided that you two are perfect for being the Reikai Tantei."

"What?" Aki said, mouth slightly opened in shock.

"Reikai...Tantei?" Kiyomi repeated, surprised.

Then, in perfect unison, "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?"

"We can't be Tantei," Kiyomi argued.

"It's just not possible," Aki added.

"We have no experience!" Kiyomi exclamed.

"We're not doing it!" they both yelled.

Koenma rubbed his temples. He had anticipated the reactions he would be getting. He seriously needed to get a new team of Tantei, however. His old ones had somehow gotten killed about three years ago and once the youkai had discovered that there wasn't any Tantei, they had caused mayhem whenever they wanted. The ruler of Reikai had decided to choose the reincarnations of the Reikai Tantei that he had favored the most: Yuusuke and his team. It was hard finding out who were their reincarnations but he finally found them a year ago.

"Look, I've been searching a whole year and came across your files." Koenma held up two files. Aki saw his name on one of them and Kiyomi's on the other. "What I found in your files were most interesting."

"Interesting how?" Aki asked, eyes narrowing. He liked his privacy and, god or no god, didn't like anyone knowing things he himself didn't know.

Koenma opened the files and stated, "Well, Aki, you are the reincarnation of Urameshi Yuusuke while your girlfriend there-"

"SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" Aki exclaimed while Kiyomi was blushing furiously. Botan was stifling her laughter.

Koenma raised an eyebrow. "Really now? It says in your file that you two are really close."

"Yes. Close as in best friends close. She's my best friend," Aki explained, crossing his arms.

"Really? Well, that makes it so much more weirder. Kiyomi is the reincarnation of Kuwabara Kazuma."

"SAY WHAT?" Kiyomi yelled, eyes wide.

"Tell me you're kidding," Aki said, mouth slightly opened in shock.

"No, I am not," Koenma said seriously. "Do you see why I need you two to be my Reikai Tantei?"

"Yes but I'd still rather not become one," Kiyomi said. "I got my own grades to worry about."

"Yes. Me too," Aki said. "The teachers already hate me since I fight so much so I'd rather not skip classes too."

"I see..." Koenma couldn't accept this, however. The youkai crime rates were going up and he seriously needed their help. He didn't want to resort to this but he had no choice! "Very well but I have a proposal for you two."

"What kind?" Aki asked, curious. Kiyomi leaned in a bit but it was barely noticeable.

"If you become my Reikai Tantei, I won't kill you." There was silence before Aki broke it.

"That's not a proposal! That's a freaking threat!" he yelled, standing up and pointing at the ruler. Kiyomi sweatdropped as did Botan.

"It's not a threat but a deal. You become my Tantei and I won't kill you off."

"T-that's...That's blackmail!" Aki spluttered out.

"No, it's not," Koenma said calmly.

"I'll do it." Everyone turned their attention to the orange haired girl sitting next to Aki. Her sky blue eyes were pinned at Koenma.

"Say what!?" Aki yelled. "You gotta be kidding, Yomi!"

Botan and Koenma tensed at the nickname, remembering a certain demon lord two thousand years ago. Kiyomi turned to her best friend. "No, I'm not. Besides," she smirked, "It might even be fun. After all, fighting against demons..."

Aki slumped back down in his chair and crossed his arms. "Fine. Seeing how Yomi's doing it, I'm in."

Botan cheered while Koenma began sucking on his pacifier. "Great, great. Now, I'm sure you're wondering how to use your powers?" The two teens raised an eyebrow at him with a look on their face that said 'Geez-what-do-you-think?' on them. Koenma coughed. "I can't really help you since Genkai had been the one who had trained Yuusuke and Kuwabara had trained on his own. Botan!"

The ferry girl jumped, startled. "Y-yes?"

"Think you can teach them what they need to know?" the ruler asked, sucking on his pacifier some more.

"Yes! Come on kids! Let's get training!" Botan summoned her oar and carried Kiyomi and Aki on it and they flew out of the office.

Koenma's ogre, George, came in through the door nervously. "Do you really think they can do it, Koenma sir?"

"Mmm...I certainly hope so," he said.

"Why, Koenma-sama?"

"The youkai are getting restless!" Koenma exclaimed. "Why else! Now, ogre, get me some tea and onigiri!"

George ran out of the room while Koenma stared intently at the other three files on his desk. Aki and Kiyomi's files were on the side. The three files were important since they were the other reincarnations of the Tantei. But what Koenma didn't understand was why there were three when there should only be two more.

"This is just getting confusing!"