The Lion King IV: Lost Memories

Disclaimer: I do not own Lion King. Lion King is the works of Disney, although some of the characters belong to me. These characters have never been heard in the Lion King franchise, but the story is mine. That's obvious rite.

Chapter 1

Wake up call

It was early in the morning in the Pridelands. Simba, the king of the Pridelands, came out of his den and went to have a morning drink. He looked at his surroundings and smiled.

" It's so peaceful here" he thought to himself.

Then he felt the presence of another lion, he turned around and saw his beautiful wife, Nala.

"Good Morning Simba, What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Nah, just having a drink" he replied.

He looked in his mate's eyes and they were sparkling like gold.

"Simba, you're making me blush" she said, her face turning red.

"Is it wrong for me to look at my beautiful wife?" he chuckled.

She laughed with him and licked his face, Simba followed suit.

It had been quite a long time since they spent time together as Simba had a lot of duties to accomplish and Nala having to lead the hunting pack and not forgetting the events of which Zira tried to take over Pride Rock but failed. It has been a few months since Zira's disappearance and most of the Pridelanders have learnt to forget that incident. Simba vowed to himself that it would never happen again.

Simba and Nala continued nuzzling each other and then stopped when they heard footsteps coming in their direction.

"Good morning daddy!" Kiara shouted.

"Good morning to u too dear. Where's Kovu anyway?" He asked.

Suddenly, a figure pounced on Simba from behind and without hesitating he dodged the attack instantly. The figure tumbled on the ground.

"Thought u could fool me hah." Simba said, smiling.

"Just trying to keep my edge" Kovu replied.

Simba, Nala, Kiara and Kovu laughed at the failed attempt. Then Simba noticed that his daughter's stomach is lying low and that could only mean one thing.

"Kiara, are u pregnant?" Simba asked anxiously.

"Yes, daddy, I forgot to tell u about it." She replied.

"It's ok, dear" Simba replied, with a broad smile on his face.

Kovu then walked to Kiara.

"I think you need more rest. You should not tire yourself too much" Kovu said.

"Kovu's right Kiara. I think you need more rest" Nala added.

Kovu then accompanied Kiara back to Pride Rock leaving Simba and Nala alone again. The morning sun has already risen high up and most of the herds have started grazing.

"Do you think I'm old?" Simba aksed.

"Of course not. You are still as young as ever. Why do you asked" Nala said.

"Hmm, nothing. It's just that we're going to be grandparents soon and doesn't that make us old." Simba replied.

"You worry to much Simba. Take it easy and relax. Even when we're old, I'll still be by your side always." Nala said.

Simba then licked her face affectionately.

"Thanks dear. I too will also be by your side always. I love u" Simba said with full of emotions.

"I love u too" she replied.

Nala then set off to hunt for food with the other lionesses. Simba walked back to Pride Rock after receiving the morning report from Zazu, the blue hornbill.

Not far away from where Simba is, a lioness is watching and listening to every conversation. That lioness then quickly went off when it heard Simba coming in her direction.

"Soon, I will be the new queen of Pride Rock and Simba will be my king." The lioness laughed to herself.