Title: That's Life
Rating: T
Author: mylifeismine
Summary: East High had left the Montez house with no words to Gabriella. But why is Troy back a week later? Troyella.
Sequel of: It Was And Still Is A Matter Of Trust
Genre: Romance/Drama

Chapter 1- You're Back
Gabriella's POV:
I closed my locker, and threw my backpack over my shoulder, as I walked through the halls of Primindale High.

Troy and the other East High students had left last Friday, it was Wednesday today.

Courtney had let this Wednesday slide since I wasn't exactly in the best mood. Wednesday was what my non-biological twin sister called "Dress-up Wednesday."
a/n: If you don't know what Dress-up Wednesday is, read Matter of Trust

I didn't really understand why I was so sad over Troy leaving, but I was.

I walked towards homeroom, but someone stopped me by putting their hands over my eyes.

"Guess who."

"I'm not in the mood of Guess Who, Connor," I said with annoyance to Connor, my non-biological twin sister, Courtney's boyfriend. Everyone from my cheer squad to the basketball team to my non-popular friends were always trying to cheer me up.

"Wrong," the voice said then took their hands off my eyes.

I turned around, and just stood there and blinked.

"You're back."

Troy smiled at me, "Am I?"

"Oh my god!" I shouted, giving him a hug.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him as we walked to homeroom, assuming he had the same scheduale as last week.

"You know Coach Byrd, the basketball coach, and how his wife is soon suppose to have twins. Well, Byrd is going to take a break, and Primindale needs a basketball coach. My dad took the job offer, and apparently he thinks the education here is better than East High, which I don't really care about a lot," Troy shrugged.

"Cool," I said as we entered Mrs. Flinster's homeroom.

"Troy my man! What are you doing back here?" Connor said slapping Troy on the back, reminding me of Chad.

I rolled my eyes along with Courntey.

School was great.

I had gym as last period with the new Coach.

"Basketball," the older Bolton said as we all came out in gym clothes.

As we did drills, he just sat there staring off to space.


Fifteen minutes later, Coach blew his whistle.

"Now, who are the best players here?"

Everyone pointed at me and/or Connor.

Talk about manners.

The coach looked at me.

"Troy and Connor, Coach," I said sweetly.

I swear I saw Mr. Bolton smile.

"Okay, Bolton on that side, Matthews on the other," and with that, we were divided.

"Last two girls, captains, choose," Coach said indicating me and one of the girls on my squad, Brianna.


Mr. Bolton looked at me strangely.

I couldn't really blame him, I mean, two guys who are the so-called best, want a girl on their team.

I sighed, "Here we go again."

"Pick a number one to ten," I said.



"Connor wins, the number was four."

"Why do you even want that girl on your team?" I heard Troy's dad ask his son as I walked over to Connor's side of the gym.

"She plays, Coach."

I smirked.

"Whatever you say," Coach snorted.

But everytime I scored, which was give or take three quarters of my teams score, I saw Mr. Girls-are-stupid's mouth drop.

Teaches him not to underestimate girls.

As I came out of the changeroom in my cheerleading outfit for cheer practise, the two Bolton's were talking.

"When did she get so good in basketball?" Mr. Bolton said.

Troy shrugged.

"Gabriella," Coach called, "Come over here."

Great. Just great.

"Hi,"I said nervously as I walked over.

"So you're a cheerleader," he said.

What does it look like, a band outfit?

I nodded.

"And a fairly good basketball player."


I nodded once again.

"Do you like it better here or at East High?"

"Here?" I said uneasily.

He laughed.

"Gabby!" my cheer squad called out.

"Uh, gotta go. Bye!" I said before running off.

We practised a few cheers, then took a break.

"Troy's dad is cute," Brianna said suddenly.

I stared at her.

Is she on drugs?

My sister laughed.

"Courtney agrees with me," Brianna said.

I looked at my non-biological twin.

"Hey, anyone related to Troy Bolton should be hot," Courtney shrugged.

"Keyword, should."

"Is hot, then."

"I'm probably gonna stay 'till basketball practise is over," I said five minutes later, "Courtney should have keys to our place."

"Gabby!" Connor called, I had been sitting along for at least fifteen minutes doing my homework.

Apparently, Ben had been expelled, so they had held try-outs. Honestly, why bother? Troy was EHS's b-ball team's captain, and his dad sure knew that...I sure hope so. But I guess just to be fair.

"What's up?" I said as I got to the other end of the bleachers, where everyone was seated.

"Captain," Coach said, "Troy or Connor."

"Uhhhhh..." I stuttered.

Then said, "Can I get back to you on that? Thanks," I said not waiting for an answer that started to walk away.

Matt, one of the basketball players, kinda like a co-captain, like Chad, grabbed my arm, "Come on, Gabby, choose."

I sighed and turned back around, "Which one of you wants to be captain?"

Neither of the boys raise their hands, that is before Troy's dad held his son's arm up for him.

Troy pulled his arm down, but his dad was holding his up forcefully.

As Troy struggled to pull his arm down, everyone looked at the two Bolton's.

"Okay, arms down," I said aiming the question to the Bolton's.

After all arms were down, "Have you guys voted?"

"Try-outs were today, the school couldn't have voted," Connor said in a 'duh' tone.

"Who said anything about the school? If you ask the school, everyone will choose by looks. Courtney and Bri think Troy's cute, well Bri said that Coach was cute, then Court said that any Bolton is hot...But that's not the point," I said causing both Boltons to flush a deep colour of red.

Everyone looked at the Boltons.

"Anyways," I said tearing a sheet of paper off my notebook.

"Write the name of the person you want to be captain, then pass the pen down," I said handing everyone person in the gym, except Connor, Troy, and Coach, a portion of the sheet of paper, then handed Matt the pen.

"Troy's captain," I announced after I had counted the votes.

Troy put his head in his hands.

I rolled my eyes, "Anyways, I'm gonna get home. Bye."

I ended up with the new basketball team following me to my house.


I went up to my room with everyone still following me.


All the girls were sitting there.

"What's up?"

Sally, one of the girls reached behind her and pulled out a small bag.

"We found this in the washroom," she said taking something out of the small bag.

Sally pulled out a pregnancy test, "Are you pregnant?"

I bit my lip.
End of Gabriella's POV
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