Hi again! This was kind of abandoned for 8 months as my life was consumed completely by education and hell, but that's over anyway and I remembered about this so decided to give it a shot again. This chapter may be a tad weird reading wise, half was written way back then and half now, so there'll be a difference in writing style. Other than that, hopefully it will be enjoyed!

With the college closed indefinitely, Jack had decided to write a list of all the college work that he had either put off over the summer, or was putting off currently or just hadn't managed to do yet, with all the other work he had done. He stared at the list. It was short, but as he looked at it and knew what each point included he knew he'd be there a while. He had 6 practical write ups alone, for biology, which the teacher had forgotten about, and random bits of math, few bits of chemistry, amongst other bits here and there.

So he lay on his bed, laptop in place, headphones on and was trying to write biologically, though he was also tempted with those who were flashing at him on IM. Eventually he told them he was busy, when he realized he'd written 3 words.

With his music on, though, he hadn't heard his phone, which had been beeping loudly beside him for about five minutes. As this went silent again (not that he knew otherwise) he was met with a barrage of IMs.

Surprised at the sudden flashing he checked.


Dr. Sheepherder:Yes?

SEXonLEGS: You're an ass!!

Dr.Sheepherder: I'm Sorry?


Jack checked his phone and indeed there were missed calls…all from Sawyer.

Dr.Sheepherder: WTF is up with you?!


Dr.Sheepherder: O.O

SEXonLEGS: Shut up!

Dr.Sheepherder: Okay…does that mean I can go back to my work then?

SEXonLEGS: You're doing work?!

SEXonLEGS: That isn't the point…


Jack was watching this confused, a tweaking Sawyer…what was the world coming to? He changed song and came back to the box with Sawyer in.

SEXonLEGS: I need your help.

Then there was silence.

SEXonLEGS: Jack?

More silence.

Dr.Sheepherder: AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Sorry, I just had to pick myself up from the floor.


Dr.Sheepherder: Sorry…sorry. It's just… you haven't asked for my help since we were kids, and even then you were forced.

SEXonLEGS: If you say ANYTHING to ANYONE about this I'm going to…

SEXonLEGS: Well I don't know what I'm going to do…JACK!

Dr.Sheepherder: YES! Okay…now what exactly do you want my help with?

SEXonLEGS: Ana Lucia

Dr.Sheepherder: Okay…why would you want my help with her? (Confused)

SEXonLEGS: ………

SEXonLEGS: She wants a date.

Dr.Sheepherder: Ah yes…you really do need help.


Dr.Sheepherder: It's alright. I'll keep it quiet. Though you do realize the girls will hear of this, and they'll know everything now and they'll know everything after.


Dr.Sheepherder: Well what ideas have you got?

SEXonLEGS: Are you kidding me?!

Dr.Sheepherder: Seriously?! Nothing?!

SEXonLEGS: I don't do dates! When do I do dates? When have I ever done dates?! Come on Jack, you know me…I don't work like that. Not even close.

Dr.Sheepherder: It's not hard. Simple things will do. Girls can be easy to please if you know what the right thing is to do...

SEXonLEGS: Okay stop the lecturing. Start helping.

They spent the next twenty minutes organizing a date, which turned out to be something really simple, as Jack had said, and included the cinema. Even at this Sawyer was still needing guidance. Jack did a run through of everything that he must do, and Sawyer made a note and tried to get it to stick in his head.

The first part included him texting Ana to ask her if she wanted to go see a movie officially, and then he went to get cleaned up. So that was one thing he could do, he could get himself ready.

Half an hour till the time he'd offered he was sitting staring at the wall running through everything he had to do.

Be nice.


Be nice

Refrain from saying anything insulting; no rude/inappropriate comments.

Be nice.

He could be…nice.

Ana Lucia SQUEALED down the phone to Kate who she was currently talking to. Kate burst out laughing at Ana's response to Sawyer asking her out, having known Sawyer for a long time, it really was a hilarious situation.

"Hold on a second." Kate pressed a button on the phone. "Hello?" She asked to the next call.

"Hi Kate, I was wondering if- -" Claire started talking away as she always did but was interrupted by Kate.

"I'm in a call with Ana, I'll get you in." Kate switched back into Ana's call and called Claire's number.

"Hello?" Claire asked this time.

"SQUEEEEEEE!" Ana squealed down the phone again.

"Hi." Kate said and burst out laughing again.

"What's going on?" Claire asked confused by all the noise and happiness. Both could now hear a faint laughter coming from Ana's end.

"Sawyer asked her out on a date." Kate said sticking her tongue out at the fact even though no one could see her.

"Oh…Ooooooooooh!!" Claire was intrigued. "How'd he manage that?" She asked cracking up a bit herself.

"Pffft! No idea." Kate exhaled. "I'm on the couch again, and it's really boring, so this conversation is the best thing to happen to me." Kate shared.

"Where are your crutches?" Claire asked, she knew Kate didn't like sitting still, even with a broken leg.

"Mom took them off me. She says I'm gonna have an accident soon if I don't stop moving around." Kate said and every bit of bitterness and frustration came through the phone perfectly.

Claire let out a teasing laugh for a second and then was rejoined by the sound of Ana Lucia who had apparently recovered for a second.

"Hi again!" She cheered down the phone…CHEERED. That wasn't the type of word that would accompany the name Ana Lucia.

"Is she high?" Claire asked Kate.

"I'm not high." Ana Lucia interjected and was talked over.

"Possibly." Kate answered controlling a giggle waiting to explode from inside her.

"Seriously guys." Ana tried again.

"Or drunk…"Claire started again, she knew how to tease.

"Both!" Kate shouted.

"Okay…whatever…" There we go. She was starting to sound like herself again and Kate forced her hand into her mouth as she began to shake with the pressure that was building.

Claire burst out laughing openly, the sound blaring through the ear piece, which then set Kate off.

"Right I'm out of here. Enjoy your lonely evenings." Both Kate and Claire continued to laugh, then as quickly as they could manage at the end screamed down the phone.

"DETAILS LATER!!" It was complete unison, they could have been twins.

Ana rolled her eyes and put the phone down. Now it was panic time. She was alone she could panic….WHAT WAS SHE GOING TO WEAR?! Maybe she needed Kate and Claire after all….actually no. Kate didn't have a clue, and Claire would make her into a princess…Shannon.

"Hi Shannon, pick up the phone…pick it up…now…please…PICK IT UP…Shannon I swear to god if you don't-" The familiar quiet of the answer machine stopped with a click as Shannon arrived on the other end.

"Nice to hear from you too." She said as she answered. "What's up? You never call."

"I do call…sometimes." Ana stuttered. It was true; then again she didn't usually call anyone, so it worked with everyone not just Shannon.

"Okay…so, seriously…what's up?" Shannon said through a laugh, it was obviously important.

Ana hesitated for a second. She'd already told Kate and Claire, which meant that Shannon was going to find out anyway, but Shannon also talked a lot. It was quite possible that that word didn't cover it, Shannon loved gossip and was usually the one in control of it.

"I have a date…"

"Oooh with who?!" Ana had to roll her eyes at that. Shannon had to be ditzy right when she needed to serious help.

"Sawyer." She said so simple again. Shannon started laughing her usual light laugh, trailing off again to silence realizing it wasn't a joke.

"Oh…you're being serious." Shannon became quiet at that and an awkward silence followed.

"What?! He's hot. Sue me."

"No judgement." Shannon replied. "Right so, other than that, what was the purpose of this very strange call?"

Ana stayed silent. She'd never live this down.

She explained to Shannon her problem, who got all excited again at the prospect of clothes talk and the such and helped Ana Lucia out as much as she could.

It got to the point where she was finally ready and no amount of extra help from her friends could be obtained. Sawyer was literally going to be there any second. She was thoroughly surprised at herself, being so nervous.

Snapped out of her thoughts, the doorbell rang and she jumped ever so slightly. She walked towards the door, wondering what to expect, and upon opening it was surprised.

There was Sawyer, standing, very smart looking, in a nice pair of jeans and a smart shirt. Though he usually dressed like that, he never looked as well-dressed as he did now…he was grinning at this inspection she was currently doing.

She snapped out of her daze and back into herself.

"So are you going to take me out or not?" She questioned in a tough tone. This just caused Sawyer to smirk and nod, leading her to the car.

Near midnight the car pulled up outside Ana's house again, date done for the night. They both got out the car quietly, keeping both their eyes ahead watching where they were walking to, avoiding glances at each other.

Ana stopped upon reaching her door, shoved the key in the door instantly and opened it. "So tonight was…" She trailed off wondering what to continue with.

"Excellent!" He grinned, deep dimples emerging, which caused Ana to look at little wide-eyed with surprise at him. "What?"

"Well, it was okay, but seriously you need to STOP making sleazy remarks at me if we're on A DATE!" She lifted her voice just a little to get her point across but keeping it controlled for the sake of the neighbours, sneaking a quick glance at her own windows as well.

Now Sawyer looked confused and stayed silent. It was alright to make comments, wasn't it? He didn't see anything wrong with what he'd said. He was like he always was and she didn't mind so much then...did she? Nah.

She caught on to his train of thought instantly. "Dude, we were in a cinema!!" Her eyes were near enough glowing, and she tried to force as much restraint into herself as was possible at that moment.

"What?!" He threw his hands up, he still couldn't think of what had gone wrong. Cinema, date, girl, hot, commenting, date things…right?

She took a deep breath in, trying to push away the urge to hit him, instead she took a second breath in, released it, smiled nicely at him and pecked him quickly on the lips before bouncing into her house and shutting the door on Sawyer without a goodnight.

Now he was REALLY confused.

He stared at the door for a few seconds more replaying what had just happened through his mind, finding no answers at the end of it. Figuring it was a girl thing, he pushed it away, placed a smile back on his face and strode back to the car, thinking that the night was a success.

Shannon woke up the next morning 8am to a text message that was beeping away on her phone that was placed on the table next to her head. 8am, she really wasn't happy with being woken and swore that it better be something good, or something with good reason to do such a thing to her at that hour.

She grabbed her phone, rolling back across her bed, and shoved it in front of her face squinting slightly at the screen. "Dammit!!" She yelled throwing the phone to the bottom of her bed. The text had been from Kate telling her that they were meeting in town at Starbucks at 10 by request of Ana Lucia who had some 'things' to discuss. Shannon interpreted this as 'Sawyer date gone wrong' because otherwise there usually wasn't much to talk about. And if she wanted to be there on time for the entirety of the gossip she'd have to literally start getting ready right at that moment.

10am rolled around and she wasn't there. Kate, Claire and Ana Lucia were already sitting coffees in hand waiting, expecting her to be late considering the time of their meeting. 10:10 she came bursting through the main doors, looking a little ragged compared to her usual appearance.

"What happened to you?" Kate laughed inspecting her. "Looks like you were dragged through a hedge backwards." She muttered, inaudible only to Shannon, which caused giggles from the other two.

"Shut it Hop-along. I got here on time--" She started but was talked over.

"Ten minutes late." Claire piped up, then took a sip of her drink with a small grin. Shannon gave her a look of death.

"—ON TIME." She repeated for effect. "It COULD have been a lot worse considering the time I got the text." She then shot Kate a look too.

"Oh shut up, get a drink and sit down!" Ana demanded from her seat.

5 minutes later and Shannon was sat down with a triple shot latte, needing the caffeine to get her through the morning, and allowed for conversation to finally start.

"So what happened?" Kate asked. "Your text wasn't really forthcoming, but then again the 'GRRRRR' on the end kinda set the tone really."

"That bad?" Claire asked curiously. Everyone was serious; even if the topic was the date with Sawyer who they all knew was the biggest man whore on the planet. Ana stayed quiet a second, leaving the others to stare at her waiting for her to start complaining.

"Well, it was alright, I suppose." She barely got it out before the other three basically had their jaws on the floor and were asking questions again.

"Alright?" Claire asked with a confused look on her face.

"Sawyer…he…what?" Kate stammered totally confused by that answer.

Shannon got over her shock and then got angry. "If it was alright then why the hell are we here at this stupid time?!" She wasn't happy again.

"Well…" Ana Lucia started. "I mean, Sawyer came up with a date…Sawyer, date same sentence and it wasn't a bad idea, you know, for him. It was the cinema, didn't include anything that I thought was really Sawyer-ish."

Claire jumped in again. "There's a huge 'but' about to smack us in the face any second, isn't there?" Ana ignored the remark and continue with the said 'but'.

"But at the end of it, he was still Sawyer. He had no idea what he was doing. He managed to INSULT me half a dozen times in the first hour without even noticing, and did I mention that this was during the movie? I swear he's not even human, cause he had no idea he was doing something wrong!" She was half talking to herself by that point, spilling everything to the other three, and for some reason she realized she was truly bothered by the way Sawyer was for the first time since she'd met him.

"Well…he's Sawyer." Kate simply started, gaining a glare from Shannon. She signaled back a 'what?'.

"Have you considered talking to him? Might help." Shannon was doing her best to help now that she was there. She was usually underestimated relationship advice wise considering how much talking was done between her and Sayid. Not much at all.

"To Sawyer?" Kate asked again. She knew Sawyer for the longest and knew him well and thorough enough to know that he didn't deal with conversations either, not if they were something serious that involved himself; that was well beyond his mental capacity.

Claire nudged her roughly in the side and whispered that she should shut up.

"But--" She tried, but stopped picking up her drink instead leaving the word hanging in the air and turning her thoughts elsewhere.

Ana Lucia shrugged and looked down into her drink like it might engulf her any minute. "Like I say, apart from that it was fun, but you know what he's like, so long as you can ignore the way he is with every female in the vicinity he's fun to be with, but I'm having a hard time ignoring."

Claire nodded, as did Shannon and then they were surprised by Kate after everything she had said and doubted.

"You really like him?" She asked Ana who looked up from her drink. She took a minute to think, then nodded slightly not really wanting to voice it aloud. "Maybe it is time for Sawyer to take a break from the man whore lifestyle then. I might have an idea that could help you…and it might be fun." She started sincerely, wondering whether Sawyer could manage it, grow up a little and then grinned at the end, her idea obviously something worth seeing. Things were about to get interesting.