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"Alright guys, we have problems here that need to be dealt with quick." Biggs said as he started the meeting.
The usual Inner Circle sat around the table waiting to be briefed on the matter. Mole, Dix, Joshua, Minx, and Luke watched curiously as Biggs took his seat in the front of the table.
"Like we don't have problems already." Mole stated with a big puff of his trademark cigar.
"Yeah but this is a big one." Biggs answered rubbing his face with his hands. "Max and Zack been missing for three days now and they might not have that much time left." He said looking down.
The Inner Circle took in the information they were given.
"Now Dix and I been doing some thinking and we think they have about two weeks before they show up dead." Biggs said.
"How did you figured that one out?" Minx asked.
"From what Logan told us, our three friends were found in sector five two weeks apart from each other. Given what we have, this only gives us around two weeks to find them before they're fish food." Biggs said.
"So you think our three friends and Max and Zack missing are linked?" Minx said again.
"Has to be. The bodies were found there and Max and Zack went missing there looking for information." Biggs pointed.
"Where do we start?" Joshua asked.
"Well, Logan is reviewing the tapes and police records as we speak." Biggs said.
"You are obviously letting the ordinary help us find our own kind?" Mole asked as more smoke puffed out of his mouth.
"Yeah, and it'll get him out off our back for a while, while we do our own research." Biggs said as he leant back in his chair.
"What do you have in mind," Mole asked with a smile.
Biggs smiled back at the grinning lizard.

"Uh, we've been watching celebrity freak match for hours, I wanna to watch real TV. Like music videos or a good war movie, something worth watching." Alec said leaning against his bars of his cage.
"Well maybe if you try shutting your trap and get some rest like the rest of us, you wouldn't be worrying about the damn TV." Max said from her bed with her eyes closed.
"Oh so we're back to the arguing? What happened to the clinging, worried Max that was here before?" Alec said looking at her.
Max lifted her head up just a little to look over at Zack, who was still asleep on his cot. His back was turned away from them. Max slowly sat up and turned to Alec.
"I don't know what you're talking about." She said calmly.
"Oh right, we are suppose to hate each other is that it? I get it. Nothing happened. You didn't pull me into a hug and groped me," he said sarcastically.
"I didn't grope you. I…I, God you're so full of yourself." She snapped.
"Haha, yeah right." He snorted.
"What? It wasn't like you weren't hugging me back. I think I remembered feeling a little squeeze coming from your end." She snapped again.
"Max, tsk tsk, as if any man would miss an opportunity to touch a woman like you, let alone miss a chance to hug you." He said with a twist of his index finger.
"You're a pig you know that. I don't even know why the hell I'm even talking to you. I'm going back to sleep." She tossed over her shoulder.
"But Maxie I'll get bored." Alec whined "Tough and don't call me that." Max said laying back down on her bed.
"Why? Does it bother poor little Maxie?" Alec said with a pout.
"Shut up Alec." Max snapped as she closed her eyes and turned away from him.
Alec chuckled and turned to sat down on his bed. His face fell from the amusing and laughing expression to a panicked and worried one. He looked back over at Max, as she just settling on her side. He slowly turned back to the bars in front of him, his eyes closed; he let out a quite breath before opening them and leaning back against the wall, his face now in an expressionless mask.

Logan was rubbing his eyes for the hundredth time for staring at the TV screen for hours. He watched the surveillance tape five times in a row and like the previous times, the tape showed the same thing over and over again. Two sector cops walking from and to the guard post and then going behind the factory only to return shortly. Finally, after hours, he looked behind the occupied desk holding a sleeping OC on it. He honestly forgot she was here. Getting up and stretching out his stiff limbs, he pulled the chair she was sitting on and picked her up to take her to his room. After laying her down and covering her up he went back in the work station to put all the loose papers of the police report back in the folders they were originally in. He went into the kitchen to nurse his parch throat and to hopefully wake him up a little more. Logan went back to his work station with his drink and looked at the paused screen of the tape. I guess one more won't hurt, he thought as he took his seat again. Once the tape was rewinded he pressed play. Again the same scene played again. The two guards walking back and forth from the guard post, behind the factory, and only coming back to their post. He was about to turn the tape off when something caught his eye. Rewinding the tape again, only until the guards went behind the factory, he pressed play. He leaned close to the screen this time interested in the displayed numbers at the bottom right. A smile formed on his face when he saw what happened. "Bingo." He whispered.

Two sector cops were thrown to a nearby wall and fell roughly on the ground. Two set of arms pulled the two cops up and back against the wall keeping them there with there with their forearms on the two chests.
"Where are our friends," Biggs asked both cops.
"I don't know what you're talking about," said the cop Biggs was holding.
"You don't wanna to play games with us. We're not in the mood"
Biggs growled at the cop and then looked over to his right shoulder to his lizard friend holding the other cop against the wall. The cop Mole was holding look like he might pee in his pants.
"I told you I don't know what you're talking about." The cop rasped out again.
"Listen," Biggs said looking over the man's shoulder for his name tag. "Officer Tate and Officer Richardson, we don't want to hurt you but we will if you don't tell us where our friends are." Biggs said impatiently.
"I swear we don't know." He rasped out again.
"Alright, alright, then answer me this. Who can I ask to find about my friends? They went missing two nights ago, here in this sector. Who was working here two nights ago?" Biggs asked.
The two cops looked at each other before looking back at Mole and Biggs.
"Well?" Mole asked raising a scaly eyebrow. He pushed Officer Richardson to the wall again.
"That would be Officer Estes and Officer Leigh, but they died two nights ago." Richardson said. "Here they were killed here." Tate said.
"You've got to be kidding me." Mole stated.
"No, I'm not lying. The report was brought in the day after, saying two frea…," Tate stopped himself from saying anymore when Biggs raised an eyebrow and tilted his head. "When something got a hold of them and killed them. The report said two of you guys did it." He added.
"Figures" Mole snorted.
Biggs was about to ask another question when his cell phone rang. With his left arm still pinning Officer Tate to the wall, he answered his phone.
"Biggs here" He answered his phone.
"Biggs, its Logan. I have something to show you." Logan said on the other end.
"I'm kind of busy right now can it wait?" He said with a sigh.
"It's important; I found something on the tape you need to see. It could be a breakthrough." Logan said.
"Fine I'll meet you at your place." He said signaling Mole to let the cops go.
"Actually let's meet at Terminal City, OC is here and I don't want to take the chance of waking her up. She's been working hard today." Logan said over the phone.
"Fine I'll meet you there"
Biggs ended his connection with Logan and turned to Mole.
"Let's go"
Biggs slowly turned around until he heard punches. He turned back to find the two cops laying on the ground, unconscious. He looked up at Mole who was lighting a cigar.
"What? We can't risk the chance of them following us." He said with a puff of smoke.
Biggs shook his head and turned back around. "Come on, leaving Joshua on look out is like leaving a child in a candy store. He's bond to wonder if we keep him waiting too long"
Mole laughed through his cigar as they left to get Joshua and head to Terminal City.

Zack opened his eyes from his cat nap and turned around on his back. His body well rested and recuperated from his fight, he sat up and slowly stretched his limbs.
"Hey Zack you're awake." Max said looking at Zack from her bed.
"Yeah, how long I have been out." He asked touching his stiff neck.
"Not long, I say around an hour." Max said looking at him.
Zack looked over to Alec's cage to find Alec asleep.
"I fell asleep before he did. He probably talked himself to sleep." Max said absent minded.
"Yeah probably. And you?" Zack asked looking at her.
"I slept for a little while but I'm okay. Shark DNA remember." Max said with a small wave of her hand.
"Yeah I remember. We should wake him up; we need to figure out a plan to get out of here." Zack said pushing his legs over the edge of the bed to a comfortable sitting position.
"Just let the jerk sleep a little longer. It'll be better for the both of us." Zack pointed. Max smiled looking over at the sleeping form next to her.
"Alright give him five more minutes and then we're waking him." Max nodded and looked straight ahead. Zack could see the distance look in her eyes. "You miss him don't you?" Zack asked Max quietly. "Yes. I can't help but think the resemblances are. I mean this is Ben right here but not Ben you know. Of course the one thing that tells me he isn't Ben is his talking." She rolled her eyes in mockery. "But its not just Ben I miss, it's the others too. I want to see them." She added.
"Max we been through this." Zack said with a sigh.
"I know but it's hard especially after what happen to Ben. They are the only family I know and I can't even see them." She said quietly.
There was a pause between them.
"Come on let's wake Alec up." Zack said.
Max nodded. It's best to think about escaping then about Ben's death and the others. So many bad memories and hopefully thinking that probably won't come true if we don't get out of here, Max thought. She walked over to where the bars that divided Alec's and her cage up and look at his sleeping. The image of Ben lying dead on her lap popped up in her head.
"Alec. Alec wake up." Max said gently. When he didn't stir she called again but this time louder.
"Um, Max not so loud." Alec mumbled getting up and rubbing his ears to prove his point. She rolled her eyes and sat back down on her bed.
"We need you up, its time to work out a plan to get out." Zack said looking sternly at him.
"Yeah, yeah I'm up." He said with a yawn and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
Just when they were going to get started the door behind the wall opened up. Foot steps picked up on their enhanced ears and they watched curiously trying to figure out what the commotion all about. Four guards surrounding two men in hand cuff and ankle cuff walked down the aisle towards them. The stopped in front of the cages in front of the three transgenics and pushed the two men in the individual cells. After closing and un-cuffing them, the guards left. Max, Alec, and Zack looked over their new cellmates, curious on who or what these new arrival are.
"Hey there," Alec said finally breaking the silence. No one said a word. The two men just stayed looking at the floor in their cell. The three transgenics looked to each other and back at their cellmates.
"I guess no one's home." Alec said smiling towards Max and Zack. Max rolled her eyes and Zack shook his head at Alec's sense of humor. Alec smile just widened as he continued to look at the two new guys.

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