Title: The Destiny Within REVISED!
Author: Princess Destiny
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Couple: Jareth And Sarah
Rating: M 15+
Summary: Sarah's forgotten the Labyrinth...But Jareth wants revenge and goes to earth, disguised as a teacher to torture her in her dreams. A strange destiny awaits Sarah though, as she soon finds out. A visitor from 3 hundred years in the past reveals that Sarah is a Princess...Ruler of a powerful race of Sorcerers. Now that Jareth knows...Will his revenge and hunger for power be complete or will his love for her finally conquer all?
Chapters: 1/10
Status: Unfinished
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I call this an 'Evil Jareth' Fanfic, which is also a genre we came up with on the Jareth And Sarah Mailing List years ago. He's going to be dark, and seductive and ruthless, be warned. But the Sarah you'll be reading about is also going to change into something that will be his perfect match.

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Princess Destiny


By Princess Destiny

Chapter One

Sarah screamed, shooting up in bed so fast that she almost tumbled off of the side. She was covered with sweat and her heart was racing so fast she thought it might jump out of her chest. Putting a hand up to her forehead to push her dark bangs back, she fell limply back onto the bed; the sheets were tangled around her legs but she ignored the discomfort. Every night it was the same: the screaming and the dream that she could never quite remember when she woke up.

Something brushed her mind and she grasped at it only to have the name fade away with the rest of the dream; it had been this way for almost three years now.

Three years since the nightmares began, nightmares of another place where there were frightening little creatures and an endless maze from which she could not escape.

Sarah got out of bed and padded into the bathroom, not turning on the light, so merely illuminating room by the strong light of the moon shining in the bathroom window. She stared at her reflection and saw how pale and haggard she looked; the dreams took a lot out of her and they had started to increase for the last month or so.

Sometimes the dream was good, where she would dance in the arms of a handsome prince and be happy. But then came the darkness. A cold, damp darkness with rock floors and no way out. It had all began a year after her car accident; she got amnesia and eventually remembered everything, but then the dreams started and had been going for three years now. They haunted her nights and shadows of them left her mind in disquiet during the day.

She stared at the pale, ghost-like visage of her beautiful face and then managed a smile briefly. It vanished with a churning of her stomach as she saw something fluttering at the window from the mirror's reflection. She spun around and saw that it was bird, a pure white owl with its wings silently fluttering to keep it aloft. It seemed to look at her with its eyes and Sarah stepped closer to it as if in a trance; the eyes were not usual for an owl. They were a cold blue color that burned through her soul and seemed to see everything.

She backed away as it launched itself seemingly straight at the bathroom window, and even though she knew the window was closed she threw herself to the floor with a scream. Covering her head she cowered on the cold tiles and when nothing happened she looked up slowly to see the owl had perched right on the sill and was staring straight at her. Something struggled to be recognized in Sarah, but before she could grasp it, it slipped away and she was left to watch the owl who, after a moment more, flew away into the night.

Sarah blinked and rushed to the window, throwing it open and scanning the night anxiously, trying to see if she was going mad. Something brushed her cheek softly and she jerked back, only to see a single white feather float in through the window. She watched as it made it's slow way to the floor and settled there, looking somehow ominous. She picked it up hesitantly and touched it to her cheek again, laughter taking over as she realized she had been so scared of a feather...but who ever heard of an owl being in the center of a major city like New York?

Jareth stared at the crystal intently until Sarah went back to bed and lay awake; he watched her wide eyes as she thought about something.

"You owe me, my beautiful Sarah, for the betrayal of three years ago, and I will collect." He laughed cruelly and then threw the Crystal into the air, where it shimmered and vanished.

"Sarah! Over here." someone yelled, and Sarah's head jerked up in surprise. She had entered the cafeteria of the university in a daze after her second class. The teacher had stared at her strangely when she sat in her desk and, for most part, stared into space, her face a blank. Then the teacher had spoken her name sharply and she looked up to see the empty classroom; the bell had rang and she hadn't heard it at all. Sarah merely blinked and then gathered her books and left quickly.

Sarah looked towards the voice and a smile lit her young face as she saw her best friend Lyanna and her boyfriend Brad. Brad was captain of the football team, with short blond hair and blue eyes, and Lyanna was a short red-headed girl with green eyes, a pretty girl that never lacked for attention from the boys. They had been friends with Sarah since the first day of school and she was grateful for the company. It had been hard when she moved out of home, leaving her father and step-mother behind.

She had grown quite fond of her step-mother in the last years, and moving out had seemed to help the relationship a lot. Perhaps because they were not around each other as much they used to be, and things had changed when she woke up in the hospital to see her parents anxious faces. Her step-mother had said that she wanted to be closer to Sarah because they had never really tried to get along, and Sarah had almost died in the car crash.

A year and a bit ago, she had moved out and was sharing a small apartment with Lyanna, until Brad had come along and Lyanna wanted the apartment to herself. Sarah had been a little hurt, but the last few months on her own had been better than she expected. She valued her privacy and only at night did she wish she weren't alone with her nightmares.

"Hey Brad, Lyanna, how have you been?" Sarah asked politely as she sat down at their table and was confronted with double stares of concern. She had not seen Lyanna for two weeks now, except briefly in the halls and class. Lyanna knew about the nightmares; it had been a little hard to hide the screaming from her friend.

"We've been fine Sarah, and you? You did look a bit distracted in class just now," Brad commented as he picked up his burger and took a big chunk out of it. Sarah stared at him strangely and Lyanna sighed, reaching across the table to take her friend's hand.

"Are the dreams bothering you again Sarah? Do you want to talk about it yet?" Lyanna asked softly and Sarah slowly shook her head. She had never been able to talk about her dreams to anybody, even Lyanna.

"No, I'm fine. It's not the dreams..." Sarah said hesitantly. She hated to lie but...

"It's my family; I miss them." she sighed and looked across the cafeteria and out the window in back. The trees blew gently and her eyes grew unfocused as she looked at them almost unseeingly. A picture began to form in her mind and gently wavered into view, a park she recognized from home.

She was there and wearing a long white dress and her hair was up, and in her hands she held a book. As she sensed something, Sarah looked down at the book almost in fear and then at the pages that she held open.

"Give me the child..." she read and shivered violently. The picture disappeared and she gasped as the cafeteria came abruptly into view. She was looking out the window still and Lyanna's insistent voice was in the background.

"-Toby, don't you Sarah? Sarah are you listening?" she was saying and Sarah spun back quickly, though her eyes were still slightly wild.

"What?" she mumbled and Lyanna flashed her a concerned look. She looked briefly at Brad and he shrugged as he continued to eat his lunch in silence.

"I said, you miss Toby terribly, don't you?" Lyanna said slightly irritably. She glared down at her text books in frustration and then her gaze softened as she again looked up at Sarah's face. Even two years ago she had been drawn to Sarah, a strange quiet girl, and she still believed that Sarah had the saddest eyes she had ever seen.

"Yes, especially Toby. He's 5 now." Sarah said dreamily, her eyes unfocused as she thought about happier times with the little step-brother she loved. Soon, she promised, soon she would see him again.

"Oh Sarah, I believe you're jealous of your parents!" Lyanna laughed and Sarah glanced over in surprise. Then her eyes also filled with amusement and she laughed along with her friend.

"Yes, I suppose I am." she murmured to herself. She loved her little brother to distraction and couldn't wait to see him in the break. Only a few months now, and then she could go home and visit.

Just then the bell rang and they all groaned, gathering their books and standing up to leave.

"I can't wait to escape after school." Sarah sighed and Lyanna nodded her head emphatically, grabbing Brad's arm to pull him away to their class. She turned back once to glance at Sarah as she walked in the other direction.

"Sarah! How about you meet me after school at Gino's for a pizza?" Lyanna shouted and Sarah smiled in relief; she hadn't really been looking forward to studying when she got home.

"Sure, see you!" Sarah yelled as she walked backwards. She waved to Lyanna and then spun around to go to her class but smashed into someone. She gasped and stumbled, feeling strong arms come up to hold her against a warm chest.

"I'm so sorry." she said breathlessly, her heart seeming to beat strangely fast at the contact. She looked at the black shirt before her and then her eyes trailed up to his shoulders where long blonde hair fell. She followed it up to a strong chin, and a stunningly handsome and somehow ageless face. She gasped as she saw his eyes, a blue-gray that seemed to swirl like polished mirrors. Sarah's lips parted and she gazed into his eyes as if hypnotized, and there was something strangely familiar about him.

She suddenly realized that the hall was deserted; they had been standing chest-to-chest for some time and he had not removed his arms from around her waist. She stepped back nervously and his arms fell away. He stared at her in amusement and Sarah took a deep breath before speaking.

"I'm so sorry. I was talking to a friend and didn't notice you there." she said quietly and he smiled slightly, but she noticed his eyes were cold as ice.

"That's quite all right. These things happen." the guy said and Sarah's breath caught at the sound of his voice; somehow it was familiar. She blinked and then her hands tightened on her books involuntarily as she looked around.

"Well, I'd better go. I'm late to class already." Sarah hinted and his smile widened at her slightly shaky tone. He stepped aside and she walked past him with head held high, not liking the way he was looking her over.

"Naturally, you don't want to be late...Sarah." his mocking voice came from behind her and she spun around, frightened to hear her name on his lips; she knew she had never met him before. But he was nowhere to be seen, as if he had disappeared.

The last bell rang and Sarah sighed in relief, stretching cramped muscles and getting to her feet. She felt excited as she thought about meeting Lyanna soon, and picked her books up and raced to her locker. Dialling the combination fast she thrust the books inside and grabbed her purse, then slammed the door shut and walked quickly out of the school to her car.

The car was an ice blue colour, and because her parents were fairly well-off she had gotten a nice one. It had reminded her of something, the colour, and even the curtains in her apartment were that same colour. Sarah put her books and purse on the seat beside her and pulled the car out of the school grounds and onto the main road.

Her mind was a thousand miles away as she drove the familiar way to Gino's, a place that Sarah and Lyanna used to go all the time before Sarah had moved out. A fierce beeping shattered her reverie, and she realised she had tried to push into a parking spot with a car already halfway into it. Her hood was almost smashing into the driver's side window and the person leaned out of the window, glaring.

"Look lady, I was here first, so buzz off!" the balding man demanded and Sarah blushed vividly as she saw a few people in the parking lot were watching the confrontation with interest.

She looked back at the driver to apologise and gasped as she looked into icy blue eyes. The guy from earlier stared at her with a sardonic expression. Then she blinked, and it was the balding man again. Sarah shook her head in confusion, muttered an excuse and pulled her car back hurriedly to let the driver in the spot.

A few rows down she found another parking spot and pulled in reluctantly, knowing that she would see the balding man inside and he was likely to start yelling again. She grabbed her purse and locked the car, walking quickly towards Gino's before the man could get there.

The place was crowded and Sarah looked around, biting her lip as everyone seemed to stare at her. Then a hand waved over everyone's heads and Lyanna yelled for Sarah to come over. She took a deep breath and pasted a smile on her face, then walked over to where Lyanna was sitting. The red-head had already ordered pizza and Cokes and Sarah sat down and took a piece gratefully.

"What's up Sarah? You look kinda down." Lyanna commented and Sarah flashed a smile at her friend.

"Just a little incident in the parking lot. I wasn't watching where I was going and tried to take the same spot as this man." Sarah explained in a humorous tone and they both laughed.

"So, tell me what happened earlier Sarah?" Lyanna said eagerly and Sarah looked at her in bafflement.

"What do you mean?" she asked her friend, and green eyes glittered excitedly back at her. Sarah had no idea what Lyanna was talking about, what had happened earlier...

"You know, that gorgeous guy you bashed into when I was talking to you." Lyanna squealed.

Sarah looked around nervously at her friend's loud tone. "Oh, him. Nothing really, I apologised and then raced off to class." she muttered, not mentioning what she had felt or the way he had looked at her. She tried to keep her face expressionless as her friend went on.

"Really? I would have thought you'd grab him! He was the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen...though don't tell Brad I said that." Lyanna hissed.

Sarah nodded, a little dazed at the way her friend was going on about a guy she had seen only briefly.

"That hair and that bod, wow! I couldn't make out his eyes though; what colour were they? And did you see they way those jeans moulded to his legs?" Lyanna sighed in awe, her eyes wide with remembrance.

But Sarah was thinking about the encounter again.

"Sarah?" Lyanna said, finally stopping for breath and noticing that Sarah was staring into space.

"Blue-grey, like a stormy sea." Sarah said quietly, and Lyanna cocked her head in interest.

"What?" she asked and leaned in closer.

Sarah blinked and smiled hesitantly. She picked up her drink and looked thoughtfully into the black depths.

"I said his eyes were blue-grey." She also leaned in closer, and her voice became conspirational. "So Lyanna, what's this I heard about you and Brad at the football game last week?"

Sarah locked her door and slumped into the nearest chair, kicking off her shoes. She had been at the pizza place for three hours and still had homework to do. The place was eerily quiet, but she paid no attention to it as she rested her head back and closed her eyes.

Sweet strains of music came to her and her eyes opened almost languorously as she got to her feet to follow the sound. In a trance, Sarah followed it slowly to her bedroom and pushed the door open. The hinges creaked and then fell silent as the door came to a stop half open and Sarah stepped into the room.

The music continued to play and it drew her to her dresser where her music box was; inside was a graceful dancer with a glittering white dress. Sarah's mother had given it to her for her fifteenth birthday and it was Sarah's most treasured possession. She listened to the music with a dreamy smile on her face, and somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that the music box was not playing the right tune.

It had always played 'Greensleeves,' but right now it playing something completely haunting and very much familiar. A dizziness came over here and she fell to her knee's involuntarily, her eyes fixed on the dancer within the glass case as it began to whirl and spin gracefully. For a moment, she thought she saw her face on the doll and blinked in minor surprise, but she was still too much within the spell of the song to feel anything.

She listened until the song finished and then it started again, but this time she heard words. A man's voice came to her mind as if from a far away place and then became louder and stronger.

There's such a sad love deep in your eyes,
A kind of pale jewel,
Opened and closed within your eyes,
I'll place the sky within your eyes...

A tear rolled slowly down Sarah's cheek; she listened to the song until it ended and, as the last line echoed over and over, she fainted.

Falling in love...

"Sarah!" Someone yelled and she looked up quickly.

It was Lyanna and she was waving impatiently from a table in the far corner of the cafeteria.

Sarah looked down again at her finger, which was acting very strangely; it tingled and was slightly red where a ring might have been. Looking closer as she sat down at the table, she saw that it did indeed have the circular shape of a ring. It was a worry, but right now Sarah didn't have the time to think about it.

Lyanna was almost bubbling over with excitement over something. "So, did you see the new guy today?" Lyanna said suddenly.

Sarah looked at her sharply. "No." she said slowly. A new person this far into the year was unusual, so she was curious.

"He's not a student though. In fact, it's someone you know." Shanna said with a self-satisfied smirk when Sarah stared at her.

"He's the new English teacher, and here's a hint...He's absolutely gorgeous!"

Gorgeous? Sarah repeated to herself and managed to show an interest as Shanna spilled out all the gossip, but Sarah's heart was beating do fast she was sure her friend could hear it. Her hands gripped the math book in front of her tightly and her knuckles turned white as she waited for Lyanna to tell everything she knew.

"Yeah. You remember that guy you, er, bashed into in the hall the other day? He's got long blonde hair that he has tied back in a pony tail and you were right, his eyes are blue-gray. And his bod is just fabulous." she gushed and Sarah rolled her eyes towards the ceiling. She knew he was gorgeous, she knew his body was to-die-for, but she also knew in her heart that he was dangerous.

Lyanna started to tell Sarah more but the bell rang and she stopped reluctantly, then grinned as she looked at her time-table.

"Come on, we've got him next!" Lyanna yelled as she started off towards the classroom. Sarah grabbed her books as she raced to stay up with her friend and almost fell back down the stairs as they climbed to the second story of the school.

Sarah sat thinking as she waited in her seat beside Lyanna for the new teacher to arrive. This was the only class she had with Lyanna, and though she usually was happy to talk to her friend, today she was so nervous she could feel the butterflies in her stomach. Sarah stared out of the window and her fingers grasped the top edge of the desk tightly, her mind wandering to last night.

She didn't remember much, only that she had gone home from Gino's and then...woken up on the floor 5 hours later. Sarah had been shocked, not having remembered even getting past the front living room, let alone making it to her room where she apparently fainted. She was lying in a puddle of moonlight coming through the open curtains. It had been the breeze that woke her, the breeze from an open window she knew she had not left that way.

This was New York. Burglary was second nature to people here and Sarah always checked that the windows were closed and locked before she went anywhere. Sarah heard faint strains of music and then it was gone; she forgot immediately and went into the kitchen to get a drink.

She poured herself a glass of water, and had almost dropped the jug when her finger went painful and then suddenly numb. Sarah put the jug down and stared at her finger in worry, afraid she had cut it or been bitten, but there was no mark at all on the pure white skin.

Sarah switched all the lights off and carried her glass to bed, sitting there in her nightdress, the covers around her lap. The moonlight shone through her still open curtains and she thought she saw the ghostly form of an owl gliding smoothly in the air past her window.

Jareth strode down the hall and everyone watched him. There was something about him that made the girls wish he was their boyfriend and the guys glare with anger at a potential rival. Teacher or not, he was very good-looking and knew it. Jareth was very pleased with himself; he had gotten into this school all-too-easily. He could have entered as a student, but knew as a teacher that Sarah would be more intimidated.

He walked up the stairs to the second story of the school and looked in the window of the classroom doorway. Sarah was there and looking sightlessly out of the window. Jareth grinned widely and opened the door quickly so that it banged open, startling everyone and causing the entire class fell silent.

He looked towards Sarah with a mocking expression and then walked over to the teacher's desk and took his jacket off, sitting in the chair comfortably. He was not the usual type of teacher they had seen before and he smiled around at them before taking off his black sunglasses slowly.

Sarah turned back towards the front of the class as she sensed something. Her remembrance of last night's events was sketchy at best and she wanted more time to think over it, but then someone walked in the door and drew her attention like a magnet. The others in the class were all staring also, the girls in admiration, the guys sensing competition.

The guy who entered the class looked not that much older than the rest of them; in fact, he didn't look any different from the other guys in the school. He looked like a new student rather than the teacher. He had a black jacket and skin-tight black jeans and he wore a pair of black sunglasses. His shoulder-length blonde hair was held back in a pony-tail at the back of his head, and when he removed his jacket and turned around to put it over the back of his chair, Sarah saw it was held back in a strange silver circlet that looked old and glinted in the sunlight.

Then he sat down at the desk and removed his glasses. Sarah gasped as she saw the blue-gray of his gaze was staring straight at her. The eyes, hair, and gorgeous body, added to his handsome face, made him the most gorgeous guy Sarah had ever seen, but still her skin crawled under his steady stare. The whole time he called out the role, his eyes would swing back to her, though no one else seemed to notice. She usually didn't react to a guy this way, but this guy was absolutely perfect, even if he was a teacher.

Sarah couldn't stop staring, even when his gaze took in everyone in the classroom and came finally to rest on her. His look strangely reminded her of the owl and she felt trapped. The teacher continued to stare intently at her for a moment and then crossed his arms over his chest.

"I'm your new teacher, as you may or may not have guessed." he started in a voice like nothing Sarah had heard before, though it sounded hauntingly familiar, as if she had heard it in a dream or a nightmare. It was a soft voice, filled with secrets and power. Sarah shivered uncontrollably for a few seconds and wondered why she felt as if someone had walked over her grave. That was how this man made her feel and Sarah couldn't control the sense of menace she felt from him; when she looked at him and heard his voice, the word evil came to mind.

The rest of the class didn't seem to feel this and watched with a curious mixture of admiration and desire from the girls, and watchfulness and distrust and perhaps even hate from the boys. It was a shocking display of emotion that this man produced from the students, and he was totally aware of it.

He sat there casually and watched these emotions play over their faces, and he was amused. Sarah blinked rapidly. What was she thinking? She looked at the guys and saw nothing out of the usual; they sat there with the girls and looked cool and relaxed. Sarah don't know where she had gotten the impression of these emotions but she must have imagined it, and the teacher continued.

"My name is James Martin, but you can call me James." he continued and the students were thrilled and astonished. None of the other teachers had ever let them call them by their first name, and this simple act had quickly and efficiently earned him their friendship. Just as he had wanted, a small part of Sarah's mind whispered urgently, and he looked at her again as if sensing what she was thinking.

They all now looked at him in a friendly way and with smiles, they started to talk to him. Sarah sat detachedly and watched with dull eyes as he spoke to them. With his smile lighting up his face so that the evil of his nature was hidden beneath, he seemed a young man eager to know his students, Sarah thought with a frown. Then she looked in his eyes, and saw that the darkness and evil was still there.

Sarah wondered how he could have such an evil nature, and yet could be so nice and friendly to everyone. Surely a nature like that was fierce and uncontrollable. He spent the whole lesson talking to them all, which the students loved because they didn't have to do any work. Then as the bell rang and they all started to file out of the room, Sarah felt a hand on her arm. She felt a tingling sensation where it was gripped and knew without turning that it was the teacher.

"Hello, can I speak to you? You didn't introduce yourself earlier and I want to get to know everyone." Lyanna grinned and told Sarah she'd see her later, so Sarah sat down at a desk and waited while he shut the door after the last student and turned around. Her heart started to beat very fast as he stared at her and his eyes went startlingly dark blue. Sarah gasped and he smiled slightly.

"What is your name, for starters?" he said conversationally, and sat down at the desk opposite Sarah, straddling the chair so that his arms rested on the back casually. He was very close and she couldn't shake off the feeling of danger; this was a teacher but she didn't feel safe in the slightest.

"Sarah Williams," she said quietly and he smiled, holding out his hand. Sarah watched this action warily because she hadn't seen him do this with any of the others.

Then she blushed vividly and reluctantly thrust out her hand, as he said softly, "I won't bite Sarah." It was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to her and Sarah wanted to escape. Worse, he seemed extremely amused by her behavior, but then a frown came to his face.

"What's the matter?" he questioned lightly, and Sarah struggled for a moment, trying to think of something to say.

"I'm going to be late for my next class," Sarah blurted out in relief and watched as his eyes narrowed slightly, and she was surprised to see a familiar expression on his face; it reminded her of someone. Though it was only faint, she could defiantly make out a malicious expression in his eyes.

It threw Sarah off entirely, showing an involuntarily stunned look on her face. Something flashed in his eyes and then was gone. He stood up and went to the door, smiling charmingly so that her heart fluttered wildly.

"You don't want to be late." he added, as she seemed to be frozen to her chair. Sarah scrambled up hastily and grabbed her things, then left through the door he courteously held open, though she sensed this action was done through sardonic amusement. Sarah had lied about the next class and had some time off now, but luckily he hadn't known about it. She thought about him as she walked outside. He was very intelligent, Sarah knew, and she was afraid of him like nothing else in her life.

He was very dangerous and she felt a great darkness from him that confirmed it. It was strange how she feared him for no apparent reason and Sarah wondered suddenly where he was from.

"James..." she said out loud and savored the name. It also felt faintly familiar, as did his voice, though it was strange that his face was not...only the eyes.

"Sarah! Get the ball and hit it to me!" Lyanna yelled and Sarah got her hands under it as it came down and thumped the ball towards her friend. Lyanna then hit it to Courtney, who gladly whacked it back over the net to the other team, a team who had very lousy players and it was almost ludicrous to watch them fumbling for the ball.

Sarah didn't think it fair that all the good players were on her team, but Courtney always chose the same players for her team, knowing who the bad ones were. Courtney was a tall blond with long hair and baby-blue eyes that seemed to melt whenever she looked at a guy. She was a cheerleader, and other than Sarah and Lyanna the rest of her team was also cheerleaders.

"Arggggh!" Lisa screamed as she looked up from checking her nails to see the volleyball heading right for her face.

Naomi leapt sideways and hit the ball back over the net quickly and turned to her friend, smiling triumphantly.

"Thanks Naomi. I just had to check this nail. Look at it!" the short-haired blonde lamented loudly and the coach growled out something from the sidelines. Lisa looked shocked at the language, and then tossed her head indifferently, trying to look cool.

Lyanna rolled her eyes and Sarah shrugged, wondering if she should have said no when Courtney asked her to be on the team. She grinned towards Lyanna, but suddenly the smile slid off as everything went hazy and then black.

A picture came to her mind and she watched in detachment, seeing herself in a maze of some sort. It was a maze of stairs, stairs that went along the roof and sideways, upside down and across ledges that went in every direction. It was confusing, and she felt dizzy as she watched herself walk along a ledge and heard a voice coming from beneath her.

"I've been expecting you." a man's voice came and Sarah frowned in thought, knowing the voice was familiar but unable to place it. With a deep breath, she inched to the edge of the platform. Beyond her, apparently sitting on a vertical wall, was James.

Sarah frowned but was unable to do anything other than watch and have a fleeting curiosity about why her teacher was in her dream. The voices faded in and out and she tried to make sense of it all.


"..in my keeping."

"I have come this far..."

"...luck." James chuckled, and Sarah noticed his hair and clothes for the first time. James's hair was spiked on top and he was wearing completely black clothes and boots, his hair startlingly pale against them.

A golden sickle shaped ornament hung from a chain around his throat and dangled down to his chest. It dazzled her for a moment and she blinked. She thought she heard music but paid no attention as she suddenly saw her brother Toby.

He was not as he was now, but as he had been as a baby, and something stirred at the back of her mind.

"You are cruel, Sarah. We are well matched, you and I. I need your cruelty just as you need mine." Jareth's voice called out to her and she snapped out of her reverie long enough to spin and stare at him.

This had to be the strangest dream Sarah had ever had, and she wanted to wake up, wanted to...but she had no idea...she was so tired...

"...live within you..."

The song whispered to her, and then suddenly there was a great pain in her face and she fell to her knees. Sound burst in around her and she realized that she was kneeling on the volleyball court and several people were screaming at her.

Sarah put a hand to her throbbing forehead and realized the ball had hit her. She was dizzy for a second, trying to remember what she had been doing and feeling as if she had been somewhere else...

"You idiot." Lisa glared.

"Stupid!" Naomi shouted, waving her fist around,

"Shut up! Are you all right Sarah?" Lyanna's firm voice came over the rest of the yelling and Sarah looked up gratefully. Lyanna tucked a stray piece of red hair behind her ear as she reached down and helped Sarah to her feet.

"Sarah, you thoughtless-" Courtney started to shout, but then the coach came over and she looked mad.

"Sarah Williams, just what do you think you were doing?" Ms. Spencer demanded and Courtney and her friends looked smug as Sarah wished she were anywhere but there.

"We were winning you dumb little..." Courtney tried to insult Sarah again, but the Coach glared at her and she shut up quickly.

"Well? Why weren't you watching the ball? It's your own fault you were hit you know. I didn't teach my girls to be so careless, and I thought you knew better than that-" The coach went on and on and Sarah's face went red and her hands clenched as she raised her head to yell back.

"-hopeless dreamer," Ms. Spencer spat, and Sarah went deadly white as she heard the words. The coach looked shocked as Sarah stepped back and swayed, her eyes enormous and her face as pale as a sheet. The girl's dark eyes dilated as she opened her mouth, and then suddenly her shoulders dropped and she ran off.

They heard the sounds of crying as she headed towards the back of the school and Lyanna started to follow her.

"Let the baby go!" Lisa said spitefully and Courtney laughed.

Lyanna turned back towards the girls and gave them both a rough shove before taking off after Sarah.

Courtney and Lisa crashed into the other girls and they landed in a heap as the other team laughed loudly.

The coach looked around in bafflement; her usual steely expression of control had melted off, leaving her confused as to what had just happened.

Sarah ran blindly, tears in her eyes and her mind seething with confusion. What was happening to her? She had been dreaming again and ruined the game, but this had happened too often. She wondered if she was going mad. Sarah blinked away the tears long enough to spot the trees at the back of the school.

The small copse of trees was off limits to the students and belonged to the property beyond. Sarah, however, didn't even think twice about it and ran straight into the trees without stopping.

She collapsed a few meters in and sobbed as if her heart was going to break. Sarah didn't even remember much about the dream; something fleeting about James though, something...

"Sarah," a quiet voice said and she looked up quickly to see the new teacher, James, standing quite close to her, leaning against the tree as if her thoughts had conjured him. His blond hair blew in the slight wind and her eyes fixed on it as she tried to remember something about the dream...hair...

"Are you all right Sarah? Why are you crying?" James asked kindly and Sarah forgot everything except how miserable she was. Everything came pouring out about the car crash, the dreams, the problems because they happened when she was awake...and that she couldn't remember them.

Sarah sniffed and rubbed her face unconsciously against James's black shirt. It didn't click for a moment, and then she gasped and pulled away in horror. Sometime during her tearful ramblings James had pulled her up into his arms...or had she thrown herself there?

She was horrified, and it was because she had enjoyed that warmth for a while. Looking into his eyes, she saw that they were a dark blue. And in those eyes was not a caring person who had been glad to console her; no, there was a malice beyond imagining and it scared her.

She screamed loudly and couldn't seem to stop as pain suddenly rolled through her. Sarah's eyes went as dark as night and she fell to her knees with her mind exploding.

Lyanna ran around looking for Sarah, and after about fifteen minutes she spotted the copse and figured that would be where Sarah would go to be alone. She wandered for a while and finally saw Sarah leaning against James, and he had his arms around her tightly as she talked and cried.

James was talking to Sarah and then had Sarah stepped back hurriedly as if embarrassed, when she suddenly let out a shrill scream, falling to her knees and clutching her head.

She started forward purposefully until she saw that James too had clutched his head and was leaning back against the tree Sarah and he had been standing against a few moments before.

Lyanna's mouth gaped opened and she stepped on a twig; it was almost silent, but somehow James heard and his head shot up from his hands. He glared towards the young girl, and though she was a fair distance away, she saw suddenly that his eyes glowed a furious, bright blue. It burned through her soul and her mind blanked as her eyes met his.

She turned away slowly and walked back towards the school, her mind dazed and her face dumb. Lyanna entered the school and then blinked rapidly as she stared around in confusion. What had she been doing? She had no idea, and then caught sight of herself in a window.

"Arggggh! My gym clothes and class is in a minute-what was I thinking!" Sarah's best friend shrieked as she ran back down the hall to the changing rooms, very much confused as to why she had been roaming the halls in her volleyball skirt and top with class less than a minute away.

To Be Continued...

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