Hi guys!

Erm...yeah...if you've read any of my stuff, thanks soooo much! I can't tell you how happy that makes me!!!! XD For the people who've left reviews asking me toupdate soon, I'd just like to apologise and say that I really DO intend to update at some point but I'm had a bit of a rough time the last few months.

My dad had a heartattack in the summer while we were in the middle of a church service, which was awful 'cos I was the one who found him. He then went on to have a quadruple bypass in December 07, and then I had a LOT of revision to do for my Alevel exams which was hard 'cos I had to help Dad. He's a lot better now, but I've failed most of my exams, methinks. Coursework is building up now too, sadly. And...yeah...I had a bit of an issue a couple of weeks back which completely freaked me out. I've had no time to write and all my story ideas have fled. So yeah, I really am sorry. ...(


Love, Ginger-B. 22/02/07