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Alone, a nobody, that's all Sky was. Walking steadily but crying inside. She knew, oh how she knew what the world thought of her.

"There's the freak." she heard a girl say.

"She doesn't fit in." Another chirped out.

"Bad luck, that one." A boy whispered.

Ah, yes, she thought. All I do is dream and it pushes me away from the world. People started throwing things, hitting her and scaring her more. But Sky walked home steadily.

"A normal day." she sighed, her head downcast. Then a rock was thrown and hit her cheek, making it bleed and turn the waist long white hair crimson. She held her face, but walked on, tears of blood in her eyes.

Sky looked up ahead and saw an old woman about to get hit by a car.

"Look out!" She called to the woman, running as fast as she could, snatching her away before she could get hit. "Are you okay?" She asked the old woman.

"Yes, I am. But the question is child, are you?" Sky looked at her puzzled.


"Are you okay? Are you happy?"

"Um, I guess I a-" she started, getting cut off.

"No, no you are not. You let them hurt you. I am here to help you." The woman said. Sky looked at her, a great amount of confusion in her dark eyes. "Come on now child. Follow me, we must get you ready." This snapped the confusion out of her.

"Ready? Ready for where?" She asked. The old woman looked at her, and Sky watched as the old woman turned into a young woman.

"If you could leave this behind, and go to a place that will make you happy, would you?" Sky nodded. "Then come, I will help you." The woman grabbed her hand and lead her away. "I will do something that will make you different, before sending you away." She said, taking out an old looking pouch. She put some in her hand and blew it on Sky. "For the beast in you, so she may come out. Her name is Bloodspawn, she will take over you when you are angryor when you want her to." As she said this, Sky felt odd, her eyes and gums started to itch, making her barely notice how 'Bloodspawn' would emerge. Then the woman grabbed another handful of powder.

"So you may know all you need to to survive, including weapons knowlage and many abilities, fighting and more." She blew it on Sky again, making her head and muscles hurt. "And I have a gift for you." The woman reached behind her and pulled outsomething that was masked as a sword and some odd looking money. "You have an hour before the portal shows to take you away, I would go change from your school uniform into something comfortable." The woman said eyeing Sky's purple and brown uniform in great distaste.

"I guess, thanks, I think." She said. The woman nodded. Sky turned to leave, but turned back. "Oh, what's your-" The woman had disapeard. Sky looked at the blocked allyway with wide eyes. "What are you?" she whispered at no one in particular. She looked at the weapon, and ran back to what could account for a house, for it was not a home for her, it was a hell. As soon as she stepped inside, a beer can went flying past her head.

"Where were you!" came the drunken shout of Sky's father.

"Walking, Father." She said stiffly, walking towards her room.
"Drop that stick outside!" he shouted, mistaking her new weapon for a lumpy stick.

"No!" She shouted, running into her room and locking her door. She heard her father trip and fall out of his chair. Sky stripped herself of her school clothes and serched her closite for something comfortable. She finaly decided to grab a pair of her black jeans, a black and red T-shirt, and changed her shoes for a pair of her comfortable boots. She looked one more time in her closite, and notices a dark blue trenchcoat of her mothers, that she had gotten from her before she had died. She put that on as well, grabbing her diary and the duffle bag of items she had in her closets, not forgetting any of the previous owners possesions. She looked around her room and saw the three jewlry boxes of her mothers and hid them in her pockets, grabbed her weapon and jumped out the window onto the street and ran.

I will never go back there. She said sternly to herself. She ran and hid in the park. Sky looked at the clock. A half-hour left. She sighed. She waited pationtly for about twenty minutes before she started to hear sirens.

Oh, no! The sirens were headed in her direction. They were still faint though. I can do this, only ten more minutes! Sky silently shouted.

Nine minutes, the sirens were in the parking lot now.

Eight minutes, the shouting was getting louder.

Seven minutes, there was a rustling of bushes close by her. Sky ran as fast as she could, now able to hear the cops calling her name.

Six minutes, Why me? I just want to be happy. She whined.

Five minutes. There's a bridge up ahead! If I can time it right, they will think I'm dead.

Four minutes.The shouts were right behind her now.

Three minutes. She grabbed a large rock, it was hard for her to carry, but she got it to the bridge.

Two minutes. She was standing at the top of the bridge, the police trying to get her down.

One minute. Oh, I hope she was right, even if she wasn't, I was crazy enough to believe her. No, she changed, right infront of me. Sky jumped.

Thirty seconds. She dropped the rock, letting herself feel the adrenilin of falling.

Five seconds. No matter what, I will be free now.

Four seconds. Please, let something happen.

Three seconds. The water was only a few seconds away.

Two seconds. Nothings happening!

One second. I'm gunna die, I'm gunna-!

Nothing happened as her time went out. die! I'm gunna die! Then a white light apeared under her. A portal. Sky closed her eyes and went into the portal, at the exact same time the rock splashed into the water, everyone thought she was dead when she didn't come back up.

After the police serched and didn't find anything, they gave up, to them she had died and her body had floated downstream. They had a mini funaral, in which, only her teachers, her father, and the police attended. After the rest left, her father stayed at the engravement in the rocks by the bridge.

"Damn you, child, I can't believe I had to pay for this, it's your fault, I hope you rot in hell." her father grunted, throwing his beer can at the stone. He left, the pictures that the teachers had provided stared at him as he went.

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