Diaries and Journals



Yeah…I'm bored. So, here's a story from yours truly, PinkBlueLilac. Hope you like it!


Dear Diary, September 4, 2006

Okay…I know that it is very unlike me to keep a diary, but Robin told me that if I can't feel my emotions, maybe I could write it out.

So, I'm going to write down my feelings now.

I hate you, Robin. You are a lowly piece of filth and I loathe having you as a leader. You are now on my list of people to kill. Once again, I hate you, Robin.

There. I wrote it. So WHY don't I feel any better? Robin, I don-Oh Azar, why? Why here? Why won't they go into one of their rooms?

At least I know someone here who agrees with me about the two sickening couples.

Beastboy. He's writing in some sort of book. Probably a journal. Cyborg gave him one for Christmas as a prank, apparently. And Beastboy looks uncomfortable right now. Ha. Serve him right. He tried to prank me last week. Well, he got his atrocious and painful punishment. I threw him into a brick wall 132,435,423,122,1 times, then hung him from the top of the Tower by the tips of his cute, pointy ears. Wait…I just wrote that Beastboy's ears are cute…shoot; I'm straying off topic. Oh, he just announced that he's going to bed. Yeah, right. It's 9:00 at night. The earliest Beastboy has ever slept is 10:30. And that was because he found out that Robin and Cyborg had made a bet about the time he would sleep. (They were drunk at the time, but everyone else wasn't.) And he wanted Cyborg to win. I'm just going to trudge off to my room now, and write without annoyance.

I'm in my room, and I've been thinking about love. I just realized that everyone on the team, except for Beastboy, has a girlfriend/boyfriend. Huh. Sort of irritating, actually, with them kissing all the time. Oh well, enough of this; I'm feeling a bit sleepy. I wake up at 6:30 in the morning!



8:45 p.m., Monday, September 4, 2006

I just noticed that Raven started writing in some sort of diary, and she looks murderous. I think she's mad at Robin for giving her that thing.

I just realized how nice Raven looks. I mean, when the light-um…I mean…I cannot believe I'm keeping a journal. I don't seem like the type, eh? But Cyborg, being the idiot he is (If Raven heard that, she'd say "Look who's talking,"), gave me this journal as a prank Christmas present. Well, that's what me and the other Titans thought, anyway.

After everyone had gone to bed, Cyborg told me that he really gave it to me so that I could, to quote him directly: "Write about all your feelings. I know you feel bad sometimes, BB. You can't fool me with your happy mask."

I used it last week to write down my prank on Raven. I failed to prank her. She threw me into a freakin' brick wall 132,435,423,122,1 times! And she hung me from the top of the Tower by the tips of my ears! The pointy ears! Now my ears have been stretched! Now the ladies-Oh, for crying out loud, why? Why do it here? Hello, guys! Do you even realize that other people are in the room? Get a room, why don't you? You guys are sickening!

Argh! Why do I have to live in pain? Why? I have to escape. I'm going to make an excuse about-Wow, I just noticed that now, Raven is writing with a little smirk on her face. And her diary cover is exactly the same as mine. Weird. They're both black leather.

Whoa, Raven looks really pretty, even when her hood is on. I bet she'd look even more pretty without her hood. Wait, did I just write that Raven is pretty? Oh, no…I've got to get to my room and rest. Though Raven is pretty. NO! Bad Garfield, bad! Maybe I'll write more when I get to my room. No, I must get my rest.


Author's Notes:

Okay, the couples are Robin and Starfire as well as Cyborg and someone. You get to choose who Cyborg gets paired up with. I'll give you till…Saturday. Choose between Jinx and Bumblebee.