Chapter 1


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"I'm coming for you, I will kill you. You ruined my life so I will ruin yours. You little son of a bitch will experience hell the way I did, I hope your ready"

Pan woke up, her heart racing; she looked around the room no one was there. "But that sounded so real like someone whispered that in my ears" She went back to bed but she couldn't get the thought out of her mind. The next morning she was walking to school when she felt someone behind he, but when she looked no one was there.

"Pan? Pan?" a hand touched her shoulder, she screamed and turned around. "Oh Bulla it's you"

"Yep… It's me, so chill jeez; didn't you hear me call you?"

"No, sorry I guess I zoned out again"

"Well whatever" bulla ran ahead "Come on Pan we're gonna be late"

"Hey Bulla wait for me"


"Sir you called me?"

"Yes my loyal pet, have you succeeded in beating her?"

"Yes I have"

"Then take this and go, oh and I do hope you come back the victor"

"Thank you sir" The boy was handed his pass out of his hell. Then turned and walked out. "Pan I am coming for you, you aren't getting away"


Pan sat on her bed and looked out her window. "Pan I am coming for you, you aren't getting away" She looked all over, "Whose there, Show yourself" no one was there she was still all alone. that voice, I know that voice I have heard him before, I think


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