AN: This is just a background history of what's going on.

It's been a year since we blew up the DNA lab in good old Manticore. It went sore towards the end but we made it out okay. Minor bruises here and there but we made it. But two of our sibling wasn't so lucky. We tried to save Tinga, to bring her back to her family, but we were too late. Brin on the other hand was killed in the explosion of the lab. Though she was our enemy at the end, she still was our sister and we will miss her. Just like the others who died. Jack, Eva, even Ben. Ben. I still haven't told anyone about Ben, about me killing him. They know he is died but they think Manticore killed him because he went crazy once he got out. I had to stop him or else he'll kill again and he asked me to. I'm too scared to tell them the truth because what they'll think of me or to see the look on their faces when they know that it was me and not Manticore. I know they are my family but I don't know if they'll understand. Anyway, now it's just a few of my siblings out there and I hope they are living their lives like some of my siblings I've meet. Jace is one. She didn't leave with us in 09 but she is free now. With her unborn baby she promises to call Max, living in Mexico. Syl and Krit, who helped me and Zach blew up the lab are living who ever know somewhere. Zach still incises we keep a low profile and minimal communication so we won't get caught. Since Lydecker is no long after us there still other people out there who want us for our DNA and other Manticore. Which Lydecker inform us that there indeed are other Manticores. Which lead us to another event last year.

Before Syl and Krit left us to go live their lives in the world, we got together to destroy another facility, this one here in Seattle. It was kind of ironic to have another facility so close to home but why am I not surprise. Anyway we were planning on just blowing up the lab again but Lydecker say it would be best to blow the whole facility, or else resulting in more Manticore and more running. This plan left us with a problem in our hands. This facility was filled with transgenics, people like us, who will die if we choose to blow up the entire facility. These are our kind who are living in hell and is trap in that place and killing them is not an option. But it left us with an alternative. A choice of letting them out of the hell they are living in, therefore resulting in a whole lot of us out in the world. Roaming free like us and living normal lives. So it was ride or die at this point and no one was dying. The choice was made and now thousand of us are out there. A choice with consequences.

I did think about the consequences and some of the problems the ones that got out would face. What if they get caught, what if they don't know how to live in this world, what if they turn out like Ben? As harsh as it may sound, I had to think about it. Yeah it's been a year since we blew up the DNA lab and blew up the Seattle's facility but it's been a year of fighting for acceptance. I should have known this would happen and Zach did his part of letting me not forget it. But all the same he known it would happen to and he knew it would be our responsibility. It was only twelve of who escape back in 09 and we were young and new to the world. But we learn to adapt to it as well. Just like the others have to. But they stayed longer then we did in Manticore and all they know is Manticore, which makes it hard for them to adapt. Of course some, like the X's, relied on their training and stay low and blend in but the ones who aren't like us can't do that. The anomalies were too let out and it's hard for them to adapt to a world that sees them as freaks or monsters. People are scared of what they don't understand and with news about our kinds out there, people are even more scared of us. Disliking us because we were made in a lab and train to kill and they only see us as killing machines. No thanks to a guy name Ames White who want to see my kind wipe from the world, with his help the people are killing and fearing my kind. And since it was me and my siblings who let them out, it was me and my sibling responsibility to keep them alive.

We rescued a lot these couple of months but that didn't deter the killings. Being that most of the anomalies are the one who being killed, me and Zach had to put aside out difference against them and save them. They deserve to live too, just like the X's. I never realize how many different kinds of X's there were until seeing the ones we saved. Even the experimental ones was a surprise to me. It makes me think how much I miss over the ten years being away from Manticore and how much I miss being with my own kind. It seems like its easier being with them then with the ordinary they say. We have the same past beside the ten years the others have on me and my siblings, the same fear, and the same problem, well some of have the same problem. It kind of gets me thinking about my relationship with Logan. Of course he knows about me, what I am, and he loves me but can he really understand me. Zach says we can't be together. Heck the world and even the other transgenic say we can't be together but I still love him. But I don't think he will understand all of me. The 452 side of me which is all Manticore, the side of me I wish to erase from my DNA. And I think he knows that. We hardly spin time together since I am busy saving my people from the world and he is busy with his Eyes Only deal and the S1W projects. He have a woman in the S1W name Asha that works with him and I can sort see the tension between them when she's around. They belong together just like I belong with mines. Not that I'm thrilled about this because I still love the man but with all that is going on, it's nice for him to have someone else in his life. I just hope there is someone for me as well. To make me feel like Logan and I use to or at least makes me feel like I'm loved. I have Zach and Syl and Krit but they are my siblings.

Anyway, it's been a year and we are still fighting for acceptance in this world. We have a home now, well sort of a home for my kind to stay. It's an old bio-toxic place where humans can't live in or else they die. It's not much but its all we got. It's looking homey now that we're working together to make it a home. I have to say with all that is going on, the X's and anomalies are getting along great. I think Zach and I are even moving away from our fear of the anomalies. I met Joshua, an anomaly with too much canine in his cocktail, who I consider as a brother to me. He's really nice, a heart of a child but with the way he looks no one will ever see him for that. Yeah life has change for me since the blow out of Manticore. I don't live with OC any more because I always out or at Terminal City, but I do snick out and see her. I don't work at Jam Pony any more either due to the same reason why I don't live with OC. I snick out sometime to hang a little but that's it. I can't risks getting caught by White's men or any other people who is after me and my kind. To hang around Logan I do some Eyes Only work for him. The only thing that helps is letting me know how much I can't be with him. Zach stay at TC also and he helps out with EO's project as well but his main focus is TC, trying to help out as much as he can there. The people there don't see him as much of a leader as I see him. He does a good job giving orders and stuff but they still see him as a 09er like me. They don't trust us yet for that but they are getting to trust us. It's hard to believe it's been a year, give or take a month or two. So much has happened. But it's my life and what can I do but to live it.

AN: The real story starts in chapter 2.