Chapter Fourteen

The rain came down slowly, coating the ground and the surrounding houses with a thin sheen, causing the illusion of a town in mourning, a town feeling the loss. As the brothers exited the Impala and stood in front of the house the world around them carried on about it's day, cars on the freeway, people at work, at play, children in the street running toward the dry safety of living rooms full of toys just aching to be played with. As the next generation enjoyed the simple act of breathing, Sam nudged Dean and smiled as he took in oxygen. They stood before the house, stood at the gate and allowed the beauty of the garden to warm their hearts.

Each flower had opened, each flower extended it's arms skyward to the falling rain, allowing the moisture to enter and be absorbed, the act so simple yet so vital.

With every drop of rain each flower took a breath and thanked the sky for the gift of life. The colours seemed to stand out in stark contrast to the grey , the clouds overhead hiding the vast blueness of the sky above, stretching for miles in every direction, the promise of a brighter day. Hope.

Dean closed his eyes and lifted his head toward the coming rain.

Hope. The vague ache he'd felt for so long, underneath his grief, his worry, beneath his need to save as many as he could, there had always been hope. He hadn't realised just what that ache had been. But there it was, closer to the surface than ever before.

Shelley had found a reason to live, she'd found a renewed will to experience, to strive for a better life, yet it had been ripped from her at almost the same time she had acknowledged it. Layla had faith, had a belief in the hand she had been dealt, had trusted that her path was the right one. She'd never faltered, never strayed.

Between the two they knew there was a reason for everything, despite the hardship and pain they were forced to endure.

The hope Dean allowed himself to feel, his acknowledgement of it's existence, his realisation that it had been there all along, came from knowing that he had to live and protect and unite his family for those two women, they weren't to know what it felt like to age, but he would, he wanted to, for them. For Sam. For his mother. She wouldn't want him dying before his time, she wouldn't want him to join her until his job was done. Maybe Roy had been right about that one, he did have a job to do.

Sam walked forward into the small garden and waited for Dean to join him, together they knelt in the mud, the rain soaking through the knee's of their jeans as each brother leant forward and began to dig.

As the clouds moved on, making their way across the country, bringing life to the green of the world, their purpose, their reason, the sky began to brighten, the sun pouring through the air and causing the moisture to shimmer through the garden. As Dean placed the small tulip bulbs into the ground, Sam covered and packed the dirt around them, safely cocooning them in the warmth of the earth, ensuring that next spring they would flower, spreading their petals in an open gesture along with the other plants in the garden, ensuring that for one more year, Shelley's garden would grow, would live in her memory, would revel in the appreciative eyes of the passers by who marvelled at the spectacle, unaware of the loss felt by the flowers stretching their love to the birds who carried the message to the angels.


Dean reached across the table in the diner and stabbed his fork into five of Sam's fries.


He smiled and showed Sam his mouth, then continued to chew.

"You feel ok bro?"

"I'm ok Sam."

Dean again impaled more of Sam's fries.

"You won't be if you steal anymore, that's my dinner man, if you wanted fries why didn't you ask for them?"

"Because I knew you would, and anyway, I like rice as well and there wasn't enough room on my plate for both"

"Whatever man"

"So what's next?"

"I thought we'd find another town to rest in, then find the next hunt"

"I don't need to rest anymore Sam, come on man, I need to kill something"

"You'd be a psychologists dream, you know that right?"

"Whatever dude, come on what's next?"

"Ok, fine, last night I was checking through some websites and there's a story about a man in Pennsylvania who's wife came back from the dead to try to kill him. The police have written him off but his account sounds pretty genuine"

"Pennsylvania it is then, I'm in the mood for some spirit hunting"

"You love this don't you man"

Sam intercepted another attempt at his fries as he waited for Dean to stop grinning and answer.

"This is what we do Sam, it's what we do do and we do it well."

Dean stopped his raid on Sam's plate and looked at him, a smile spreading across his face.


"Dude I said 'do do'"

Sam couldn't help the laughter that escaped, Dean quickly joined him and the two collapsed over their plates as the other patrons glanced at the hysterical brothers before continuing their own dinners.

Once back under control, Sam wiped at the tears that had flowed freely across his cheeks, his face was flushed red and his mouth ached with the grin that refused to dissipate, across from him Dean was faring no better, he was still having trouble controlling his laughter.

They finished their meals and paid, they had a destination to make for and they had each other, as they made their way toward the exit Sam couldn't help but feel that things would be ok as long as he had Dean.

"This is what I missed"

"What man?"

"You and me, just, laughing, you know?"

"Oh god, you have your I-want-to-hug-you-face on, wipe it off before I do it for you"

"Whatever man, it was still a cool moment and you can't take it back"

"Yes I can"

"No you can't"


"It's Sam"



"Oh look, it's those lovely young men, remember them Violet?"

"Oh yes, those two outside Elizabeth Selkca's house"

"She spits in my coffee you know, I'm sure of it"

"Oh definitely does"

"Well young man, are you hear to escort us two fine mature ladies out dancing?"

"Oh yes, you can escort me you handsome devil"

Dean almost leapt away as Violet made a b-line for his butt.

"Sam. Gun. Now"

Sam smirked and stepped aside as Violet hooked her arm through Dean's. His amusement was short lived though as the other women hooked her arm around his waist and let her hand rest against his butt cheek .

Where the hell had he left that gun?

The End.


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