Title: The Destiny Within REVISED!
Author: Princess Destiny
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Couple: Jareth And Sarah
Rating: M 15+
Summary: Sarah's forgotten the Labyrinth...But Jareth wants revenge and goes to earth, disguised as a teacher to torture her in her dreams. A strange destiny awaits Sarah though, as she soon finds out. A visitor from 3 hundred years in the past reveals that Sarah is a Princess...Ruler of a powerful race of Sorcerers. Now that Jareth knows...Will his revenge and hunger for power be complete or will his love for her finally conquer all?
Chapters: 4/10
Status: Unfinished
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Princess Destiny


By Princess Destiny

Chapter Four

Sarah stared at Gabrielle in shock; these girls were her protectors. She bit her lip as they turned to walk out of the alley when Lila reminded Sarah she was going to be late for school if she didn't hurry. They walked with her all the way to school and then she stopped on the front steps, ignoring the admiring looks and wolf whistles they were all getting.

"I still don't really understand...what do I need protecting from?" Sarah asked them in confusion, and Cassie leaned closer till her lips were centimeters from Sarah's ear and the long red hair was brushing her arm.

"There is much danger here Princess, many enemies know about you and could be right under our noses," Cassie murmured, and Sarah's eyes went wide as the red-haired girl moved away and looked at Gabrielle. All three girls exchanged a look, and then Lila took Sarah's arm and steered her through the school's front doors.

"We decided before we came here to enroll in your school to better protect you...especially against that...teacher of yours," Lila explained as Sarah looked at her in surprise. She had not expected the girls to come into the school with her.

"Is that really necessary, Lila? Do you think anyone will hurt me around so many people?" Sarah whispered incredulously as they entered the Front Office, Gabrielle and Cassie immediately behind them.

"Didn't Jareth take you from your class the other day?" Lila reminded her with amusement clear in her voice and Sarah flushed, meeting the curious stare of the secretary. Sarah had known Miss Spencer since she moved to the school and it showed that Miss Spencer was dying to ask why the usually shy and unassuming Sarah was wearing such clothes.

"Sarah...you look different I like it." Miss Spencer said with an approving smile and then looked enquiringly at Sarah's companions.

"Can I help you?" she asked efficiently, her face a polite mask, but her eyes friendly, and Gabrielle stepped forward.

"Yes, we three just moved here and we'd like to enroll." Gabrielle said softly and the secretary looked apologetic, her fingers playing with a pen nervously.

"I'm so sorry Dear, but we're full up...it's so late in the year. The last person we could allow was...Hmm, what was his name?" she murmured to herself as she shuffled around the papers on her desk.

"Ah, here we are...Marcus De' Silva." she held up the paper triumphantly, and didn't see the faces of all three new girls go pale with shock.

"Marcus...he is here?" Lila almost snarled and the Secretary looked up, shocked, finding herself staring straight into darkly glowing green eyes. Sarah had seen the looks on her protector's faces and was worried by their reaction to Marcus, especially Lila's.

"You will enroll us now Miss Spencer. You do have room," Lila said in a silky voice and the look on the secretary's face was expressionless, her eyes blank and staring. She nodded silently and handed three forms over the desk for the girls to fill in. They did it equally silently and Lila handed them back.

Sarah's mouth was gaping open she knew, and Cassie's hand clamped firmly around her arm as she shot her Princess a warning look. The blank look on Miss Spencer's face faded and she smiled brightly at Lila and the others as she handed Lila a list.

The dark-haired girl looked it over and then pointed out several, handing it back so the Secretary could copy them down, and then she handed a piece of paper to them all.

"Enjoy your classes, dear." She waved to them and Sarah saw Lila's eyes fade back to their normal color as they walked out of the office, loosing their glow of power. Sarah wanted to say something as they made their way to her math class but her mouth wouldn't open, and she sighed. Would she ever get used to this sort of thing, especially since she possessed these kinds of powers too?

Gabrielle took Sarah's arm before they entered class and nodded to the other two girls ahead. They left almost reluctantly until Sarah heard Gabrielle's voice in her head.

'I can protect the Princess on my own!' she said in gentle amusement to the other girls, and a faint smile hovered over Cassie's lips before they nodded and went in. Gabrielle looked back to Sarah and saw the astonishment on the girl's face; the blonde looked around carefully before pulling Sarah a bit further down the hall.

"What is it Sarah?" she asked quietly and Sarah sighed, wondering how much her protectors knew.

"Selia told me that I might not be able to hear telepathically because my powers are not fully developed...and because I can only use my powers when I am angry..." her voice trailed off at the understanding on Gabrielle's beautiful face.

"Oh, I see Sarah. I wanted you to hear me speaking to the other girls though, so it really wasn't a matter of using your powers," Gabrielle murmured as a group of girls walked past and into the class. They both saw several girls do a double-take at Sarah's changed appearance before they walked into class, and Sarah smiled.

"So...I wasn't using my powers to hear you? You were doing it?" Sarah asked, unsure, and Gabrielle smiled and nodded quickly as she looked over Sarah's shoulder to down the hall. Her usually gentle face went hard and Sarah was shocked at the change, until she turned and saw Marcus coming with his arm around Lyanna.

Sarah actually saw the moment he noticed them there and his steps faltered, his eyes slightly stunned as he took in Sarah's dress. Lyanna glanced at Sarah in dislike and her hand tightened on his arm possessively; her eyes were cold and blank as usual, though. Gabrielle had stiffened, but now she smiled brightly at the two as if nothing were the matter.

"Hello Sarah...you look beautiful," Marcus said smoothly and ignored Lyanna's gasp of outrage. Marcus then looked at Gabrielle and his eyes were equally admiring.

"Who is your friend Sarah? I don't think I have seen her here before," he continued, flashing a charming smile at the blonde beauty, and she blushed in confusion. Sarah watched her in slight amazement, knowing that Gabrielle was acting; she had seen the hatred of Marcus on all three girl's faces when he had been mentioned in the Front Office.

"This is Gabrielle. Gabrielle, this is Marcus." Sarah introduced them stiffly and tried not to glare accusingly at Marcus when she saw how Lyanna was studiously not looking at her. Marcus had turned Lyanna against her, and now Sarah had figured out that he too was one of her kind, the green eyes had given him away as soon as she had seen them today.

Sarah almost growled with rage as her eyes flashed brightly. Lyanna happened to be staring straight at her, and for a moment her eyes cleared and Sarah saw her lips twist into a slight smile. But then it was gone and Sarah realized she had been so shocked to see her old friend staring back at her, instead of the cold girl she was now, that her anger had disappeared. Gabrielle and Marcus had been talking but the blonde looked up swiftly as she sensed something amiss.

"Sarah? What is wrong?" she asked sharply and Marcus, too, looked at her. Sarah summoned a weak smile and looked back towards class.

"It's nothing Gabrielle, but I think we are all going to be late," she murmured, and they all walked into class. Gabrielle took Sarah's arm and steered her towards the back of the room where Lila and Cassie were sitting. The girls had saved the two seats between them and Gabrielle sat next to Cassie, while Sarah sat next to Lila, the girls on all sides of her to protect her.

Sarah looked to her right at Gabrielle and the blonde felt the stare and turned to smile at Sarah. She put a hand out and held Sarah's tightly for a moment as she spoke into her mind.

'What happened Sarah?' she wanted to know and Sarah sighed as she thought of what had happened in the hallway outside.

'I'm not sure...I felt a great anger go through me, and Lyanna and I looked straight into each other's eyes for a moment. It was strange but I saw her eyes clear for a moment, as if a fog had lifted, and she smiled at me.' Sarah tried to explain what had happened and Gabrielle nodded slightly in understanding as she looked towards where Marcus and Lyanna were sitting, a few seats ahead.

'He is like us Sarah, as I am sure you have already figured out. I suspect he has your friend under his power...do you have many friends, or is Lyanna the only one?' the blonde suddenly asked sharply, and Sarah looked over towards the red-haired girl who used to be her best friend.

'No, she and her boyfriend Brad where the only ones that would talk to me. I had changed since the car crash, you see.' Sarah lowered her head as her thoughts went back to the street where she had seen the memories of the Labyrinth, just before she met her protectors.

'I know what he was up to Sarah. His plan was to leave you completely alone, with no one to turn to but him.' Lila's voice intruded angrily, and Sarah started, looking up at her cousin's flashing green eyes. Her presence was like a fierce wave of...something, but it was powerful and dangerous.

'Lila...do your powers come out when you are angry, too?' Sarah asked hesitantly, and her cousin met her eyes squarely, a faint smile hovering over her lips as she looked over Sarah's head to Cassie and Gabrielle.

'Yes, though it is more of an...animal fury.' the dark-haired girl murmured and Sarah stared at her, perplexed. Animal fury? Gabrielle's mind brushed hers and it was comforting, as the blonde tried to calm her.

'You will understand later Princess, but for now know we are here and nothing will ever hurt you again.' Cassie said quietly and Sarah looked past Gabrielle to the red-haired girl, but Cassie was not looking at her but at Marcus, and with a thinly-veiled hatred.

'And we can protect you very well in this school; I got that woman to put us in all of your classes.' Lila's dark laugh echoed in Sarah's head, and had she not known her cousin wasn't her enemy, she would have shivered at the menacing undertone.

'You'll get used to me soon Sarah, when you get to know me.' Lila said quietly and her mind brushed Sarah's in a fond caress for a moment.

'But why am I so important that I need protectors, Lila...Selia told me that I am a Princess but not of who or where!' Sarah's mind seethed with frustration, and she was barely able to copy the work down from the board as the teacher wrote equations and asked people to answer them for him.

"Just know that we are lost without you, Princess..." Gabrielle's voice whispered and then all three presences were gone and Sarah was left to her own thoughts.

Jareth stared into the crystal in his hands intently, watching as Sarah sat in class and copied something into her math book from the board. He had sensed something was not right and searched for her immediately in his crystal, knowing somehow that it was Marcus. Sarah and a girl that Jareth had never seen were talking in the hallway, and they had just seen Marcus coming with Lyanna.

"I feel anger from you, my lovely Sarah," Jareth murmured, watching her beautiful face. It was stiff as she introduced the blonde girl as Gabrielle, and Sarah tried to smile, but failed. Marcus and Gabrielle started to talk together but Jareth paid them no mind as he watched Sarah and Lyanna's eyes meet.

A power surged and Jareth almost dropped the crystal as Sarah's eyes began to glow an eerie green. It lasted for but a moment, but it was long enough to see that Sarah had unwittingly almost broken the spell Marcus had over Lyanna. Sarah too looked shocked, and the power he had sensed died away as if it had never existed.

"What was that Sarah? what in the Labyrinth have you been hiding?" he asked the visage of her amusingly. He watched them all enter class and noticed immediately that Sarah and Gabrielle had been placed between two other beautiful girls, almost...protectively. The class now had a sense of power coming from several sources, but Jareth ignored it for the moment as he watched his beautiful angel.

A multitude of expressions crossed her face in the next fifteen minutes and Jareth watched entranced; she was obviously talking to someone telepathically. He had done it often enough with his sister when they were younger to know the signs. If only he could what Sarah was thinking...

It was quite an interesting conversation too, by the look of it; anger, calm, slight fear, and frustration chased each other across her face, and Jareth scanned the room with his power, searching for the source of her preoccupation. It didn't take long for him to feel the power radiating from the three new girls sitting with Sarah and he smiled grimly as he watched them.

The first girl had long fiery hair and a short green dress. She looked to have the temperament of a red-head too, Jareth thought in amusement. The next girl he had already learned the name of, Gabrielle. Her hair was long and blonde with golden highlights. She looked quite innocent, and Jareth's hand tightened on the crystal as he looked at the last girl.

This girl was in no way innocent; she radiated not only power but also an inbred rage that seemed to be a part of her very being. Her hair was long and as dark as Sarah's and her face too had a faint look of her.

"Another cousin perhaps, hmm Sarah?" Jareth chuckled in amusement, he thought of the other day when he had met Selia and recognized her power immediately. She and Sarah had thought to hide it and he had played along, but there had been an agelessness in the girl's eyes that Jareth had recognized immediately...being ageless himself.

He studied each girl carefully, making sure not to probe their minds; he was sure they would sense it. It was then that he noticed their eyes. They were all green and he laughed loudly in amusement.

"Contacts, Sarah?" he mocked gently, touching her face on the crystal almost fondly. Jareth banished her face abruptly from it, and with a twirl of his hand it disappeared. He tapped a finger thoughtfully on his chin and looked out the window at the bright day.

"Now I know something is going on. More than I know of, hmm?" he murmured to the boy standing before his desk. The boy's face was frozen, an icicle hanging from his chin. In fact, the whole class was frozen, and Jareth smiled mirthlessly as he stood and gestured to everyone as if they were his audience.

"I do believe that another visit to the boy, Marcus, is in order...don't you agree class?" he asked wickedly, his smile mocking as he looked at their uncomprehending faces. He sat down again, and the gesture this time summoned a crystal that he flung up to the roof. It burst there and formed into hundreds of bubbles that settled upon each student and simultaneously unfroze them.

The boy standing before Jareth continued to talk as if nothing had happened and the Goblin King nodded occasionally as if he were listening. His blue-gray eyes were restless however, and he was glad when class was over. He walked to the window and waited. There was no more class for another few hours...and then Sarah would be here with her charming friends...

Chapter Eighteen

Gabrielle and Sarah entered the class with Cassie and Lila not far behind. They went straight to the back of the class and again took the same seating arrangement to best protect Sarah.

"You really need not do this here Gabrielle. I know Jareth," Sarah whispered fiercely, and the blonde smiled understandingly but shook her head.

'He took you once before, dear Sarah, and he can do it again.' Gabrielle said telepathically and Sarah sighed, foreseeing her days long into the future thus guarded. Lila's presence touch Sarah's mind and it was angry as the dark-haired girl stared at the teacher. They all knew it was Jareth and they perhaps knew more than Sarah herself did; they had told her she needed protecting mostly from him.

'Don't think about him. I think your Goblin King is more powerful than we first thought,' Sarah's cousin growled into Sarah's head, her eyes flashing until Jareth suddenly turned away from the window he had been looking out since they had arrived. He looked straight at Sarah, and then the other three girls separately. Lila glared openly and a slight smile touched his mouth.

"We are going to do something different today class...an exploration, if you like," he told them casually as he paced before them. Sarah was again struck by his grace; he somehow reminded her of Lila...it was an animal grace, like a panther.

"What sort of exploration are we talking about James?" Marcus asked lazily as he stretched his arms over his head and the teacher shot him a wicked glance. James sat down on the corner of his desk and crossed one leg over the other slowly, thoughtfully.

"A part of history was quite a...strange era. I want to explore it more fully," Lila sat up straighter and her face was suspicious as she sensed James' mirth. He was up to something and she knew that she would not like it. Lila stared at Marcus and he too had a faintly wary look on his face.

"What part of history are we talking about here James?" Lila demanded and Jareth's blonde head turned towards her without surprise that she already knew his name. His eyes flashed angrily for a moment at her rudeness but then he relaxed, in control.

"Why, witchcraft of course...history denotes any kind of...unusual occurrences, let's say, as witchcraft and I think it is an important part of this class," he looked around at the stunned, incredulous and excited expressions of his students calmly.

"Any objections to this...experiment?" James asked softly and no one said a word, but then they all broke out into conversation while Lila, Cassie and Marcus glared accusingly at him.

'I knew he would try something...but I never thought he would go this far.' Gabrielle muttered angrily in her mind and Sarah sat nervously as her Protectors argued telepathically, but she was glad they had chosen to let her hear them. Jareth let everyone talk for ten minutes and Sarah looked up involuntarily into his eyes. They were sardonic and she flinched slightly as memories of that morning came back to her.

A strange expression crossed his face and she frowned slightly, wondering what it meant, as his eyes turned to a dark blue. He gazed steadily at her and she stared back, entranced in his eyes. A smile started to form on his lips and then someone grabbed Sarah's arms harshly. Lila whipped her around and glared into her eyes furiously.

"Are you trying to get under his control Sarah...never look into his eyes." Lila hissed and Sarah shrank back slightly as her cousin's eyes glowed faintly green with anger. Then Cassie leaned over Gabrielle and touched Lila's hand lightly.

"She doesn't know Lila. She had no idea who she was as she was growing up like we did," the red-head said placatingly and Lila held her grip on Sarah's arm a moment longer before almost throwing it away. She looked out the window as if she could not stand the sight of Sarah, and Sarah was stunned at the reaction. She sat there and stared at nothing as everything around her washed right over without impact in her mind.

Her eyes were blank when James clapped his hands loudly for attention and told everyone to push the tables back into the far corners and put all the chairs in a circle. Everyone did this quickly, very curious, and Sarah made sure she sat between Cassie and Gabrielle this time, knowing that Lila was still angry at her. Somehow Marcus had been placed directly across from her and she met his green eyes straight on, hers expressionless and his...knowing.

It confirmed what Sarah had suspected; Marcus knew she had power and had known even before she had been told. It was the reason he was here and...something else too, she thought curiously. She was staring straight at him, their eyes locked and she was sensing something. Her green eyes narrowed unconsciously as she tried to fathom what her power was trying to show her.

'Don't try too hard Princess. It will come to you,' Cassie's voice whispered into Sarah's mind for a moment, but it was enough to break her concentration and she looked away from Marcus abruptly to see several pairs of eyes on her. Lyanna's full of hate, Gabrielle's understanding, Lila's expressionless and Jareth's...furious.

"What now James?" someone asked and Jareth looked towards the person with a mischievous smile on his handsome face, as if his anger of a moment ago was a figment of Sarah's imagination.

"We try something. Any ideas?" he looked around at the giggling class and a slightly impatient look crossed his face.

"Umm, levitation maybe?" Brad called out and James looked at him quickly, approvingly it seemed.

"Good Brad, we'll start with levitation," he paused for a moment in thought and then looked around at everyone with a teacher's stern glance.

"This is not a game, and I will expect seriousness for this assignment and a written report to be handed in by the end of the week." Everyone groaned, but it was only half-hearted because they were so interested in this experiment.

"All right then, levitation. According to some reports, floating objects were a common occurrence where witches were found." He went to a girl's bag and detached her teddy-bear key ring from it. She giggled as he placed it on a chair at the center of the circle and stepped back to lean against his desk.

"Hmm, we're using Rachel's teddy-bear as the subject...concentrate on the teddy and feel it lifting," Jareth ordered over the laughter. Sarah was confused as she looked at the small purple toy; it seemed to be looking right at her and she glared towards Jareth. He met her eyes with a mocking expression in his blue-gray ones, but Sarah looked away before she fell under his power again and she felt a faint aura of approval from her silent cousin.

"Arggggh! Move!" Brad yelled and Cassie laughed at his comical expression. He had his hands out near the teddy and his face was sweating.

"Please teddy, for me?" Rachel coerced sweetly of her key ring but the teddy ignored her. Sarah smiled...until the teddy blinked. She started and looked closely, wondering if she had imagined it, until it blinked again and she got up from her chair hurriedly with a slight scream. Everyone jumped and stared at her as if she were mad, some of the girls echoing the scream because they were startled, then laughter broke out.

"Ha, ha, ha, Sarah. You and the Teach were in on that one, huh?" Brad joked as Sarah sat down again with a slightly scared look on her face and Jareth smiled around charmingly.

"Of course, Miss Williams volunteered after class on Friday," he said smoothly and Sarah gripped her hands together tightly, Gabrielle's look worried. James got to his feet and stalked towards the teddy-bear, picking it up and staring into its beady little eyes. Then he turned and gave it back to Rachel, winking at Sarah covertly. She felt a slow anger making its way through her at his act; he was deliberately trying to scare her...and succeeding.

The experiment went on for a long while and then ten minutes from the end of class, someone finally suggested telepathy. Sarah glanced at Gabrielle wildly and was surprised to see a furious look on the gentle girl's face. Then she glared at Marcus, who had suggested it innocently enough, though he never noticed; he was looking at James the whole time.

"I don't think he knows you have power," Sarah whispered into Gabrielle's ear and the blonde girl nodded ever-so-slightly, her eyes far away. But you know of him, Sarah thought to herself; her three protectors knew of Marcus and that worried her greatly.

"Everyone close your eyes and concentrate. Open your mind freely...you can concentrate on one person specifically if you like. Try sending them a message with your thoughts" James told them all quietly, and after a few false starts and quite a few giggles the class quieted. Sarah found herself the only one with eyes opened and glanced around worriedly; she was afraid to try it.

'Don't worry about it Sarah. We'll try to block out Marcus and Jareth from your mind.' Lila said softly and Sarah was grateful the girl was still talking to her. She'd never had a cousin that she could talk to; they all lived so far away...she finally closed her eyes and then there was nothing but blackness.

An amused chuckle sounded in Sarah's ears and she opened her eyes slowly to...nothing. There was nothing but darkness all around her and a soft laugh came from behind her. She spun but could not even see her own hands as she reached out. Someone took her hand and the person drew her nearer; Sarah was strangely unafraid of this stranger and did not resist.

"Darkness all around is apt Sarah, more than you know," a male voice whispered to her in a tone of velvet, smooth and hypnotic. She was unresisting as an arm came about her waist and the person held her close to him, his face in her long hair.

"How ironic," he murmured and she lifted her head languorously. It was almost too much of an effort to move.

"Ironic?" she questioned, her voice soft and slurred. She could barely think even though her mind was screaming something at her.

"Yes. I have spent years searching for you Princess...and here you come to me!" He laughed almost in delight and she pushed back slightly, trying to think. When he had called her Princess, something had struggled in her mind to be free and she had a distinct feeling of unease.

"Who...who are you?" she whispered and a sinister laugh came from his throat as he pulled he towards him again, holding her arms tightly.

"Don't you know me Sarah?" he said and Sarah screamed, recognizing the voice that had tortured her that day she had fainted in the park. She stumbled away from him and opened her eyes, seeing the whole class watching her with frightened eyes. But she couldn't stop screaming though Gabrielle and Cassie were talking rapidly to her.

'Princess!' Lila hissed furiously into Sarah's mind and it was too much the negative emotion inside her mind and she felt herself falling as she fainted.

Chapter Nineteen

"Give her to us or you will regret it!" Lila's furious voice woke Sarah up and she cracked her lids open slightly. She heard Jareth laugh in genuine amusement and opened her eyes fully to stare around the classroom. Everyone was gone except Cassie, Gabrielle, Lila and, of course...Jareth.

"Do you really think you can match me girl? I have lived years beyond your pitiful age," Jareth snarled suddenly, all pretense at geniality gone from his handsome face and he looked frightening.

"I will face you if I have to...do I?" Lila asked silkily and Sarah sat up quickly before things could go any further. Jareth was right behind her, having apparently been standing beside her head as she lay on his desk.

"Sarah! You are all right!" Gabrielle exclaimed as she raced over to hug her Princess.

"What happened?" Cassie demanded curtly and Sarah looked up at the red-head in surprise. Cassie was very angry and it showed in her green eyes; they almost seemed to burn.

"Someone darkly..." Sarah muttered to herself as she remembered what had scared her so and she stared at Jareth when he said nothing. In fact, he had been silent the whole time. It took one look into his dark blue eyes too see that he too was intensely angry, but at what she had no idea. She could also see that he knew exactly who and what the three girls were.

"What did you say?" Jareth asked slowly, as he came from behind the desk and stood to the side, almost towering over Sarah's form as she sat there.

"Uh, nothing." Sarah tried to cover it up but all four of them were angry now that she was hiding something.

"Sarah!" Lila hissed warningly and Sarah flinched. Gabrielle glared at Sarah's cousin and put a hand on her Princess' knee.

"Yes, do tell us, dear Sarah?" Jareth purred and Sarah merely blinked at the intent look he froze her to the table with. She returned it almost blandly however, and she could tell he was surprised at her lack of emotion.

"There's nothing to tell...James." she said with a slight emphasis and he stepped back, the familiar half-mocking, half-amused expression on his face at her choice in words.

"Very well," was all he said before sauntering from the classroom casually. Gabrielle and the others looked satisfied that he had left, but only Sarah knew Jareth well enough...to know it was not over...

He came that night while she was brushing her hair and she knew he was behind her without even looking up at the mirror.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" she drawled mockingly, trying to beat him at his own game and when she looked up she couldn't see him in the mirror at all. Sarah spun around to find herself with her face almost in his chest. She stood up hurriedly and moved away while he watched with a faintly amused smile about his lips.

"You're no match for me Sarah," he told her and she almost gasped as she remembered him speaking those words to her a long time ago.

"Oh, so you do remember." he said mockingly, his gaze sardonic as she grabbed up a wrap to put over her silk nightdress. It was a defensive move and they both knew it. Sarah tried to recover her nerve as she paced over to the shelf on the far wall and touched her fingers lightly to the music box. In response, it started to play Greensleeves. She was grateful for the comfort until she felt the body heat on her back.

It burned right through her wrap and nightdress, and she knew that if she turned around Jareth would be right behind her...waiting. Sarah was suddenly tired and sighed, speaking without turning, and she felt him smile.

"What do you want Jareth? I'm tired of this game," she said in slight annoyance, and was shocked when hands descended roughly onto her shoulders and she was spun around to face him. Jareth held her against his chest, so close she could see the lighter blue star-bursts in his eyes and his breath fanned her face.

"Oh, are you now? This is no game, Sarah," he said shaking her for emphasis and looking deep into her startled eyes. Her hands came up and she pushed at his chest, futilely trying to get away, but his hands tightened as he linked them behind her waist.

"It was always a game to you Jareth!" Sarah panted as she tried to twist out of his hold, but to no avail. She looked up suddenly and surprised a strange expression in his eyes, which had turned a startling dark blue.

"It was never a game with you Sarah," he murmured and her lips parted as she stared hypnotized beneath his gaze. His arms tightened almost imperceptibly and he smiled down at her, his lids slightly lowered to give him a lazy look.

"You never gave me the chance to kiss you in the ballroom Sarah...will you let me now?" he asked silkily and Sarah just stared back, the words not registering for a moment, and then she shook free of his gaze and looked away. Her arms came up to push at his chest again and this time she slipped away easily.

"No, Jareth. I don't think so," Sarah said slowly and watched as he paced away from her. He reached the bed and then spun on one foot lazily, facing her again.

"Very well, but tell me this...what happened today?" he asked her, leaning casually against the bedpost and pinning her with his gaze.

"Today...I...I can't tell you," Sarah whispered and his eyes narrowed angrily, his lips tightening ominously.

"Sarah, don't defy me," he warned her and she did gasp this time, but he seemed to furious to notice.

"All right, I'll tell you then...but then you leave me alone," Sarah said firmly and Jareth inclined his head slightly in acknowledgment.

"But only until tomorrow," he purred and she blinked to clear her gaze as he seemed to move close. In reality he had not moved, and Sarah thought she must be more tired than she thought.

"I was in darkness, everywhere, and then there was this man..." she said slowly, trying to remember everything and didn't notice Jareth straighten abruptly.

"And what did this...man want Sarah?" Jareth asked almost conversationally and Sarah shivered with remembered fear.

"I don't know. He knew I was a P..." Sarah gasped and covered her mouth, looking sideways at Jareth to see if he had noticed, but he merely nodded for her to continue.

"He said, 'Don't you know me Sarah?' I heard those words when I fainted in the park and it was the same person," Sarah mused and Jareth was silent as he looked towards the window and into the night. He walked slowly towards the glass and opened it.

"So...this...man knows who you are but you didn't recognize him?" Jareth said softly, and Sarah walked over to stand behind him and stare at the moon also.

"I never saw his face...but his voice was...familiar somehow," Sarah told him hesitantly, wondering why she was telling him all this. He spoke without turning and his words were soft and coaxing.

"I can protect you from him Sarah," he told her and she stiffened, her old resentment coming to the surface.

"I don't need your help, thank you!" she hissed and he suddenly spun around to face her and grabbed her shoulders cruelly.

"Oh, but you do need a protector...but you are right...I am not the one who should be doing it!" Jareth snarled as he pulled her closer and crushed her lips under his. Sarah was overwhelmed with feelings. Shock, pleasure, languor, and then a burning hatred.

She forced herself away violently and slapped him across the face. He didn't even flinch but stood regarding her with dark blue eyes, so dark they were almost black.

"How dare you! Never touch me again, do you hear me Jareth?" she yelled at him, backing away as he came towards he quickly. She dodged around the bed and surprisingly he checked himself and stood watching from the other side.

"I hear you Sarah," he said softly, but a satisfied smile curled about his lips and Sarah flushed wildly, knowing he was thinking that she took far too long to move away from his kiss.

"I hate you, Jareth, with every part of my being!" Sarah spat in loathing and her heart thumped crazily as he gave her a seductive smile.

"Well then, I'm sure we can remedy that.." he said, then gave her a polite bow and disappeared. Sarah stared at the spot for a long while and then her hand went to her lips to gently touch them. It had been more wonderful than she had thought it could be, kissing him. But never again...

"Never again Jareth!" she shouted and waved a fist at the roof, somehow knowing that he was watching her.

"Never again Jareth..." echoed through the room from his crystal and Jareth watched with interest. He chuckled as she waved her fist in the air threateningly, but he had seen the way she touched her lips as if wishing he were kissing her again.

"We will see," he murmured and laughed again as he threw the crystal into the fire and watched it melt.

To Be Continued...

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