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Anzu didn't know quite how she'd gotten herself bent over an expensive mahogany desk, ankles tied to either corner, or how a man's silk tie had wound up covering her eyes. She did know that the carpet beneath her bare toes was plush and comfortable, and that the plant over in the corner obviously had not been watered for days. Palms pressed flat against the cool surface of the desk, hair brushing over the scattered, discarded papers, Anzu considered protesting for the millionth time, letting her temper go with righteous ire and offering the rough side of her tongue to the perpetrator.

A solid thwack and a flare of pain across her backside chased her words away.

"You wanted to learn," a man growled, normally cool tone icier than normal.

Anzu said nothing.

Another crack, and she almost cried out. Almost. She could feel the backs of her thighs quivering, the bruises spreading across her delicate skin, and she could feel the moisture in her panties screaming that she was enjoying the treatment far more than she should have been. It was, all in all, an entirely too embarrassing situation, though a not-so-distant part of her was reveling in the attention.

This wasn't something she got to do every day while cheering for her friends in duels, that was for certain.

"I thought you had a basic grasp of English."

"I do," Anzu protested, finally able to cling to the spark of fire long enough to lash out. "It's not my fault your pronunciation is horrible."

The next strike nearly toppled her over the desk, but she was on a roll now, taking the reins between her teeth and running with it, and the consequences be damned.

"You're the one who insisted you could help me, and for a businessman, you have absolutely horrid English. I don't see how you can even communicate!"

Anzu braced herself for the next strike, certain she would have imprints of the ruler on her skin for the rest of her life, but it never came. Opening her eyes, she craned her neck to look over her shoulder.

Seto was just standing there, staring at her, his dress shirt half unbuttoned and his hair tousled. There was a strange look in his deep blue eyes, something she'd never seen before, and the way his gaze was pinned between her thighs made her shiver.

"You're going to regret that," he promised softly, voice a deadly whisper, before letting the ruler drop to the floor. She watched it hit the ground, settling into the thick carpet without a sound, before raising her eyes back up to his again.

"Give it your best."

His lips quirked into a half smile. "That's my girl." He paused, head tilted, regarding her like she was a curious new piece of hardware. "You knew just what you were getting into when you asked me to tutor you, didn't you." Now his tone was accusing, and a little hurt.

Anzu saw no need to respond.

Seto's fingers twitched, and he suddenly turned around, long legs carrying him to the door faster than she'd ever seen him move. Opening it, he poked his head out, and she could only make out a few words, ones that made her heart pound faster.

"Cancel my afternoon appointments and see that no one interrupts me."

Anzu had definitely known what she was getting into. After all, what other reason would she have had for approaching Seto Kaiba for English lessons? There would always be a little extra thrown in.

She pushed herself upright and tried to twist around, watching as he slowly approached her. When he was inches away, she said, "You're a terrible teacher, you know that? I don't think I've learned a thing since I walked through this door." Just because she could.

Seto reached out, gripping her chin with strong fingers, and he laughed. "You're about to," he promised, before leaning in and roughly capturing her lips.