Diaries and Journals



Sorry for no updates since…whenever I last updated. I really am, but I'd originally written this last chapter way earlier, but then I lost it and it got me into a funk. I gave up on writing fan fiction for a bit, and instead worked on my artwork and original story. However, I am glad to say that, after reading dozens and dozens of Card Captor Sakura fan fictions, I have finally come back to my beloved works of art (which seriously need improvement) and am going to tie up most loose ends. If you are waiting for "It Could Only Be One Thing", don't worry; it's coming soon.

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Chapter 10: The End


Dear Diary,

Today will be the last day I am ever going to write to you. I have joined with my emotions, and now I am whole, no longer a shell, and outer casing for my inner emotions.

Of course, Beastboy says I was never 'just a shell', and insists that I am a normal human being who just happens to have a demonic parent and was from another dimension.

I accept this argument with an eye-roll, knowing that if I did otherwise, he would be upset and possibly argue his case over the next few days. I knew that that would end in myself getting annoyed and eventually causing bodily harm to him. I, personally, don't quite like throwing my boyfriend into a thick metal wall, and so let him win.

In any case, the point of this diary was to let out my emotions. So, as I don't have to convey them through this anymore, I will not use you. I might, however, slip a thought or two in here every once in a while.

Robin and Starfire are getting along like wood to fire. They talk way through the wee hours of morning, and she'd eventually end up sleeping soundly next to him. Robin's lucky Starfire doesn't kick in her sleep. He would've woken up with a sharp strike to the place where the sun doesn't shine.

Cyborg and Jinx have broken up, for Cyborg was found giving Bumblebee a friendly hug, and Jinx was given the wrong idea. By the time Cyborg had managed to catch up to her, she was already being consoled by Kid Flash, and was looking sadder than ever. Kid Flash had glared at Cyborg real fiercely when he'd approached. Cyborg almost wet his pants (metaphorically, of course). By the time he could finally approach Jinx, she was in a relationship with Kid Flash, and was looking happier than she ever had with Cyborg (so he says, but I don't know). Therefore, wanting Jinx to be happy, as well as being a rather selfless person, Cyborg let her go, and is now trying to get over it with his girl best friend, Bumblebee.

As for myself and Beastboy, a steady relationship is developing. We're taking this one step at a time, and we don't want to rush it. So we're moving along at a snail's pace, but I don't feel comfortable at any other pace. Beastboy understands though, and he says that as long as I'm happy, so is he. It was so cheesy it actually worked on me.

Oh, hold that thought, I have to go. Mumbo Jumbo is attacking town again.



I find that since Raven and I celebrated our three-month anniversary yesterday, I can tell her anything. So, I won't have to use this journal anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'll still write in it; just that it won't be so frequent, that's all.

God. Can you believe that Raven managed to teach me how to use a semicolon? Or even that she taught me how to use big words like frequent? Goodness knows how she did it. I'm beginning to wonder if she was lying to us about being half demon. I think she must be half angel instead.

Oh no. I'm getting mushy again. I've spent too much time in Raven's mirror talking to Love and Happy. But shush, I don't want Raven to know.

Speaking of her emotions, she joined with 'em the other day. She says she's not a shell anymore, and I protest loudly. She was never a shell; she's a perfectly normal human being who just happens to be half demon, that's all. Every one has their faults, and just because her dad was evil doesn't mean she is.

She rolls her eyes at my statement, but makes no attempt to retaliate. There you go, another big word taught to me by Raven. See what a miracle worker she is? Anyway, I should explain what happened to the others.

Robin and Starfire are always cooped up in Robin's room from 11 at night. She'd creep past my room, thinking I can't hear, and enter Robin's. Goodness knows what they do in there. (Note to self: Ask Raven about it. She's sure to know.)

Cyborg and Jinx broke up. I'm not sure why though, but I did hear a loud "YOU PLAYER! YOU DAMNED PLAYER!" being screeched throughout the Tower - interrupting a moment I was having with Raven, admittedly – and then Jinx ran away. Raven watched from afar, that I know, though. I'll ask her about it.

Rae and I are taking our relationship one step at a time. We're moving slower than I do as a turtle, but if she's happy, I'm perfectly euphoric. She commented on how I sounded incredibly cheesy when I told her that. I grinned and told her that that was what boyfriends were for.

Oops, I've got to go. Mumbo's attacking town.


So that's the end of Diaries and Journals. Beastboy is as clueless as ever about the going ons around him, and Raven is ever aware. I hope you've enjoyed Diaries and Journals as much as I have! Goodbye!