Yami has his own body and attends school with the others at Domino High. Yugi is happy that everything is going back to normal and better. Until Yami starts acting weird with this new girlfriend with him. Can the little hikari get to the bottom of this?

Note- Bakura and Ryou have different bodies and Malik isn't in the picture. Bakura doesn't attend school. This is Shonen-ai (boy love (yummy)) so any homophobes need to look away. Also since I don't hate anybody on the show, the "evil" girlfriend will be OC, kay? And go ahead and flame me all you want, I personally laugh at everything you say and will add more to it. Muwahahahaha! Also, I own nothing in this fic, in fact the girl (whom I have not created yet) is up for sale. Who wants to be the first bidder? Oh, and perhaps I should tell you all this, um…I absolutely REFUSE to watch any of the series finales on any shows I like including Friends, Seinfeld, Pokemon, Inuyasha (I've only heard rumors but still!) and of course, Yu-gi-oh! So, if you tell me it doesn't match the series, I can plainly tell you that I live in the world of fan fiction and in this world, Yami will always be with Yugi. Sorry for the extremely long note.

PS- I have seen the new Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and I nearly kicked my television. Please do not ask me to make a fic revolving around! Forever yours, Kitoriwitch613