Hinata looked out of the window and sighed. Everyday she went through the same routine.

She sighed as she watched him train with Gai-sensei, Rock Lee and his fellow comrade, Tenten. She always looked at him train from the lonely window of her huge bedroom. For some odd reason, she always thought that Tenten liked Neji. Looking at Neji and Tenten talking to each other, Hinata's heart sunk. 'What would they possibly be talking about? Hm… Maybe I don't anything to worry about. I mean, they are comrades after all. Even if they wanted to, they probably couldn't go out...' Hinata mentally assured herself.

Trying to rid herself of any other bad thoughts, she picked up a hairbrush and some clips; and she started picking up her hair. Pulling her long dark hair, she experimented with hairstyles. Hopefully Neji would notice that she had tried a new hairstyle. She finally found the perfect one.

Her bangs swept across one eye, and half of her hair was up, while the rest of it lay by her elbows. Though she was mostly modest, she knew she was beautiful. If only Neji would notice as well. She knew she could never wear her hair like that; she feared that it would make her stand out.

Hinata had always hated standing out, her pale cheeks would always turn bright red, and her usual stutter began to make its way out of her lips. Its not that she has a speech problem or anything, but it always seemed like she was afraid of the little words that rarely come out of her mouth would be stupid.

Brushing her hair back to where it was, she walked downstairs. She wanted to do a little shopping and try to get Neji out of her head.

While walking to the shops that lay around Konoha, she bumped into Neji. "N-Neji….I-I'm sorry…"Hinata stuttered, her cheeks reddening as she picked up a kunai knife that fell from his pocket. Handing it to him, her faced turned an even deeper red as her fingers brushed against his. "Ha, that's so cute. My little cherry…"his voice trailed off as he ruffled the top of her hair.

Uttering nothing but a small smile, she tried looking into his eyes. Searching for the warmth and love that she yearned for, she tried thinking about the possibility of them ever becoming a couple. Yes they were close friends and "cousins", but she wanted more. In fact, they weren't even related. Neji was the adopted son of Hiashi's twin brother. It's true that he had the byakugan, but that was only due to surgery.

After his adoption as an infant, he had a special cancer in his eyes. After finding out that he was blind, his 'father' had him get a pair of transplanted eyes from a Hyuuga that recently died. At that point, he had become a part of the family, and therefore it meant that Neji had to get the protective seal of the branch members from the Hyuuga clan.

When Hinata had found out that they weren't related, she was ecstatic. To her, it no longer felt wrong to have feelings for him. Even if they weren't related, she still felt that it was a little wrong to like him. Hinata had always been like a "Little Sister" to Neji. It felt wrong that she had liked somebody that she felt was like an older brother type to her.

After their encounter, she walked into a shop and started looking around at clothes. Out the window of the shop, she spotted Tenten waving at her from the outside of the store. Putting down the blouse she was holding, she greeted Tenten. "H-Hi Tenten …" Hinata said. "Hey!" Tenten said cheerfully. "Want to go get some ice cream?" Tenten said looking to the ice cream shop across the little boutique they were standing outside of. "Alright, I've been craving some…" Hinata said as they crossed the small street.

Liking at her ice cream, Hinata thought of the little encounter she had with Neji earlier. Smiling to herself behind the ice cream, Tenten noticed. "Why are you smiling?" Tenten asked with an all-knowing smile. "It's a guy isn't it? I just knew that one day little Hinata would fall in love with some wonderful guy. So….Who is it?" Tenten asked. Hinata blushed. "N-Nobody… I was just thinking about something that happened earlier. "I know that's a lie…I know what its like to be in love with somebody and not wanting to tell…" Tenten said warmly, a dreamy look dawning upon her face as she looked out the window of the small shop. "Who is it?" Hinata asked bravely as butterflies entered her stomach. She thinks she knew who it was. "Hehe I'll tell you a secret I haven't told anybody." Tenten began, putting a finger to her lips. "It's Neji."She finished, her cheeks growing a little rosy. 'Neji-kun…' Hinata thought, her stomach tying up in even more complicated knots. Her suspicions were confirmed.