Genre- Action/Adventure, Romance, Humor, Drama

Warnings- Shounen-ai, Shoujo-ai, OCs, OOC

Pairings- Aki/Aimi, Ryuuichi/Miharu, Kiyomi/Satsuki, one-sided Hideki/Kiyomi

Background Pairings- Kurama/Hiei, Kuwabara/Yukina, Yuusuke/Keiko, Koenma/Botan

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Previously on Reincarnations...

"Just don't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you, okay?" he said. Kiyomi looked at him before nodding. "I don't have a job. The truth is, I've been selling a few hiruiseki that I've gotten from a friend of mine."

Kiyomi's eyes widened. "Hiruiseki...but only Koorime shed them and they all live on the Glacier that's in Makai. They never go down from the island...Well except for that Koorime who was the twin of the Forbidden Child. Yukina, was it?"

"Yea. The Koorime I befriended, her name's Satsuki and she came down because she was searching for someone. She didn't tell me who. Just that she was searching for someone."


"A Koorime's gone down from the Glacier looking for her sibling."

"And I care because...?"

There was a sigh. "They haven't told you?"


Koenma was really beginning to lose his temper as Botan and Aki began snickering. "No... It's my duty as the Reikai ruler to watch over people. Anyway, I've been observing you and have decided that you two are perfect for being the Reikai Tantei."

"What?" Aki said, mouth slightly opened in shock.

"Reikai...Tantei?" Kiyomi repeated, surprised.


George ran out of the room while Koenma stared intently at the other three files on his desk. Aki and Kiyomi's files were on the side. The three files were important since they were the other reincarnations of the Tantei. But what Koenma didn't understand was why there were three when there should only be two more.

"This is just getting confusing!"

Reincarnations weren't originally a Tantei were you?

Nope! I just sort of joined at the Saint Beasts mission.

I see...and yet you still participated in the missions? Even though it wasn't your job? But only a choice?

Of course! I can't let Urameshi have all the credit! Especially the shrimp. Hard to believe he was Yukina's brother...

I see...

So then, Enma. Why am I here?

Yes. Well, do you want do have a second chance at life?

Do I ever! Of course! I want to see Yukina once more...

Yes but I should tell you that if you do, you won't remember anything in your life.

Say what?.! Now that isn't fair!

So then, Kuwabara Kazuma, will you still want another chance?

Urameshi! Dammit! He can't dodge that attack!

Feet quickly ran in front of the brunet. Just when the sword went through him.

"Kuwabara! No!"

"Heh. Looks like this time, you owe me, Urameshi." Blood was coughed up as the man looked at his friend.

Looks like Urameshi beat me once more...

"No! You can't!"

Ah my darling Yukina...I hope she won't be too mad at me for going without saying good-bye...

He smirked, a trickle of blood dripping from the corner of his mouth to his chin. "Tell Yukina...I thought of the last...moment life...and that...I love her..."

"Kuwabara..." was what was whispered from the brunet.

"I'm...counting on"

I have no more regrets.


If only I could see her smile once more...

Last breath and a scream was heard. "KUWABARA!"

The long sound of the alarm was heard throughout the orange painted walls. Kiyomi threw off her covers as she pressed the snooze button on her white alarm clock. She scratched her head before running her hand through her light orange hair. She rubbed her sky blue eyes and trotted over to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. She emerged ten minutes later, looking more awake and went back to her room, picking out her uniform and changed out of her pjs. She walked down the stairs and entered the kitchen where an older female was sitting on a chair and occasionally eating the pancakes before her and reading the newspaper. Kiyomi took her seat at the table and began pouring maple syrup on her pile of pancakes.

"So what's in the papers, Nee-san?" Kiyomi asked, curious and stuffing herself full of the pancakes.

The newspaper was lowered to reveal a mass of light brown hair and a pair of sky blue eyes. "The full moon's in a four days. And there's been reports on people mysteriously fainting all around. They suspect it has something to do with soul-sucking demons."

"Uh huh..." Kiyomi quickly finished her breakfast and wiped her mouth with her sleeve. Even if she had been raised with manners, she didn't bother with them anymore. She stood up, walking to the doorway, and put on her shoes. She ran out the door after yelling, "Ja ne, Nee-san!"

She continued running down the streets to her school, not stopping until she bumped into someone. She picked herself up and found herself looking at a pair of chocolate brown eyes that belonged to a girl the same age as her. She had black hair that reached to her shoulders and wore the girl's uniform.

"Ouch. Who the hell-oh. It's you," the black haired girl said.

"Hm. Yukimoto-san."

"Hanabishi-san." The tension in the air had gotten heavier and all the students around them could feel the difference. They hurried inside the school building, leaving the two girls to continue staring at each other.

"Yo! Yomi! Aimi-chan!" The tension was broken as an amber haired boy by the name of Aki came to the scene. Yukimoto Aimi stormed off while Kiyomi glared at the girl's retreating back. "Hey. Yomi? You okay?"

Kiyomi snapped out of her glare and turned her attention to Aki who was looking at her, confused. "Yeah. I'm fine. Let's get to class."

Aki groaned, causing her to laugh.

Botan's training was a weird experience for Kiyomi. She always knew that her sixth sense was high. Her older sister, Ichigo, had a stronger sixth sense so Kiyomi always assumed it ran in the family but she can't know for sure since their parents were dead, having been killed in a fire.

But the fact that she'll be wielding a sword made from her reiki was just weird. How was she supposed to hold it? Wouldn't it disappear? She knew it was possible, since that was Kuwabara's weapon but reading about it was different from actually doing it. She was afraid that if a demon came to attack her, the rei-ken would disappear and she would be left defenseless.

It was a common fear. After all, she's never been in a battle before with demons. It was different from fighting against humans. At least against those punks from the other gangs, she could win since they had no powers or special abilities. They were just normal people who just so happened to rub the Hanabishi the wrong way and usually end up kissing the cement street.

Botan had appeared after school, quickly giving them a DVD case before leaving, telling them to watch it as soon as possible.

So here they were, in Kiyomi's room, and waiting for Aki to come back from the kitchen. Kiyomi was sitting cross-legged on the carpet floor and the door to her room opened and then closed. Aki plopped down next to her and pushed the disk in the DVD player. There was static at first before it showed a picture of Koenma looking like that lady from Paramount's Studio. Kiyomi and Aki sweatdropped at the TV.

"Does he have that much free time?" Aki asked, amused. The orange head girl shook her head and focused her attention back to the DVD.

Koenma appeared and it seemed he was sitting in his desk. "Aki, Kiyomi, this contains your first mission. Don't worry about anyone listening to this. Only those with high spirit awareness can hear this. Anyone else will only hear static." Kiyomi's mind flashed to Ichigo but it disappeared as quickly as it had come. "Anyway, Botan is busy with me so she couldn't tell you of this mission. My father's vault, which contained the Three Treasures, was broken into once more and I'm afraid you need to get them back in a week."

Kiyomi exchanged looks with Aki. "Deja vu?" she mumbled.

"Hell yeah," the reincarnated hanyou replied.

"The security tapes had captured the images of the thieves. Yes. Plural. There are a total of three. Again. We were fortunate to be able to identify them."

There was then an image of a black haired, midnight blue eyed girl. "This is Miharu. We don't have much info on her, however. She appears to be a normal human, but you know how appearances can be deceiving."

Then the picture flashed to a rather ugly demon with three horns and tan skin. "This is a soul-sucking demon, much like Gouki from Hiei's group. His name is Rikugo and he's only a D-class."

Another picture, this time of a dark blue haired, crimson red eyed boy, came to the screen. "Ketsui, a C-class fire demon."

The screen went back to Koenma. "Find them before the week ends or else my father will come back from the grave and kill me for letting those three treasures get stolen again," and the screen went blank.

Kiyomi got up from her seat and ejected the DVD, staring at it in her hands. She looked at Aki. "Well?"

Aki sighed. "How are we exactly going to find them?"

Kiyomi shrugged. "Maybe that place where I'm getting a bunch of bad feeling about. And the fact that it's not raining over there."

"Huh?" Kiyomi pointed out the window and to an area where there seemed to be a slight glow in the forest and, true to what Kiyomi said, wasn't raining. "Well, I suppose that's a good place to start. Ready to go?"

Kiyomi smirked and tossed the DVD case onto her bed. "Hell yeah. Do you even have to ask?"

"They aren't ready for them!" Botan exclaimed to the god. "This will just be a repeat of Yuusuke's case!"

"Yes but I just can't let them get away with it! The fact that someone has managed to bypass the security is enough that they are a force to be afraid of. If word gets out that the Reikai Palace has been broken into two times and managed to steal the exact same treasures, youkai from all over will be trying 24/7!" Koenma cried.

Botan sighed and then crossed her arms. "Well, I suppose I should go assist them then?"

"Not yet. I need to see what will happen first." He turned back to the screen, ignoring the Grim Reaper.


Kiyomi looked around them. It was so silent in the forest. They had been attacked a few times by lower demons, around E-class, but they had made quick work of them. They were nearing the area where it wasn't raining and her sixth sense was telling her that something big was going on around there. When they arrived at the clearing, they made sure to mask their reiki and hid behind the trees.

There were three people in the clearing. Kiyomi thought back to the tape. The girl was Miharu, the normal-looking boy was Ketsui, and the demonic looking one was Rikugo.

Ketsui had dark blue hair which reached a few inches pass his shoulders and was tied back with a hair tie. His eyes were crimson red and looked like the color of blood. He wore a black tank top with a pair of black pants and had a katana strapped to his left side. Around his forehead was a white head band and there was a cord around his neck, although it was tucked underneath his shirt. He had the Demon slayer in his hands.

Miharu had black hair with a few silver strands and they reached to her lower back which was tied down by a white ribbon. Her eyes were midnight blue and had looked black at a certain angle. She wore what seemed to be a uniform; a white buttoned blouse, a black unzipped vest, a knee long black skirt, a black tie, and black dress shoes. Around her neck were three black cords but they were all tucked inside her blouse. In her hand was the Mirror of Forlorn Hope.

Rikugo was probably about seven feet tall and had tanned skin. Three horns were on his head and his eyes were beady black. In his hand was the Orb. He was laughing evilly. At least, that was what it seemed like to Kiyomi.

"Man that was great. I didn't believe that ningen girl could actually pull it off," he said, looking at Miharu. The girl was looking at the Mirror in her hand.

"It was rather easy. Ever since Kurama-san and Hiei-san had been captured by Reikai when they stole these artifacts, no one dared to steal them," she said softly. "Mirror of Forlorn Hope...Such a powerful object that shows your reflection yet grants you greatest desire...kaa-san..."

Ketsui was looking at her with a weird look in his eyes. "Miharu, what are you mumbling about now?"

Miharu looked up from the Mirror and gave a smile to the fire demon. "Oh nothing. So... haven't you heard enough now, you two?"

Kiyomi instantly tensed. How did the girl find them, even after they had masked their reiki? No... Maybe she was talking about her allies. Kiyomi bit her lower lip, a habit she had developed when she was nervous.

"So we have spies?" Ketsui asked, amused. It was clear that he hadn't sensed them but was trusting the girl on her word, which was rather interesting. "Why don't you come on out since Miharu has already sensed you two."

Aki and Kiyomi exchanged looks and nodded. They came out from behind the trees they were hiding behind and Kiyomi's sky blue eyes met with midnight blue ones.

"Who are you?" Rikugo demanded.

"Aki and Kiyomi, Reikai Tantei at you service," Aki introduced, doing a little bow. "And we're here to get back the Three Treasures you three have stolen."

"Sorry but I don't have time to be arrested," and Miharu left the clearing.

"Hey! Get back here!" Rikugo shouted, taking a step forward. Ketsui had already begun chased after her.

"Deja vu, again?" Kiyomi asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Hell yeah again," Aki replied.

"That was Kurama's line, right? What Miharu just said."


"Let's get down to business," and the two blocked Rikugo's path to go after his two allies. "Now give us that Orb and we'll be sure to put in a good word for you up in Reikai."

Rikugo laughed again. "Right. I'll love to see you two fight against me."

"Must they all laugh?" Kiyomi asked, deadpanned.

"You doubt our skills? Fine! Let's rumble!" Right when Aki had said that, Rikugo had picked him up from the ground and was currently dangling from the ground.

"You should say duel. It'll sound much more funnier," Kiyomi mused. "I knew I've been watching too much Yu-Gi-Oh."

"Yomi! Shut up and get me down!" Aki yelled. Kiyomi sighed and summoned her rei-ken. She jumped up into the air and tried to aim at Rikugo's eyes. The demon dropped Aki in the midst of grabbing the sword. Aki landed on his butt and glared at the soul-eating demon. "That's it! You're going down!"

And the next following moments are too graphic to write out. But if you must know, Rikugo had lost due to the fact that Aki had shot a rei-gun at his mouth when he had been laughing again, remembering his lessons that the skin of a soul-eating demon is as strong as steel or something close to it but the inside wasn't. Kiyomi had doubled over laughing at how similar it was to how Yuusuke had defeated Gouki and then they collapsed onto the ground due to exhaustion. A few minutes later, Botan came and took them back to Aki's house where they were healed and rested. Atia had been sleeping peacefully in her room, unaware of what her son and his friend had been doing the entire time.

Atia knocked on the door to Aki's room. "Aki-chan? Are you awake?" There was no answer from the room so she knocked again, a bit louder, and opened the door. She peered inside.

Aki was lying on the bed, still asleep, and Kiyomi (she was surprised to find her in her son's room) was sleeping on a futon beside the bed. They looked peaceful and it was then when Atia remembered that she needed to go to the doctor's for an appointment soon.

"Aki-chan?" she repeated a bit louder, hoping her son will wake up. His eyes flickered opened slowly and his head turned to look at her.

"Mom...?" he mumbled sleepily.

"Aki-chan, I have a doctor's appointment today. I made lunch for you. It's in the refrigerator."

"Yes, Mom..." and he fell back asleep, a light snore coming from his mouth. Atia chuckled and exited the room, gently and softly closing the door behind her.

Ten minutes later, Botan had appeared in the room and looked at the sleeping Tantei. She smiled before yelling, "Wake up, you two!"

"Ack!" Aki had fell off the bed and landed on Kiyomi who instantly sat up and scowled at her friend, pushing him off her.

"Dammit, Botan! We're trying to get some sleep here!" Kiyomi yelled.

Aki rubbed his eyes. "Kami-sama, do you mind? It's..." He took a look at the clock, "...12:55 p.m here. People are trying to get some sleep here."

"Exactly what I said," Kiyomi added, crossing her arms and glaring at the Grim Reaper.

"B-but this is important! Your remember what the Mirror of Forlorn Hope does, right?" Botan asked in distress. The two nodded.

"The Mirror of Forlorn Hope makes the greatest and deepest desire of the holder come true but the thing in exchange is the holder's life," Kiyomi recited. She caught the strange look Aki was giving her. "Oh come off it. Just cause you don't study doesn't mean I don't either... Will you stop looking at me like that?!"

Botan cleared her throat and the two teens turned their attention back at her. "Yes well, the Mirror only works on the full moon which is tonight."

"Are you fucking serious?" they exclaimed.

"Yes! Which means the holder can wish for whatever he wants! Including world destruction!"

"She," Kiyomi corrected. "The one who held the Mirror was a she and she didn't seem like she wanted world destruction or anything."

"So? Kurama didn't look like he was deadly, from the way he looks, and yet he was Youko," Aki argued.

Kiyomi sighed. "Look. I'm just saying that she..." She trailed off when she heard something in her mind. A feminine voice.

"Come to the Miyazaki Hospital by 6:45 p.m and I'll let you have the Mirror of Forlorn Hope. Tell Noriyuki Akikaze as well."

"What? What is it, Kiyomi-chan?" Botan asked, worried. Kiyomi swallowed hard and turned to Aki.

"S-she...Miharu just contacted me." Kiyomi swallowed, trying to get her voice steady back. "She told me and Aki to meet her at Miyazaki Hospital by 6:45 tonight and she'll give back the Mirror."

"It could be a trap!" Aki exclaimed.

Botan seemed deep in thought. "Maybe you should go. I mean, it could benefit you two and us as well. Who knows, maybe we'll get another Tantei member." She grinned. Kiyomi and Aki sweatdropped.

"Ahem." Aki cleared his throat. "So we're going, right, Yomi?" The orange head nodded. "Good. Now, let's get some lunch. I'm hungry."

"Yay! Food!" Kiyomi and Botan exclaimed and rushed downstairs to the kitchen while Aki followed, only not as fast.

Kiyomi and Aki had changed out of their school uniform and into something more comfortable. Kiyomi had pulled on a blue sweatshirt over an orange shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Aki was dressed in a black t-shirt under a dark red jacket and a pair of faded blue jeans.

They were running to Miyazaki Hospital since it was already 7:00. They stopped when they noticed Miharu leaning against the wall that was near the door. She wasn't in her school uniform but was only dressed in a white shirt under a grey t-shirt and a pair of black pants. She pushed herself off the wall and gave a small smile when she saw that they had come.

"Where's...the...Mirror?" Kiyomi asked, gasping for air.

"First, I want you to see something." Miharu went inside the hospital. Kiyomi and Aki exchanged looks, shrugged, and followed. They passed by the rushing doctors and nurses and the lobby full of crying and sleeping people. No one spared them a second glance, although a few greeted Miharu which she returned with a nod and a smile. Kiyomi guessed that she was a regular here, from how most of the staff knew her.

They finally stopped before a door that was labeled as Room 352. Miharu entered as the two followed her. The door closed and Kiyomi saw a woman sitting up on the bed. She had aquamarine colored hair that reached to her waist but was tied back with a pale yellow hair tie. Her eyes were midnight blue, the same shade as Miharu's, and they were currently focused on the book she was reading. When the door closed with a click, she had looked up and seemed surprised by her guests.

"Miharu-chan, I see you've brought friends," she remarked with a smile.

"Yes, kaa-san. This is Noriyuki Akikaze and Hanabishi Kiyomi," Miharu introduced and Kiyomi mentally wondered how she knew their names in the first place.

"Hello, Noriyuki-kun, Hanabishi-san." The woman bowed her head and looked back at Miharu. "Have you eaten yet?"

Miharu nodded. "You should worry about your own health, kaa-san. You need your vitamins."

"Oh Ko-Miharu-chan. You know I can take care of myself," the woman said.

Kiyomi and Aki exchanged looks, having the same thought in their minds.

What the hell was going on?

Kiyomi, Aki, and Miharu stood on the roof of the hospital, the moon shining overhead.

"Now are you giving us that Mirror?" Aki asked anxiously.

"I'll tell you a story first," Miharu said, looking up at the sky.

"Once there was a Koorime. She was different from the other Koorime and was fascinated by the outside world. One day, she got off the Glacier and came across an injured kitsune. His fur was silver and he had been injured from a sword wound. The Koorime took care of the kitsune and soon fell in love with each other. The two mated and soon had twins. One looked like a normal Koorime, the other looked like a youko.

"When the Koorime heard of the twins and how the Koorime had mated with someone, they tried to kill the kit but they escaped to Ningenkai. However, the Koorime child had been left behind and the father had disappeared. Only the Koorime and the kit remained and they supported each other.

"The kit stole things from Makai, earning a name for herself. However, a sorceress she stole from cursed the Koorime as revenge, saying that the Koorime would die fifteen years from that day. The kit searched for any way to cure the Koorime but to no success. Then, when fifteen years later, a hi-youkai came and told her that he needed her thieving abilities to steal the Three Treasures. She agreed, if only she could get the Mirror of Forlorn Hope to save the Koorime. The hi-youkai agreed as well and now, the kit will wish for the Koorime's health."

Kiyomi and Aki were still processing all the information and Miharu took advantage of their shock. She set the Mirror on the ground in front of her and peered at her reflection. "Mirror of Forlorn Hope, I awaken you from your slumber and ask you to grant my deepest desire."

The Mirror glowed and a reflection of Miharu's mother appeared on the glass. "This demon's wish for it?"


"Very well," and it was then when the two Reikai Tantei had digested all the information and were currently shocked to see electricity coming from the Mirror and circling around Miharu. Her eyes were closed in silent pain and she was biting her lower lip. Kiyomi instantly ran to where Miharu was and stuck her arm out to the Mirror. Miharu turned to her, confused.

"What are you doing?" the girl asked.

"You're the kit in the story, aren't you?!" Kiyomi exclaimed over the wind. She received no answer so she guessed she was right. "Well, let's do a little repeat of history! If Yuusuke did the same thing to Kurama, then this would probably work as well!"

"You're crazy, Yomi!" Aki yelled.

"Well I'm not going to be the one who is going to tell your mother that her daughter died just to save her!" Kiyomi screamed. Miharu stared at her in amazement and then the two fell to the floor, unconscious. Aki hurried over to them, checking Kiyomi for a pulse. He sighed in relief when he found there was one. Miharu moaned and gained consciousness again. She stared at Aki for a while before giving a smile and closed her eyes.

The Mirror of Forlorn Hope seemed to have sighed although no one noticed. "Two times...seriously. I'm such a nice guy at times but these two...Can't have them dying just yet. They seem...interesting..."

Kiyomi opened her eyes slowly and saw that she was staring at a white ceiling. She immediately sat up and noticed that Aki was right next to her, looking at her with concern.

"You alright? You didn't wake up for two days," he informed.

"Urgh... Where am I?" She rubbed her head, groaning.

"You're at my house." Kiyomi tensed as she looked over at the doorway to see that Miharu was coming in, carrying a tray of food. She set it down at the bedside drawer. "Eat. You must be starving..." and she left the room.

"So are we seriously at her house?" Kiyomi asked, looking at the food suspiciously.

"Yup." Aki took one of the bowls and began eating the ice-cream. "Don't worry about the food. It's not drugged or anything. Besides, according to Miharu-chan, ice-cream will do you good to regain your energy."

Kiyomi raised an eyebrow. "'Miharu-chan'? Already that familiar, Aki?"

The Yuusuke reincarnate just shrugged and ate another spoonful of vanilla ice-cream. Kiyomi picked up her bowl and began eating the strawberry. "I find it interesting. She's a Forbidden Child and she's a girl."

Kiyomi then had a flashback.

"Yea. The Koorime I befriended, her name's Satsuki and she came down because she was searching for someone. She didn't tell me who. Just that she was searching for someone."

Kiyomi paled. She gulped and asked, "Did she tell you the name of her twin?"

Aki stared at her. "Yeah. Funny thing about that. It's Satsuki Koorime."

It took all she had to stop her from fainting. "Then the someone Satsuki had been searching for was..."

It then dawned on Aki. "...Miharu."

Kiyomi took another bite out of her ice-cream. "Do you know where Satsuki is now?"

Aki shook his head. "She checks up on me twice a week. She hasn't for two months now."

"Rather strange, don't you think?" Kiyomi asked, eyes narrowing. "You don't think she was figured out and kidnapped, do you?"

"I think we need to concentrate on Ketsui," Aki said, changing the subject. "From what I've gathered from Miharu-chan, he's a hi-youkai and is a sword-wielderBut the worst part of it is the fact that he has a Jagan eye implant."

Kiyomi choked on the soda she was drinking when she was listening to him. "J-jagan e-eye?" When she received a nod in response, she groaned. "Dammit! Now I know why that headband was on his forehead! I had a suspicion it was because of that infamous eye but I was hoping it was just an accessory put there so he would look pretty!"

Aki stared at her like she was crazy. "Yomi... Why would a fire demon wear a headband to look pretty of all things?"

Kiyomi growled. "I don't know. To look cute?"

Aki shook his head as he drank his soda. "Baka. So we just need a plan."