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Summary: Lucifer made Alexiel a promise to get her out of Eden, but, in exchange she must become his bride. Remake of the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades.


Chapter 1: Spring


Long ago, before man kind graced Assiah, God fought the Seven Satans. Each had power so great that He was truly tested and almost lost the great battle, but in the end God persevered. But He couldn't hold them in Hell from His great throne in Heaven, so He forced Lucifel, the great four-winged angel of Heaven, to paint his wings with darkness and become the High Lord of Hell. He was able to keep the Seven Satans, which represented the Seven Sins, in check and rule Hell, but he nursed a dark hatred for God deep within his soul.

Until the time he could take revenge he could wait . . .


Lucifer gazed at the sleeping form of his first wife. Barbelo was beautiful, in her own way, but she was very unfaithful. She, with her limited knowledge and poor cover-ups, was stupid if she thought he didn't know about the constant infidelity and the children; there were so many the little mutts could probably populate Hell on their own. She saved him once, that was the only reason he'd given her such rank, plus the fact that she was Wrath. He sighed and began to rise but a slim pale arm came to rest atop his chest and he turned to face Barbelo, grinning from ear to ear.

"Hello Lucifer." she said huskily, "Enjoy the evening?"

Lucifer decided to be cruel. "It was alright . . ." He stopped her hand mid-slap and twisted it around slightly, knowingly sending pain through her arm. Barbelo cursed and tried to wrench away in vain. "Don't ever try to slap me again."

"Let go." she said. He added more pressure and she gasped aloud. She moaned in pain and said "Lucifer . . . !" Lucifer obliged but pushed her away from him to get out of bed. Barbelo rubbed her wrist and glared at him with loathing, she made no attempt at modesty and bared her chest for the world to see. "Lucifer," He pulled a black shirt over his head, black was his favorite color. "Do you love me?" Lucifer stilled his movements and stared for a long time at Barbelo. He knew she loved him, it was impossible to miss, though perhaps her love was mixed with hate: she never liked the fact that he had more than one wife.

Did he love her? "No." He knew no such feeling.


Alexiel sat under the giant Tree of Knowledge and stared at her brother Rosiel's approaching figure. A small plate of fruit and a fork sat on her lap and she absently picked at her food, not wanting to eat the cursed fruit but eventually would. Rosiel pranced over to her and smiled gaily as he plopped down beside her. His silver hair radiant in the morning sun and golden eyes aglow.

"Big sister Alexiel, I've come to see you again." She said nothing and instead bit into the cursed fruit, just to occupy herself. "Sister, everyone in Heaven tells me I'm beautiful, that I am God's child . . ." Rosiel watched in vicious satisfaction as Alexiel gripped the grass beneath her fingers, her knuckles turning white with the effort. She opened her mouth to say something but shut it quickly and looked at the grass under her bare feet. "Sister, why do you never speak to me? Everyone else does, but you always say nothing. Am I disgusting because I am Inorganic? Do you hate me?" Rosiel attempted to get Alexiel to talk to him but failed all the while, instead they sat in silence until he couldn't take it anymore, spread his wings, and left Eden.

Alexiel watched him go.


"My Lord." Asmodeus said, "Hell is becoming unstable with the angels in Heaven preparing for war, you need to find your final bride."

Lucifer let out a frustrated sigh and glared at Beliel. She returned his glare and then murmured an apology quietly. He looked at his Seven Sins in turn: Beliel; Pride in all it's entirety with a monarch butterfly tattooed upon her thigh, Astoreth; Sloth, who was Astaroth then and had a white snake wrapped around his neck, his twin sister Astarte, Asmodeus; Lust, a womanizer who rivaled Raphael of the Elemental Angels, and Barbelo; Wrath, his first wife, and enough 'woman' to supply an entire level of Hell.

Mammon, Beelzebub and Leviathan, the Sins Greed, Gluttony and Envy, were not present and currently taking care of matters in Hell.

(A/N: Which mainly says they will not appear in this fan fic.)

"Well," Astaroth murmured while petting his sister on the head. "If Hatter would just hand over that little snack she has then we'd be fine wouldn't we?"

Beliel stood up so fast her chair fell to the floor, making a deafening sound in the hall. Her eyes were angry but a forced smile played upon her pallor face. "Astaroth, you know I would do anything for Lord Lucifer . . ." He snorted and said nothing but continued running his fingers on the scales of his sister in a tender way, it seemed to Lucifer to be much more than just mere petting.

"Do you have feelings for the little girl?" Asmodeus asked. It was clear to all that he loved Beliel, even if she did not return those feelings.

Beliel scoffed. "Not a one. Kurai is just a plaything, once I get tired of her I'll probably feed her to Abaddon . . ." At that point Beliel looked at Barbelo pointedly, as if conveying a message. Lucifer folded his fingers and propped his chin atop them. No matter what Barbelo tried to hide he already knew that Abaddon was her son, fathered by some lowly demon servant or one of those Evils living near Assiah. Perhaps it was a human she seduced into a one night stand, he didn't know, but at least Abaddon was good for something.

Lucifer stared at his Satans, gathered around him, not out of loyalty but out of necessity. Hell was falling apart and he had been the one to merge his body with it . . . Where would they all be if it died? The fact of the matter was that he needed a 999th bride and fast. Originally it had been Beliel's job to get the young virgin princess from the Evils, but obviously she had second thoughts and decided to keep the little girl for herself . . . To what purpose he didn't want to know.

It didn't matter anyways, he had his final bride picked out long ago.

She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen . . . But she was trapped in Heaven, on a desolate rock in the middle of the ocean, barred by ancient magic, caged like an animal.

Lucifer still remembered when he first saw her, he'd just been told by God he was to rule Hell and decided to take revenge. He'd ruin God's precious daughter in Eden and that would be his first rebellion.

Her hair was mahogany, her lips red like the rose, her eyes a warm chocolate brown . . . So sad and confused as the bird writhed in agony before her . . . So innocent . . . Not . . .

Lucifer ran his fingers through his hair and held his sword in his hand. Four white wings upon his back beat down as he neared the island. He could see the great Tree of Knowledge in the center, looming over a dark figure kneeling under it. He guessed it was Alexiel, the infamous Organic Angel, an unfeeling woman who was beautiful as she was cold. Lucifer landed on the ground and the rock wall blocked his way inside the perfect prison. He growled and slashed his sword against it, sending a burst of power that shattered the rock wall to pebbles.

Alexiel was startled and had looked at him oddly, as if she'd never seen another person before. Lucifer stepped through the rubble and gazed upon her naked figure. She truly was a thing of beauty, her cream colored skin free of scars and bruises, lips so red . . . Hair wavy and slightly curled here and there . . . A beautiful young angel who couldn't be more than fourteen. He had only been nineteen then but he already knew how to defile her.

Roughly he grabbed her wrists and slammed her on the ground, with him on top. She didn't struggle like she should have, no emotion on her face. Nothing. He'd said things as he kissed her neck, trailed his hands down her body. Alexiel never pushed him away the whole time, he should've known she was up to something, he was a warrior after all. She had his sword in a second, scratched him above his eye, then ran towards that damn bird and killed it. Alexiel told him she was cursed after that act, said she knew she'd never leave her prison because she'd eaten from her parent. Eating the flesh of another angel was enough to be deemed fallen, but of your own parent . . .

Her eyes were grave as he came closer and placed a light gossamer kiss upon her lips. She pushed him away then and he laughed darkly. Lucifer pushed off the ground and rose into the air, gazing at Alexiel all the while. He pointed at her and said, "Whenever you find a way out of that beautiful prison, never forget this! You are MY WOMAN. Until then go ahead and dance in the hands of God . . ."

"My Lord Lucifer?" Beliel said his name and he snapped out of his memory.

They stared at him oddly and he pushed away from the long table and stood. "We are done here. Beliel be sure to look for potential brides, Satans, by your leave." She nodded and Lucifer walked away from them.


"Hatter you bitch, how dare you," Barbelo hissed between her teeth. She pushed wild blonde hair from her face and wanted to scream.

Beliel grinned malevolently and shrugged. "It's obvious that he knows, there's no use hiding it."

"I agree with Mad Hatter." Asmodeus lit a cigarette and blew out smoke in circles. "Lucifer isn't stupid Barbelo, your act isn't protecting your already tarnished reputation."

"Of course you'd agree with Hatter," she sneered.

He exhaled more smoke and said nothing. Astaroth growled and grasped the sides of his head in agony and then he screamed. Instantly a woman stood where he was just moments before, gasping and clutching her chest, a black snake around her neck. "Astarte, I wondered when you'd appear," Beliel said. The woman gazed at her with pain filled eyes and collapsed into a nearby chair.

"Astaroth was trying very hard to suppress me for some reason," The black snake hissed and Astarte reached out a hand to pet it. It's hissing became louder and Astaroth snapped at her, barely missing her fingers. She sighed and let her hand fall. "Beliel how much longer?"

"Don't know . . ." she replied absently.

"You know, we made a pact with Lucifer, he promised his rule would be better than His but it's probably no different, I say we over throw him and lead a war to try and take over Heaven." Asmodeus slammed his fist onto the table to add more to his message. Barbelo rubbed her chin thoughtfully and Astarte ran her fingers over the table's smooth surface. Only Beliel spoke in outrage.

"You're joking Asmodeus."

"I'd never joke about something like this."

"Lucifer is the only reason Hell is fruitful . . ." she began.

"And? Heaven will be even better." Asmodeus said.

"For one thing, we don't have enough power to try a take over . . ."

"Each of us alone could take down a hundred of their pathetic angels," he retorted.

"I won't do it, unlike you other Satans I am loyal to Lucifer and always will be." Beliel started to leave but . . .

"Not so loyal when you won't give him Kurai as a wife . . ." Barbelo said. "Face it, you want that girl all to yourself, he only let you keep her becau-" She didn't get to finish because Beliel held her by the throat and was beginning to crush her windpipe.

"Say that again," Beliel challenged. "I dare you."

Barbelo laughed and rasped out, "I'd speak more clearly if you let go."

Beliel snarled and slammed her back into the table roughly before letting go and walking out.

Barbelo rubbed her sore neck but smiled all the while.


Lucifer sighed and leaned back in the shower letting the water wash away the dirt and grime from the day. It had been very tiring, especially the meeting with the Satans, those were always trying on his patience. But today had been better than most. For the first time in about three years he thought about Alexiel again. That beautiful, beautiful angel . . . Their first meeting in Eden had been eye opening for him . . . Lucifer sighed and turned his face up to the spray, he wondered what Alexiel thought of it . . .


Gabrielle sighed and listened to Raphael rant about yet another girl in Heaven wanting more of his attentions than usual. Honestly, couldn't he talk to someone else . . . Like Michael? No, Michael would probably burn him to death instead . . . If only Raphael were that stupid . . .

"Gabrielle are you listening to me?" he demanded. She nodded and he continued on his little rant. Her eyes wandered to the window and she gazed out across the land which was covered with millions of flowers, white lilies, her favorite flower. The sea met the shore and beyond she could see a dark island, with steep cliffs along the sides to prevent anyone from going in or getting out . . . Eden . . . Alexiel's prison . . .

"Raphael?" she said suddenly.

"What?" he answered. Raphael fell into the couch across from her and stretched like a cat.

"Do you remember when Lucifer visited Alexiel in Eden?"

"Yeah, we watched them . . . I think Michael was with us," he laughed. "Had to stop Mika-chan from going down there to kill that bastard twin brother of his . . ."

"Don't use such lewd language, you're an angel Raphael, and I use that term loosely." she said as Raphael laughed loudly.

"With everything I've done I shouldn't even be an angel anymore." Raphael knew where this was going, why else would she ask about it? Making it seem casual and of little interest didn't hide the fact that it wasn't . . .

"Did you really shoot an arrow into his heart?" she asked quietly.

Raphael looked at her curiously. "Michael suggested it first . . . I shot it though . . ." he said warily.

She rubbed her forehead and sighed deeply. Shit.


Alexiel spread her fingers out and lay upon the soft grass to stare up at the night sky. Stars twinkled and wind rustled her hair . . . Such beauty here but all she could think about was getting out. And of that man. That dark heavenly angel who became the Demon Lord of Hell . . . Lucifer. She didn't know why he always found his way into her thoughts, her dreams, her everything. He was different from the other angels she'd met before, all so loving of servitude to God, not realizing they were doomed, but Lucifer. He'd been different, known he'd just been a pawn for God but wanted something more.

Their first meeting had been eventful to say the least; he'd kissed her and she'd pushed him away, after a while. Alexiel was actually ashamed to say she'd enjoyed it, that was before she'd reminded herself that he'd originally come to rape her to anger God. He'd just wanted to use her . . . But . . . That last kiss, those words he spoke kept ringing in her ears. He'd called her his woman and she hadn't denied it.

Alexiel sighed and closed her eyes. Memories of their second meeting in Eden entered her dreams . . .

She pressed her hands against the walls of her prison and instantly the barrier flared to life and pushed her back several feet. Her fingers burned and blistered but she tried again. And again and again. Alexiel didn't even hear him land this time, he didn't blow the wall to bits, just touched down on the grass. Lucifer grabbed her arm and whipped her around to face him. It'd only been a few days since their last meeting but already it could've been a hundred. He'd changed in that short amount of time, blackened his wings with darkness and assumed the position High Lord of Hell.

"What the hell are you doing woman?"

No emotion, just a question that demanded an answer. Alexiel stared up into his perfect face, dark lashes framing silver eyes and black hair, a dark halo about his head. A glorious fallen angel.

"Burning myself." she answered emotionlessly.

"What a stupid thing to do," he remarked. "You can't break the barriers because they're especially made for you . . ."

"I know that!" she snapped. As if she could forget, that's why he could come and go as he pleased while she was stuck here for eternity. Alexiel wrenched out of his grasp and stormed over to the Tree of Knowledge and the shade beneath it. She sat upon a rock and glared at her burned hands, red with sores and bleeding steadily. Lucifer followed her, kneeled at her feet, and gently took her hand in his and brought it to his lips. She watched as he licked the blood away and sucked on her fingers to numb the pain. "Why are you doing this?" she asked.

He didn't reply for a long time, instead he continued to tend to her wounds. Her breath caught in her throat as he tenderly kissed her fingers, then placed a kiss in the center of her palm.

"I came to talk to you, why else?" Lucifer said. "You are a real mystery Alexiel, I've never met anyone like you before . . . Frankly I don't know why I can't stop thinking about you."

"So I'm just a distraction from your work?" she asked hotly.

Lucifer laughed and a small smile lit up his face. Alexiel was quite taken with it, she'd never been smiled at before. "You are a," he searched for the right words. "Pleasant distraction for me. Hell can be very boring at times and I don't know what to do with myself sometimes." He traced her fingers and the lines in her palm absently.

"Shouldn't you be planning to take over Heaven?"

"Perhaps . . ." he answered carefully. "But you interest me more right now."

"Do I . . ." she said skeptically. "Am I that interesting?"

"You are. A beautiful angel, one of the highest rank in Heaven, trapped in Eden by God for being too powerful . . . For being a woman." Lucifer gazed at her face with eyes that burned with an emotion so great that she knew, at that moment she knew what he'd ask. "I can get you out of here Alexiel. You can come with me to Hell, be free from God . . ." Alexiel didn't respond and Lucifer said darkly, "You don't believe me?"

Believe a demon? The problem was that she did believe him, he'd get her out of here . . .

"But?" she asked. "What's the catch?"

He smiled. "You must become my bride in exchange. You'll be my wife and live in Hell with me." Alexiel scowled and turned away from him, but Lucifer traced his finger along her jaw and turned her back. He was impossibly close and before she knew it his lips were on hers in a kiss. "You're going to accept my offer because you're desperate for freedom. You know I can give it to you Alexiel . . ."

"I know." she said quietly.

"Good." he said. Lucifer ran his finger down her chest, absently trailing them across her breasts, down her rib cage, lower still to her stomach . . . Alexiel batted his hand away before he went farther. "I'll come for you when you turn seventeen . . . Deal?"

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" Alexiel asked. Lucifer narrowed his eyes. "Prove it." He fished out a small knife, the blade sharp and gleaming in the light. Lucifer pushed away the sleeve of his jacket and sliced his arm from wrist to elbow. Rich crimson blood flowed and dripped onto her own arm, a startling contrast to her pale skin. Lucifer loomed over her, a dark figure against the sky . . . "Fine." she snarled. The wound healed itself and Lucifer pulled his sleeve down and straightened his clothes to leave. "Leaving so soon?"

"I feel I've over stayed my welcome." he answered nonchalantly. "How old are you now?"


"Three years from now I'll be back for you Alexiel." Lucifer spread his black wings, about to take flight. "Don't forget, you're my woman."

She didn't forget, she'd never forget. Lucifer had promised that day, with blood, that he'd come back to rescue her.

Alexiel sighed and continued looking towards the sky. Could he have forgotten already? Would he really come?

Lucifer, she thought, It's been three years. Will you come for me?


Rosiel slammed his fist into the wall and collapsed onto the marble floor, hugging his knees to his chest. Damn her, damn Alexiel. No. No, he loved his sister, he loved Alexiel, he couldn't damn her. His beautiful, innocent sister. Trapped on an island in the middle of nowhere in a perfect prison designed especially for her . . . No matter how many times he went, no matter how many times he killed, she never smiled at him. Never even spoke to him. He killed those servants for her, made sure she watched it all, to show her to what lengths he'd go to make her happy.

But no.

Alexiel didn't understand his love.

"Rosiel," He looked up sullenly to see Katan. Instantly Rosiel smiled and leapt into Katan's open arms of comfort and security. "Rosiel are you alright?" In response Rosiel buried his face into Katan's chest and breathed deeply, enjoying the moment. Arms wrapped around him tightly and he sighed.



"I want to go see Alexiel now."


"Where are you going?" Lucifer ignored Barbelo's question and continued to dress accordingly, he was after all going to break Alexiel out of prison. He tugged on a black jacket to protect himself from the chill and buckled his belt around his waist. Barbelo's hand reached out and stopped him. "Tell me what the hell you're going to do."

Lucifer pushed her hand away and continued dressing. "I'm going to get my final bride."

"Who is she?"

"Organic Angel Alexiel."

Barbelo suddenly had a coughing spasm. "God's daughter!? You're joking!" Besides the fact that it'd be suicide Barbelo didn't want him to have a wife more beautiful than herself, all the others she'd marred with a knife she kept on her at all times. Alexiel, rumors obviously, is the most beautiful angel in Heaven and is of the highest rank. Barbelo wouldn't allow it. "You can't, you'll be killed."

"Worried about me are you?" Lucifer replied. "Or is it, that you can't stand to be second best?"

"Silence." Barbelo screamed in outrage.

"Be careful, I won't always be this lenient," he said. "By the way, if Alexiel is hurt in anyway by that knife I'll see to it personally that you never live to see another day."

With that said Lucifer took off and Barbelo cursed.


Alexiel bent down to pick up another lily but stopped. A dark shadow, much darker than the others, past over her and she looked up into Lucifer's smirking face. He'd grown out his hair since they'd last seen each other and he'd grown taller and more . . . Sinister? She didn't know.

"I'm here." he said simply.

". . . You kept your promise . . ."

"I said I'd come for you in three years didn't I?"

Alexiel nodded as she gathered lilies and violets into her arms. "You did."

"Are you coming with me?" Lucifer asked.



Alexiel turned around, startled to see Rosiel and Katan a few feet behind them, Lucifer just looked annoyed. Rosiel glared angrily at Lucifer and Katan had an arm around her little brother's waist, preventing him from flying at the Lord of Hell.

"You get away from Alexiel you son of a bitch." he said menacingly. Alexiel was taken aback, and from the look on Katan's face so was he. Rosiel? Using that type of language? It wasn't possible. "I know why you're here, you want to take Alexiel down with you to Hell and make her your wife." Rosiel hissed.

"I'm glad you know." Lucifer snaked an arm around Alexiel's waist and pressed her body flush against his. He smirked at Rosiel's outrage and fury. "But we must be going now."

"Hold on there Lucifer." It was Katan that spoke. "You can go but Alexiel stays here. It's God's will."

Lucifer scoffed. "God's will? It's God's will to keep her locked up in here?"

Alexiel stared up into silver eyes and she knew then that she'd go with him. No matter what Rosiel tried to do she'd end up in Hell anyways. "Rosiel," He looked at her, eyes wide. "I'm going with him. He's the only one who can get me out of here." She let the flowers from her arms fall to the ground and gripped Lucifer's cloak as he hooked his arms under her legs and around her shoulders, cradling her to him.

Rosiel was stalk still and Katan watched it all with narrowed eyes.

"You angels are so stupid." Lucifer rose into the air and disappeared, with Alexiel in his arms, in a flurry of black feathers.

At that moment Rosiel gave a cry of rage. He dropped to the ground and screamed a scream so terrible that the flowers grew brown and died. The grass beneath them turned brittle and coarse. The winds howled through, destroying the rock walls that kept Alexiel imprisoned and blowing away the leaves upon the Tree of Knowledge. The fruit on it curled and turned a sickly brown-ish purple, molding and rotten. Katan watched in horror as Eden turned, from a once fruitful paradise, to an ugly wasteland.



Spring: End


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