By: Inu-Tenshi

Disclaimer: I don't own any Inuyasha characters.

- - - - -

Note: Takes place a little while after the movie "Inuyasha: The Sword of the World Conquest".

Warning: Contains spoilers!

- - - - -

As Kagome continued to travel with her friends, she thought.

And remembered.

- - - - -

"Sesshoumaru despises humans."

- - - - -

That was what Inuyasha had told her. But again and again, Kagome told herself that he didn't.

Because Rin-chan was always with him.

And he allowed it.

- - - - -

"Sesshoumaru-sama will definitely come save us."

- - - - -

The little girl had assured her, filled with faith and trust.

And he did.

- - - - -

As the sound of metal clanged and scraped against each other, Kagome faintly noted that she was actually worried for the demon prince.

Worried for he who despised humans, worried for he who was cold and emotionless. Worried for the one that cannot feel.

- - - - -

"No." She corrected. "He can feel."

Her traveling companions turned to look at her, each with a genuinely confused expression.

"Did you say something, Kagome-chan?" Sango asked politely.

"It's nothing." Kagome replied with a smile.

And the walking continued.

And again, Kagome remembered.

- - - - -

"You're in my way."

Inuyasha was pushed aside, and Sesshoumaru took on the full impact of Sou'unga's Dragon Destructive wave.

- - - - -

Then the dust settled, and Kagome had let loose a breath she hadn't known she had been holding.

She remembered how he had protected Inuyasha.

But surprisingly, she had been more worried than shocked.

Then she found that the more she remembered, the more she wanted.

Kagome wanted to know more about this demon who despised her kind.

She found she wanted him to acknowledge her existence.

She wanted to let him know that he and his companions were not the only ones who inhabited this world.

And yet, the more she wanted, the more her heart ached.

Because deep inside, she knew it wasn't possible.

Even if another part of her silently disagreed.

And she accepted it.

- - - - -

- - - - -

- - - - -

As the cool breeze of spring played with strands of his hair, Sesshoumaru thought, and remembered.

- - - - -

"Sesshoumaru, what do you have to protect?"

- - - - -

I have nothing to protect.

But as he watched Rin and even Jaken, his heart disagreed.

And Sesshoumaru didn't deny it.