Chapter 5

Back to your realm?

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Pan laid on the bed still asleep; blood was hooked up to her as was oxygen and more monitors. Videl and Gohan stayed by her side, waiting for her eyes to open. Trunks was in the same room as Goten and the two talked to their parents about what happened. Bulla was asleep due to the drugs but was expected to make a full recovery. Marron sat on her bed and looked at her broken arm and other cuts and bruises all over her body. She tried playing back the fight, everything had happened so fast she didn't even truly realize what had happened the last thing she really remembered was Pan pushing her out of the way, everything after felt and seemed like a blur, the entire fight seemed so unreal like a dream.

Brian sat on his bed with the phone glued to his ear "David answer your phone" "We're sorry the number you have dialed is no longer in service, thank you" "Damn it" he dialed David's house and got no answer. Brian slowly moved off the bed and put back on his clothes then crept away from the nurse's station and ran out the door. Once outside he took to the skies, going in the opposite direction of where the fight was, if David was badly injured there was only one way to save him. Brian flew high past the clouds he finally landed. Trying not to be seen he snuck past everyone and grabbed what he needed then quickly left. "Hey come back her with those!"

"Sorry I'll pay you back I promise" Brian said flying away from there, now to find David and hope it's not to late to save him.

An hour later

Pan's eyes started to flutter open, she quickly realized where she was, and that she was alive. She tried to move her arm but it was in too much pain, Gohan and Videl were talking to her but she blocked them out, she wanted to know how she got there. "Mom, dad who brought me here do you know?" "No, dear but we're guessing someone else that is here" "No, it's not possible they couldn't do it, wait… could that mean?… if so then that means he might still be here" her parents looked at each other than back at her.

"Hun. What are you talking about? You've lost us" Thinking Brian you saved me didn't you, please don't leave yet I want to talk to you. She snapped out of her little daydream and noticed a doctor looking at her arm, "Well Pan you sure did quite a number on your arm here, huh? With a small surgery we might be able to fix it up so you can move it again, what do you say Pan?" "Yeah sure I guess so" she said not really hearing what was just said. Her parents walked out with the doctor for a second to talk about something that's when Pan moved painfully off the bed and slipped her hands into her jeans pocket and pulled out a sensu bean. Quickly seeing that her body was healed except her arm she wrapped a hospital towel around it and flew out the window. Videl walked back in and screamed when she noticed Pan was gone.

Pan was flying as fast as she could, time was running out, he could feel him getting further away. She had to see him, and tell him, everything. "Wait for me please" she said to herself.


Brian landed at the last place he saw David, and started yelling his name. He noticed the people he brought over were dead; David wasn't there a wave of calm rushed over him. He continued walking finally he felt David's energy but it was faint he wouldn't have felt it if he wasn't looking for it. But even as he ran to him he could feel David slip further and further away. As he got to him, Brian could no longer feel David's energy. He lifted up his head and shoved his sensu bean down his throat in hopes that it wasn't to late. He started to lose faith but he noticed his chest was rising and falling and you could feel his energy returning to him again. David sat up and looked around he looked at everyone that was dead it was sickening, people laid there with gunshot wounds and few were missing limbs and flesh was everywhere. "David who did that to you, was it the girl that fought you, was it Bulla?" "No, Brian it was guy I couldn't see his face he just told me I had to die because I was helping you" "David I am so sorry I made you help me, I was stupid I shouldn't have gotten you involved in my dumb problem" Brian explained everything that had happened before to David, he was hoping that he would have been free but he could feel himself disappearing.


Pan landed and ran to the two guys, both turned to look at her. "Brian I'm sorry… for everything…please don't go "Pan said out of breath. "Brian I want to explain everything to you, why you were sent to the other realm and I want to apologize for it to." "Pan don't worry I already know everything you know, you are an open book when your injured and sleeping" "Brian please don't leave, stay I want back what we had, I remember again, I may not have seen you in years but we can still make up for lost time" Brian was starting to fad, Pan ran to him and wrapped her hands around what was his vanishing chest. "Pan you can set me free you'll know when I promise but for now I must go" He turned to David, "David keep her safe okay?" "Sure Brian I will but come back soon" Brian glided back and took her hand "See you both soon "he said as he vanished completely. Both stood there for a moment and looked at where Brian was standing. David then walked over to Pan and said "Come on I bet your folks are worrying about you"


Brian looked around, this was the last place he wanted to be for two reasons, 1) he hated the place and 2) everyone was pissed that they had failed. He walked to apartment room and looked at a picture on his desk, he lifted it up and for the first time in a long while he smiled. The photo was of him, David and Pan playing in the snow when he was around eight. He put the picture back down and went to sleep.


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