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Sakura- 33 years old ; Sasuke- 34 years old


Sasuke frowned as he watched a certain pink-haired woman run around her house cleaning, cooking, and all the stuff mothers did. He sighed. Mother... I can't believe she has her own children already. He almost smiled when he saw her bend down to fix her daughter's hair and clothes.

"Haruka," Sakura hummed, "Did you even comb your hair today? It's so messy." She smiled as she ran her fingers down the young girl's long hair.

Haruka was Sakura's eleven year old daughter. She had back-length auburn hair and jade-colored eyes. "Sorry mom," she said, "I didn't have time. I mean... I have training today, then go the academy for the tests, and I- Ow! Hey!" She rubbed her sore head and glared at her thirteen year old brother Hikaru, who had a very shocking resemblence to Sasuke. "Hikaru!"

Hikaru just smirked. "Oops," he mocked, "The apple slipped." He huffed and picked up another apple. "Train all you want, Sis. You'll never be as good as me."

Sakura frowned and glared at her egotistic son. "Hikaru!" she hissed, "You know that's not true! Haruka's your sister...you should be supporting her, not putting her down." She stood up and brushed some dust off of her lotus-colored kimono. "You have the Chunin exams today, Hikaru. So you'd better hurry of...a-and be careful."

Hikaru just put down the apple in his hand and disappeared in a blur. Haruka looked up at her mom, her jade orbs twinkling with delight. "Mom?"

"Good luck with your test, honey," Sakura chirped and kissed Haruka on the cheek, "I know you'll do fine and make it into becoming a Genin." She held a thumbs up.

Haruka squealed and ran off yelling, "Thanks, mom!"

Sakura waved goodbye. As soon as she was certain that both of her children were where they were supposed to be, she ran up to her balcony and looked out of the window. She found one of her roses wilting and quickly put her gentle chakra to work on it. In no time, it was as red as new. "You don't deserve to die, yet," she told the beautiful flower.

Sasuke stayed at his spot, his heart sinking evertime he saw Sakura make a sad face. He then thought back to Hikaru and snickered, "He kinda reminds me of...me." He glared at the branch he was sitting on. "He should respect his mother and sister more, though."


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