The warehouse was obviously a trap but it was a trap they were well prepared for. Gibbs eyes scanned the outside for signs of trouble: Nothing. "OK, McGee, you set up behind the car, let me know the moment you have a trace."

"On it Boss." McGee hauled out the laptop, set it on the ground and knelt beside it. The boot up sequence was fast and he began typing almost immediately.

"You two with me," said Gibbs casually heading for the warehouse with Tony and Ziva shadowing him.

"McGee?" Gibb spoke softly into the microphone.

"Loud and clear boss," came McGee's voice through the earpiece. Then there was a loud "ooph" sound which made Gibbs winch.

"Sorry Boss, over balanced."

Gibbs rolled his eyes. "Unbelievable," he whispered. "Just let us know when you have a trace."

"Right," The embarrassment transmitted itself over the ether.

The trio of agents entered the warehouse cautiously.

"Agent Gibbs," said a voice over the loud speaker. "You're right on time. I do so appreciate punctuality."

"What do you want?" Gibbs was not in the mood for games.

"Your best agent," the voice boomed. "The one who's been causing us problems."

Gibbs moved slightly closer to Tony causing Ziva to shoot him a disgusted look. Tony smirked back at her.

There was another "ooph" over the earpiece and Gibbs allowed himself a little sigh of exasperation. The three agents drew together with their backs touching scanning the darkness.

"And we are done here," came the voice. "Thank you for your co-operation."

There was the sound of a car screeching off in the distance. The three agents looked at each other.

"It could be a trick," Ziva warned, still looked around warily.

"Did you get a fix McGee?" Gibbs called through the microphone. There was no response. "So help me McGee."

Tony smirked, McGee was in for it now.

As they walked back towards the car, Ziva took up her grievance with Gibbs: "Why do you think he's a better agent than me?"

"I don't," said Gibbs without even looking at her.

"Then why?"

"You're not my agent, you're on loan."

"But he might not know that.." she protested.

"Oh, he knows," said Gibbs expressionlessly.

The rounded the car and stopped short. The laptop was on its side and there was a headpiece lying next to it. McGee was gone.

"What! Best agent!" Tony was indignant. "They're obviously insane."

"Yeah?" Gibbs looked at him. "How are we going to trace him?"