Three Weeks Later…

Spike had spent all his time at his Slayer's side. The others had tried to coax him away, but Dawn and Willow had stopped them. They at least seemed to understand that he needed to be there. The reason he sat with her? Well, apart from watching over her like a guardian, he was waiting for her scent to get stronger, as they thought this would be a sign of her waking. He just watched, and waited, never sleeping, just taking some blood if his Niblet or Red brought him a mug. He had not moved from her room, until a desperate call forced him to.

"Spike!" Dawn screamed, "Demons! There's too many!" The new girls were all out on patrol with Faith – leaving no Slayer to defend the Council. Apparently news of the eldest Slayer's fate had reached the other side, so they'd planned an attack for when the Council was weakest, in the hopes of killing Buffy Summers once and for all. He heard the cry, and went to fight. He'd protect her better that way.

When he reached to battle ground, he saw a near army of mixed demons. Willow stood a little way off from the fight, throwing energy ball after energy ball into the throng. Trouble was she couldn't aim particularly well, so couldn't use anything to powerful. The rest fought hand-to-hand. Even Dawn.

"Niblet! Why not use your mojo?" he yelled to the girl.

"I can't! My little stunt in LA was kind of a one time deal – and the portals wore me out. I've only got enough just enough for this!"

In short, Spike thought, we're screwed. The Slayers'll never get back soon enough.

They fought, killing as many demons as they could, but they just kept on coming. They never stopped coming.

With Buffy….

The misty figures of her friends became more solid, stepping forward towards the Slayer. They quickly fell into a many-armed hug, relishing their new-found bodies. Out of the corner of her eye, Buffy recognised three more figures forming, and trying to step forward. The six Powers descended on them, forcing them back.

"Wait!" The Slayer called, "Who are they?"

Buffy left her friends, looking closely at the newcomers.

"Let them come with us if they fought! They deserve the chance, too!"

"They may go with you," the six voices spoke as one, "you will return soon. When the time is right."

The six disappeared. The three new figures walked into Buffy's vision. She recognised the tall dark girl first.

"Kendra!" Buffy whispered, "You want to go back?"

"Yes. My time is not yet done, I think. You will need another trained Slayer to help you with the New," the girl answered, "I have brought you a gift. Yourself."

The elder Slayer looked at the other two. The first was her sixteen year old self, dress as she was when she was killed by the Master. The second, she recognised as herself when she had jumped to save Dawn three years ago.

"What… how?" she questioned her sister-Slayer.

"Each time you died, a part of you stayed here. At sixteen, a small part of you chose to remain behind. After your second death, another part of you gave up. They come so you can be whole again. Just touch together, and be one."

Buffy stepped closer to her past selves. She reached up a hand, the other two did so at the same time. Their fingers touched, and they were joined. The change in the Slayer was immense. She looked younger, less worn. Happy. Complete. Ready.

"It is time," a voice spoke, as Buffy's Scythe materialised in her hands, "for you to join the battle."

The fight…

In the middle of the battle field a glowing golden sphere appeared, with shadowy figures inside. The fighters backed away, wondering what this could be. The light intensified, causing them to shield their eyes. The glow subsided, a shout came from within, "Get ready!".

The reinforcements had arrived.

Buffy and Kendra shot out into the battle, killing ten demons before they registered what was happening. Anya, Cordelia, Doyle, Wesley and Fred following them close behind. Jenny, Tara and Jonathon began to chant. Willow, who had abandoned her energy balls to fight face-to-face, immediately remembered this spell, ran to them and joined them in the magick. Within minutes, the fight was over, leaving the Scoobies to stare speechlessly at the new arrivals.

Willow turned to Tara, enfolding her in a hug, sobbing, "Oh, baby, I missed you so bad!"

Giles gazed at his old love, Jenny Calender. "Jenny?" he said, "Is it you?"

"Yes, Rupert," came the reply and he walked to her side.

"Ahn," Xander whispered hoarsely. The ex-vengeance demon rushed to him, a look of pure happiness on her face.

Andrew stepped shakily towards Jonathon. "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry, Jonathon."

"It's okay," he replied, "I know what happened."

Angel turned to Wes, Fred, Doyle and Cordy. "I'm sorry," he said.

"What for, you big softy!" Cordelia exclaimed, "None of it was your fault!"

Spike just stared. Buffy walked shyly to him, one small hand reaching up to his cheek.

"Spike," she said, "I missed you. And I meant what I said."

"I know, pet," he answered, "I only said you didn't to get you out of there, couldn't have you dying again." The blonde couple were in each others arms in an instant, neither sure who had made the first move.

Everything was as it should be.