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What's In A Name

Tommy sighed, watching the shy looks exchanged between the performer and the waiter. It was almost painful to see the two of them looking at each other like lovesick puppies. They saved the world on a weekly basis for heaven's sake; they should be at least a little more mature. He and Kim sure had.

Tommy cursed under his breath.

Every time he started thinking about Kira and Trent his thoughts somehow led down that path: Kim's path. It had been years since he had allowed his mind to venture down it. He had once even asked Andros to make him a pair of sunglasses that cancelled out all pink in the world. The Karovian had pointed out that removing the glasses would make things even more painful and the idea was promptly dropped. And so Tommy had been forced to deal. He refused to think about the color pink, even going so far as to dump a girl because of her love of the color. He had ignored the traditional Ranger color scheme and created only five powers, none of them pink.

He should have known life wouldn't be so easy. He could only throw himself into school and work so long before his mind and the undeniable law of the universe ("break Tommy Oliver") caught up to him and she was there again.

Trent and Kira were the worst though. He had been corrupted by an evil power source, fought it, forced it to be good; all for her. And she had believed in him, dared to hope at every turn. There were other parallels: Trent wore white, Kira played guitar, and so on.

But the worst one, the most painful one of all had come from Ethan. The cyber-geek had been surfing the web in the Cybercafe, Conner sipping a soda at the same table, much as the two were now, were almost every time Kira played for that matter. Conner had made some comment about Trent and Kira and Ethan had just happened to be in that frame of mind.

"Yeah," he had agreed, "if this were a TV show there would be more T/K fics than you would believe."

Conner had been confused, and the geek had tried to explain. The jock still didn't understand the world of fanfiction, but Tommy remembered quickly. His roommate in college had used fanfiction as a way to get away from the madness of his senior paper and had explained the whole phenomenon to Tommy.

T/K: Trent/Kira or Tommy/Kim.

It was too much. Tommy just prayed that things worked out better for these two than it had for him and Kim.

And here he was again. Thinking about Kim for a full five minutes. He decided to change the subject. He looked at a newspaper sitting on the counter. Hurricanes. How could thoughts of hurricanes ever lead to Kim? It was perfect.

Several minutes later Professor Tommy Oliver could be seen throwing a newspaper across the room with an animalistic cry.

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