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(A/N: Right now this is all from Nanatsusaya's memory.)

Nanatsusaya could remember her, Alexiel, and their many lives together. He could especially remember their first meeting and the deal that bound them together. Out of countless angels and demons, only she could tame him, why? She'd promised that she would tell him his past, who he was and why he was a sword, but in the end she'd lied and used him. After all he was just a sword with a soul . . . Right?

No. Not right. He was much more.

They'd fought numerous battles together, created a mountain of corpses together.

Nanatsusaya thought harder. She'd been released by two Evils from Gehenna, they'd brought her soul with them, and then Alexiel made the deal. He'd helped her for years, always beside her but never truly there. She waged a war against God and sided with the Evils and Demons of Hell, then she was recaptured by Heaven and sentenced to reincarnate as a human and face a vicious death with each life she led. Nanatsusaya could remember the court room and her stoic face, as if she'd expected nothing less. The jewel she used to control him was around her neck, that damn red pendant.

In the last battle he remembered before she was captured, Alexiel slashed her wrist and her warm blood flowed over him. "There." she had said before the angels got her. He hadn't understood then what a great gift she'd given him; the power of immortality.

Nanatsusaya told himself that he'd follow her because he had to know who he was, Alexiel was the only one who knew. He didn't care about anything else, he just had to know. He didn't care about her, and he certainly didn't feel the need to protect her. He just had to know. Right . . . ?

He didn't know.


Tower of London, February 12, 1554.

In this life her name was Jane Grey, Alexiel was 'The Nine Days' Queen'. Nanatsusaya gazed at her beautifully composed face; the pale skin, cool hazel eyes and the combed red hair. He'd possessed a priest named John de Feckenham, a Catholic man apparently hired to convert Alexiel before her execution. In his opinion it was a stupid venture, what did it matter if she was Protestant or Catholic when she was going to be executed anyways? He was permitted to witness the execution and stood beside Alexiel. Together they watched others from the rebellion, which she had no part of, receive their sentence, her husband among them.

Truly it wasn't her fault, she hadn't wanted the throne, and she was too young to receive it anyways. A girl of fifteen ruling one of the most powerful countries in the world? A victim of politics was who she was, of the plot to try and keep Mary from the throne, and now she would die at the age of sixteen.

It was Alexiel's turn and executioner tied the blindfold around her eyes and Nanatsusaya watched as she tried to find the executioner's block but couldn't. He touched her hand and took one last look at the face of her reincarnation; silent tears rolled slowly down her cheeks as he led her to the block so she could retain her dignity.

Nanatsusaya absently touched the blood stain across his chest, hidden by his clothes, as the sword was brought down upon her neck.

We love our tragedies,

We're both broken in our own little ways,

We're broken but we fit together just right,

You know I saw the black inside your eyes,

I saw they were eclipsed by mine . . . And they looked just right,


Salem Town, Massachusetts, 1692.

(A/N: This won't be as historically correct as the first one was.)

He'd found Alexiel easily enough in this life, but the problem lay with possessing someone near her; so far the only candidate was another woman in the prison named Alice Farrow. So now, Nanatsusaya found himself living in a girl, no, a woman's body. Alexiel's name was Ann Parker. He was older by a year and Alexiel was seventeen. Her eyes were downcast and her body was crouched against the stone walls of their prison. He stretched out his leg slightly and winced at the cuts that opened up and bled.

They were both accused of being witches.

Nanatsusaya had never touched a female body before and he gingerly cupped the weight his breast in the palm of his hand. It was weird. To be male, he knew he had been male, and exist in a female body, with all it's femininity, was strange.

"It's such a waste," Alexiel commented, her eyes glanced over his female form. "You're very pretty to look at."

He knew it wasn't really Alexiel speaking, but he wished it was. "You're not too bad yourself." he replied casually.

She laughed but stopped as a man appeared at their cell and ordered them to stand up. More of them came and random people he'd never met grasped his arms and others grabbed Alexiel, dragging her behind them. His eyes were blinded by sudden light as they were both brought out towards the town court house. People stood all around, staring and jeering at them, one even had the courage to throw a tomato at him. Nanatsusaya ducked and it missed, instead showering the dirt ground with red juice and seeds.

His bonds were cut and he was thrust upon an elevated platform of wood once they reached the court house. Alexiel soon followed. Nanatsusaya gazed at the court and wanted to laugh: About twenty people were there to testify against them. He listened silently as person after person came forward and spoke evidence, which was circumstantial, exaggerated, and just plain stupid. He was a witch just because he was not present for church? He turned his neighbor into a toad? The poor man, who was said to have been turned into a toad, could only be so lucky; he was hideous. Alexiel closed her eyes and kept her face void of emotion as her own sibling called her a witch.

"Miss Ann Parker, do you have anything to say in your defense?" the judge asked.

"I am no witch," she said simply.

It was no use to say anything else, already it was obvious they were both dead.

"Guilty." "Guilty." "Guilty." "Guilty." "Guilty." "Guilty." "Guilty."




They lashed Alexiel to the stake and set wood around her feet, then doused them with pig fat to help them burn. Her eyes were filled with fright and she was choking back cries. The true Alexiel would never have showed emotion in their situation, and would not almost be crying. He felt a small amount of disgust and Nanatsusaya tried escaping from his captures, attempting to twist out of their grasp, but one man grabbed the front of his dress and ripped it off 'accidentally'. Cries of shock came from everyone: The blood stain was on show and he covered his chest with his puny female arms.

"Witch! Witch! WITCH!" The screams came from all around and Nanatsusaya felt his arms being pried from his chest and his body being dragged towards the second stake.

They tied his wrists behind him and began burning them both. The scent of fire filled his nose and Alexiel screamed as her flesh began burning away from her bones. Heat curled around his ankles and he heard Alexiel scream to God for mercy.

Nanatsusaya wanted to laugh at the irony. You lost that long ago woman.

When our lights meet,

Will you know me then?

And will you want to know it?


(Whitechapel area) London, England, 1888

This time he was too late and all he could do was stare at Alexiel's mutilated body; it had been ravaged by the serial killer dubbed 'Jack the Ripper'. Nanatsusaya glanced around the room idly as police shook their heads and made notes on the room. She'd been killed inside her room late at night and the killer periodically left her internal organs strewn throughout it. Her throat was slashed open and the killer had taken her heart with him. The woman's name was Mary Jane Kelly, to her customers she was 'Ginger'. She was a simple prostitute working the Whitechapel area, but an unfortunate victim in the killing spree.

Nanatsusaya sighed and began walking away, but not before he heard one officer comment, "She was only twenty-five, it's sad really . . ."

Yes, he thought to himself, It is sad.

It feels like I've known you for so long,

When our lights meet,

Will you want me then?

And will you ever know it?

It seems like you've known me for so long,


Japan, Meiji period.

(A/N: I'm not sure about the period, I'm just guessing.)

Alexiel was a courtesan at a brothel and fell in love with a young boy from a ruined samurai family, the only thing of value he held was a katana, Shiranui. It was apparently a gift for his ancestor from a Shogun and he attempted to sell it to free her, but she was too valuable and drew too many important customers for the brothel, her owner would never allow it. So they decided to flee one night, but they were caught. The boy was killed and Alexiel's astral powers showed themselves. It was those same powers that made the people of her land detest her and became the reason that they sold her away.

She killed her master and ran. "Don't let her get away! Catch her and beat her to death!"

Nanatsusaya appeared before the near dead boy and he made a pact: for use of the body he would do one thing for him. His last wish was incomprehensible and Nanatsusaya sat up quickly inside his new body. A puddle of blood surrounded his body, stained his clothes, and he touched his chest, the bloodstain. He could hear the men trying to find Alexiel stumble around in the darkness, but he knew where she was.

I love your analogies,

We're both crazy in our own little ways,

We talk about the future and our past lives,

I know I loved you then,

I know I'd love you now,

I know I'll love you then . . . I know I love you now,

He stepped inside the hut and Alexiel turned around, half-startled and half-scared. When she saw it was 'him' she cried out in surprise, "You . . .!" She threw herself into his arms and said, "I can't believe it! How!?" Tears streamed down her face and tresses of ash blonde hair stuck to her cheeks. "Oh . . .! No . . . You must run away . . . I can't! My legs . . . Are . . ." Nanatsusaya stared downward and saw her bleeding ankle; it had been sliced by someone's blade. "I've heard this before . . . A courtesan who was caught trying to run away with a man . . . Was cut open in front of the master . . . Then drowned and thrown away . . .!" Her body shuddered and her grip upon him tightened.

Gently, Nanatsusaya placed his hands on her back and he grasped her hair between his fingers.

She sighed, then said, "So that's why in that river there are many unidentifiable, defaced dead bodies . . ."

My only wish is this: Tell her that I love her . . . With my words, with my body, with my heart . . . And let her rest in peace. Nanatsusaya wondered what he meant.

Alexiel kissed him then, her lips pressed softly against his. Suddenly she pulled back and it wasn't her reincarnation that looked into his eyes; it was her. "Oh . . . Why do I see it only now?" Alexiel's hands touched his cheek and her fingers traced his lips in wonder. "You're the one I've been waiting for. You have," He kissed her fingers. "Been searching for me for a long time. Forever and ever . . ." Her lips found his again and she pushed down the fabric from his shoulders. "We've . . . Finally met . . ."

When our lights meet,

Will know me then?

And will you want to know it?

It feels like I've known you for so long,

When our lights meet,

Will you want me then?

And will you ever know it?

It seems like you've known me for so long,

She brought his body down on top of hers and they continued kissing. Alexiel reached up and pulled the ribbon from his hair and raven locks fell down across his shoulders. "I always liked your hair; it was so black." she said absently. "Like it is now."

"Who am I?" he asked quietly. Nanatsusaya stilled her hands and Alexiel's smile confused him, as did her reply.

"You always wanted this, every time we were together, but now that I'm giving it to you," she shook her head. "You start asking me questions instead. Don't you want me anymore?" Alexiel shrugged off the kimono she wore to reveal her breasts.

Nanatsusaya glanced at them quickly then resumed staring into her eyes. "Why won't you answer my question?" he asked. "I did everything you asked of me back then and you promised you'd tell me who I was before I became a sword." His eyes narrowed and he added, "I thought you didn't like liars."

"I didn't lie." she remarked hotly. "Why do you follow me?" Alexiel kissed his jaw and tunneled her fingers through his hair.

"I want to know who I am . . ."

She smiled and murmured against his lips, "Why?"

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.

It seems like I've known you for so long,

"Because I want to know the truth about my past," Nanatsusaya said solemnly as she sweetly kissed his mouth, running her tongue across his bottom lip. "I won't stop following you till you tell me and keep your promise." Her fingers traced the bloodstain on his chest and Nanatsusaya closed his eyes. The feeling she brought out of him was alien. "I hate you," he said vindictively.

Alexiel took his hand and placed it on her breast. "You are such a liar." she whispered as she kissed him.

Nanatsusaya pulled away the rest of her clothes and laid her down.

Yells and sounds from outside reached his ears and Nanatsusaya slowly raised his head. The pursuers were near. Alexiel's arm was slung across his chest and her naked body was pressed flush against him. He gently pushed her body off his and rose. If she is caught here, this woman would be tortured and killed, Nanatsusaya thought. God's wheel never stops.

Nanatsusaya groped for the sword he had and felt the cold metal digging into his flesh. He stood above her and gazed down at Alexiel, her reincarnation sleeping peacefully. This was best he kept telling himself, this was right. So she wouldn't suffer, he would sever the wheel of fate with his own hands.

"You're kind . . . Very kind." she said suddenly. "Do it please." Alexiel sat up, tears rolled down her cheeks and she smiled. "No one has ever . . . Defied God's fate . . . For me." She turned around, pushed the hair out of the way and exposed the back of her neck to him. "Now . . .! So that . . . We may meet again!"

He did it swiftly and blood spattered against his cheek and clothes. Nanatsusaya felt hot liquid falling from his eyes and, in utter surprise, he reached up to feel tears. The door to the hut crashed open and men filed in, pointing to himself and the dead woman that lay on the floor.

What are these tears? What is this warmth that trails down my cheeks? I do not know. Why was this deed this man's last wish? Nanatsusaya glanced down at Alexiel dead body and the tears fell faster. No matter how many times we meet, how many times I pursue, I can never understand this pain in my chest . . . Nor sadness.

He killed the pursuers out of rage and finished the pact he'd made. His time in this life was done and Nanatsusaya once again became a spirit and left the boy's body. The Shiranui called him master and it decided to follow him, which he found slightly amusing: A sword following a sword.

Nanatsusaya sighed, damn it, he never could save Alexiel.

You can't have everything you want when you want it,

I will be everything you want when you want it,

Wait for me,

Trust me,

Fall for me,

(A/N: Used a lot of stuff from AS in this part.)


Heaven, Earth (Tokyo, Japan) & Hell, 1999

(A/N: This is the present. End Nanatsusaya's memory now.)

This life was so different, everything was different now. Nanatsusaya lifted his gaze from his book and watched Alexiel's current reincarnation, Mudo Setsuna, fight against a few other guys. There was something about Setsuna that made him different from the rest, in this life something had changed and Nanatsusaya couldn't quite put his finger on it. Perhaps it was the fact that he'd influenced Setsuna for eleven years since he'd taken over the body of the dying boy Sakuya Kira . . . or maybe it was the merciful death of her last life.

Blood flashed across Setsuna's vision and he doubled over, clutching his stomach and covering his mouth. That was his cue. Kira closed his book with a snap and pushed himself off the wall to join the fray.

Those earrings he'd given Setsuna sure came in handy.

xxxxx (A/N: Indicate scene change, but still within this time period.)

He inhaled on a cigarette and watched as Setsuna dug himself an even deeper hole and fell harder for his sister Mudo Sara. Add two Evils to the mix, Arachne and Kurai, and it was becoming pretty entertaining. Nanatsusaya remembered those two clearly: They had been the ones to release Alexiel.

Setsuna returned to him and Kira smirked at his friend's 'problem', which had not diminished since he'd gone to see his sister.

"I saw you with her yesterday. With that type of expression everyone will know." he said seriously.

"It's . . . It's not like that! What are you saying Kira-sempai!?" Setsuna stammered.

Sakuya smirked and replied, "Oh? Then I'll have Sara. I'll have fun with her for a few months till I get bored with her."

In a flash Setsuna had his collar in a vice grip. "NO! IF YOU EVEN LAY A FINGER ON HER I'LL KILL YOU!" he screamed.

He was breathing hard from his outburst and Nanatsusaya calmly stared back. He was unfazed by the threat and truly he felt sorry for Alexiel's reincarnation and his impossible love. "You . . . You always fall for the most troublesome loves . . ." Setsuna only gazed at him in confusion and Nanatsusaya knew he didn't understand anything at all.


Nanatsusaya stood in the dark as Setsuna spoke with Kurai, telling the young Evil princess that humanity was not all bad. Perhaps it wasn't, but it wasn't all good either: He'd experienced the prejudice and harshness first hand. It was surprising, but he suspected that Rosiel had appeared when the great wave of light engulfed Tokyo. Damn Rosiel. He'd always been a constant presence for some reason, always watching from a far off place . . . Untouchable and unseen. What was his purpose anyways? Always following, always watching . . . Those golden eyes haunted his every waking moment. Was he there because he worried about Alexiel?

(A/N: Rosiel isn't really 'there'. He's like a spirit sort of.)

He felt a slight pang in his chest as he looked at Rosiel. The lips were exact replicas, and the eyes were similar, the only difference being their color. Alexiel's twin was almost a mirror of her, except for the hair . . . And the absence of Alexiel's breasts.

Nanatsusaya chuckled quietly to himself. It was such a human thing to think about. He must've made a sound and Kurai suddenly whipped around, lashing out with power. The wood panels around his splintered and fell, revealing his hiding spot. "Oh scary," he said sarcastically, emerging from the dark. They didn't recognize him and he smiled. Kurai hadn't aged a day, still looking like a fourteen year old girl, while Arachne had grown slightly taller. "What are you . . .? Was that story true?"

Arachne walked over to him smoothly and entwined her arms around his neck. "A slip not to notice your presence, but that's fine. You are rather my type so," She pulled back her hand and a knife appeared upon the back of it. "I'll kill you gently without suffering!" Arachne attacked and he dodged quickly. A look of absolute shock crossed her face and it gave him an opening. Nanatsusaya grabbed her wrist and spun her around to slam her against the wall.

"Arachne!" Kurai cried.

"A beautiful face," he remarked. "But a dangerous woman."

"What did you say!?" Arachne yelled/asked. All of a sudden she changed and one hand tipped his head towards her and she was grinning like an idiot. "Really? Am I beautiful? Sexy? Dynamite?" She hadn't changed much through the years; still as obsessed with her looks just like before. Kurai screamed her cousin's name in outrage and Arachne complained and asked if she truly had to kill him.

Nanatsusaya touched her shoulder and felt the definite muscles there and exclaimed, "Oh, you're a guy." She screeched in protest and backed away. He continued speaking, obviously making her angrier because her eyes narrowed dangerously and her voice became deadly as she said, "My heart is that of a female but my power is that of a man! Don't think light of a drag queen!"

In a split second crimson flashed across his vision and he barely had time to register the cut before a million others like it appeared all over his human body. The feeling of pain was overwhelming and his body fell, slamming against the wall. He lay prone on the floor and Arachne touched his cheek gently while mourning over how she'd turned him into 'minced meat'.

"Bye bye handsome," she said before she left. "Mouth is a root of troubles."

Time passed and the slash across his chest healed, blood reentered his battered body, and his limbs reattached themselves. His heart began beating again, the organ thumping against his chest. Nanatsusaya moved his fingers gingerly, to see if the nerves had repaired themselves, and he began to laugh. He'd remember Arachne's warning next time. Somehow he wasn't regenerating as fast as before . . . Maybe Alexiel's blood was thinning out. His human body wouldn't last much longer then . . .

"Oh," he said as he spied his right arm on the floor. "Damn. Forgot this." Nanatsusaya held it against the stump of his arm and instantly blood vessels and nerve endings began connecting it to the rest of his body. Rosiel wanted Alexiel, the Evils wanted her too, but he wasn't going to let them have her. Not ever. "But I'm not giving Setsuna up that easily," he stated to no one in particular. "He was my woman before he was even born."

Whatever Setsuna wanted in the end . . . He was only a slave to his master's wishes.


"Sempai, do you believe in God?" Setsuna asked. He sat on the stairs, knees pulled to his chest. Sakuya didn't know how to answer that and just stared blankly at Setsuna. "I read it somewhere that those who commit adultery, are gay, and those who do it with animals are all condemned to death." He fisted a handful of hair and added, "Also incest."

Ah, Nanatsusaya thought, And here was the root of Setsuna's question.

"Do you know? Sempai, I'm the reincarnation of this high angel and demons who are trying to get rid of this world are asking me to lend them a hand." He knew . . . Of course he did. Alexiel was the only person he could think about sometimes, the power she wielded over him, even when she wasn't truly there, frightened him. "And they don't need me, Mudo Setsuna, but the former life who had great powers. It's not me . . ." Setsuna raised his head and smiled at him warmly. "The only person who looks at the real me is Sara . . . And you."

Nanatsusaya frowned slightly at Setsuna's remark, luckily the boy hadn't seen it. No. He didn't see him as 'Setsuna', probably never will. Whenever he gazed at that face, he saw the clear, cold eyes, the flawless face that betrayed nothing and that damn hair he wanted to touch so badly. He saw Alexiel. Her cunning, her strength and that dark secret part of her soul that no one could ever understand. I'm sorry Setsuna, but you'll always be Alexiel to me . . . Always.

Even when you don't know you're falling for me,

Will you fall for it,

If it should it'll come around again,

But don't wait for me and don't trust me,

Don't fall for me,

Even when you know you're falling for me,

He didn't deny Setsuna's words and instead bent over him, mussing his hair and said, "The woman must be happy. I can never be like you."

"I've . . . always felt that Sempai was trying to avoid being loved . . ." he said quietly.

Sakuya stood and moved away, suddenly touching Setsuna seemed to burn him. The words pierced his soul, the truth behind them seemed to strip him bare. "In this world," he began. "There are things you can't reveal, no matter how much you feel about it." The same feeling he felt when he killed Alexiel welled up in his chest, tightening. Tears seemed to be forcing themselves into his eyes but he didn't cry. "I can only keep on lying . . ." Sakuya turned to Setsuna and took in the expression on his face. The boy understood . . . Somewhat.

The air suddenly chilled and Setsuna stood while rubbing his arms for warmth. Sakuya chewed on the end of his cigarette and stared at the darkening sky. It was time. "I'll give you this." He tossed it to Setsuna's chest and he caught it. Parting with the stone felt like a piece of his soul had left him, but it also felt right. "It's like my guardian stone." he explained. "If you lose it I'll kill you." He'd already be dead, but he didn't want to mention that at the moment. He walked off, leaving Setsuna with a confused expression and his life.

"How long do you intend to spy?" he asked aloud, whipping around to face Rosiel's face in the sky.

"I see, you were the one protecting Setsuna." Rosiel remarked. "Every time she reincarnates . . . Again and again . . ." Nanatsusaya glared up at him and said nothing. "I think your way of love is right . . . Just like me." Rosiel laughed darkly and left him in peace.

'Just like me.' He was nothing like Rosiel, nothing like that sadistic angel totally obsessed with Alexiel. All he did was protect her and wait for her to tell him who he was. That was all.

'Way of love'?

Nanatsusaya didn't even understand what love was.


Papers were falling from the sky and Setsuna had a mad look in his eyes, trying desperately to capture them all and screaming. Kira did the only thing he could do: He slapped him. "Calm down," he said with disdain, gazing down at Setsuna's figure on the ground. "It's disgraceful Setsuna."

"Disgraceful?" Setsuna asked, stunned. "That's right . . .! It is disgraceful! Everything written here is true! To have truly wished to make love to my own sister! That's right, it's strange! It's out of line!" His eyes grew more crazed by the second and he yelled out at the top of his lungs, "Mom and the rest world will say . . . They all tell me: 'Mudo Setsuna is crazy! He's going to Hell!'

"But you really love Sara, correct?" Kira asked. "Then there's no choice. It doesn't matter what the spectators say, even if that love is a mistake, it's ok." Nanatsusaya didn't think about it, just let the words come out; a liberation for Setsuna's tortured soul. For Alexiel. For himself and his impossible love. He knew Setsuna had always wanted to hear those few words, ones that didn't question his faults but accepted them. Tears rolled down Setsuna's cheeks and he launched himself into Kira's arms.


For some reason he was sad, the feeling crushing against his chest. Setsuna knew the truth now, how he was only a sword, not even human, and how he didn't care about him, just about Alexiel. How it had always been about Alexiel.

"Aren't you going to go after him?" Arachne asked.

"Not really . . . I don't really care." he said. No. He did care. He wanted to comfort Setsuna and take it all back, say it was all a lie. But it was better this way. There would be no attachment and he felt no regret. Not a single ounce of regret. "What I said was all true."

"Then why . . . Do you look like you're about to cry?"

She was a fucking liar. He was an evil spirit that had felt no remorse in killing thousands of innocent people. He did not feel sorrow.

"Other than Alexiel, all feared and hated me. Cursed me. And you say I have human feelings?"

Arachne grinned and said simply, "That's emotion."


(A/N: Alexiel will have her own thoughts etc. expressed from now on along with Nanatsusaya. If you can't tell, Nanatsusaya is learning how to be human.)

She could still remember their first time together, even though it wasn't 'Lucifer's' real body, it was his soul, and that was enough then. His kisses had been sweet and his caress gentle. Alexiel would never forget the words he spoke, and how he said he hated her. A grim smile found it's way to her lips and she closed her eyes. It cut her deeply, and for a second she thought it was really Lucifer looking at her through those eyes.

But Lucifer had lost any memory of her, and himself, after God placed his soul inside Nanatsusaya.

When she was freed by Arachne and Kurai she immediately went searching for him. No matter where he was, no matter what form, she always recognized him. Alexiel only had to look once to realize Nanatsusaya was indeed Lucifer. Needless to say she was crushed. Later she found out from Arachne that the Satans had retrieved his body from Heaven and took it back to Hell.

In the dead of night she went down to Sheol and wasn't surprised to find Beliel waiting for her.

"You've come back Lady Alexiel." The jester remarked while rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "I'll take you to him."

The figure that sat upon the dark throne was clad all in black and didn't move as Alexiel placed a warm hand on his cheek. Her eyes softened a little and she knelt upon the dais so she could see his cold, silver eyes, now lifeless and dark. She braced herself with her hands on the arms of the throne and leaned in, pressing her lips to Lucifer's cold ones. For a split second emotion flashed across Lucifer's eyes and Alexiel smiled. She laid her cheek against his and whispered into his ear, "I came back to you, Lucifer. You said you'd never leave me . . . And I'm going to hold you to that promise."

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Beliel at the doors of the throne room, knowing that she was done.

After that she never went back to Sheol, instead she spent most of her days plotting and attacking Heaven's army. And, of course, that required her to be with Nanatsusaya. Despite not having a 'body', Lucifer had retained the sharp wit he had before. It took her a long time to start thinking of him as 'Nanatsusaya' instead of Lucifer, and it still pained her when he didn't recognize her as his 'wife' and instead as his 'master'.

One day they were alone on a vast meadow in Gehenna and Alexiel asked, "Nanatsusaya, what do you wish for?" He didn't reply. "When this war, which has lasted for so long is over . . . When the world starts to stand on its own two feet . . . When this is all finished . . . What is it that you wish for?"

Nanatsusaya couldn't say. Not in a million years. They'd show how weak he'd become and show Alexiel how much of a hold she truly had over him. He couldn't even see it, much less touch it. He didn't have eyes, or hands, or feet. Nothing. Fighting together, never parting, not even for an instant, and yet, somehow her eyes always looked right through him . . . Gazing at something far, far away. At something not there . . . At someone who wasn't him . . .

"I don't want anything from you."


Alexiel gazed at her hands and raised them up to the light. They were roughened from constant fighting and smelled like blood. "I can't even think of them as a woman's hands."

Kurai sat up suddenly and frowned at her. "Alexiel, you are the most beautiful person in the world. Those hands are warm and kind." Her silver hair gleamed and those blue eyes were steeled with conviction. Alexiel smiled a little and shook her head. Kurai always thought the best of her, while it was appreciated and welcomed, it wasn't always true.

"I don't have to become a girl!" Kurai remarked as she gazed at Alexiel intently. She knew Lucifer had been dead for a long time and it was time for her Lady to move on. If Alexiel didn't find interest in men, well, she could try to find a place in her heart. "I'm going to become a lot stronger and I'll make you my bride someday Alexiel! I'll protect you!" Kurai cried out "I'm not lying! I'm serious!" as Alexiel began chuckling quietly behind her hand.

She was truly touched at Kurai's affectionate outburst. Sadly, she only thought of the young Evil as a sister, not as a potential lover. Kurai didn't know Nanatsusaya was really Lucifer, and if she did she probably wouldn't have said such a thing. Alexiel hugged Kurai to her chest and murmured into her hair, "Thank you, Kurai." She sighed heavily and looked up at the sky while Kurai gazed at her, confusion written all over her face. "If the man I loved were like you . . . Then this would not have happened. A part of me that's still a woman hurts . . ."

Kurai understood that Alexiel would never love another the way she loved Lucifer and the young Evil hugged Alexiel even tighter, as if she could take away the hurt.


(A/N: There are time jumps right now, but once we hit a certain point everything will be periodical.)

Nanatsusaya raised his head and saw Setsuna floating in the air. He was laying on the cot in the jail cell and propped his head up on his hands. Well, well, well . . . It was about time.

"I can remember it now," Setsuna began. "It was you, during that long journey of reincarnation, that followed and protected me . . ."

"Too late." Nanatsusaya replied. You're so heartless Alexiel. He grasped Setsuna's arm and pulled him to his body. "You're dreaming right now." His hands caressed the boy's cheeks and a sense of warmth filled him. "It was of my own free will to follow you, so it's alright. Never ending, we always missed each other like this. No matter how many times I found your reincarnation, you didn't see that I was beside you. And whenever you did realize who I was . . . It was always too late." I always wanted to be with you. Setsuna gazed at him with a saddened expression, Nanatsusaya almost thought it looked like pity.

"Don't look at me like that." he said sharply.

He never wanted Setsuna to pity him.


"Did . . . You love Alexiel?" Setsuna asked from inside Alexiel's body. Kira's eyes widened just as Setsuna's narrowed, waiting for his answer. At that very moment, even though he was in Alexiel's real body, Nanatsusaya had never seen Setsuna look more like Alexiel. It was the hardened gaze that made it seem like it was truly Alexiel in that body. Suddenly he felt very tired. And sad.

He listened to Setsuna's rant with a blank expression, accepting everything he said. How he knew things he shouldn't, how he felt emotions that weren't his, and how everyone only saw him as Alexiel now that he was inside her body.

Not true Setsuna. Not everyone sees you as only Alexiel . . .

"I can't be this . . . Great Angel Alexiel!" he yelled out while clutching his arms about himself.

"'Great'?" Nanatsusaya asked blandly. "Is that how you think of her . . .?"

It happened so long ago, sometimes he could barely remember his existence then. He had been sealed inside the sword, until Alexiel had come and released him, claiming that she could control him. She was a dark flower, blooming on the battle fields, dyed with blood and building a mountain of dead corpses. Despite being such a terrifying woman, that gorgeous hair of hers flowed beautifully in the wind even when she was bathed in blood. But . . . Even if she was covered in blood . . . Or carried the stench of a hundred corpses . . . For him, she would always be the most beautiful woman in the world.

"If ever a day would come when I would be given a body of my own," Nanatsusaya said absently as he moved closer and ran his fingers through the length of Alexiel's dark hair. "I've always wanted to touch it." Setsuna's expression was one of shock and he was too startled to move when Nanatsusaya placed a hand over his. "Her hair was always very important to her. She couldn't stop being a woman even though she threw herself into battle endlessly. I wanted to . . . Cut that hair one day . . ." He fisted a handful of Alexiel's hair in his hand and pulled hard while he said darkly, "To tell you the truth, Setsuna, I've always hated Alexiel."

In his mind he could almost hear Alexiel's voice telling him he was a liar. That damn woman . . .

"That woman held my weakness in her hands. Using my secret as a shield she made me fight," Nanatsusaya grimaced and continued on. "But I can't forgive her for breaking our contract, for falling into the hands of Heaven. For many generations I have sought out your soul to make you fulfill your contract with me." He wanted to forget it was Setsuna and kiss Alexiel. But he didn't. "In your last life I raped you," Nanatsusaya unsheathed Shiranui and finished. "And killed you with this sword."

Setsuna wouldn't look at him after that, didn't know what to say in the light of the truth. It was just as well too he supposed. Nanatsusaya had endured centuries of painful solitude and, for about the hundredth time since he'd been freed, he wondered what Alexiel truly was to him.

"If you want to know who you are and where you come from, then accept me as your master." she'd said, as if it was that simple. A secret smile had been on her face and she added, "I know something. You see, you cannot disobey the one who carries the blood crystal which seals your soul."

Never before had he met a woman like her. None of his previous masters could stand up to his evil soul and, driven to insanity, they took their own lives. Only Alexiel could . . . And she did. The question of how she'd gotten that blood crystal plagued him endlessly. Where had she gotten it? Who had given it to her? Did that person understand what it contained and meant? She was always teasing him about the information, always saying something incomprehensible and then brushing it off as insignificant, meaningless words.

"When will I release you, you wonder? You want me to tell you the secret of what you truly are? I will not. I have no intention of releasing you yet. You'll be by my side, Nanatsusaya. Forever by my side."

Those few words had both angered him and . . . Somehow . . . They made him happy.

When our lights meet,

Will you know me then,

And will you want to know it?

It feels like I've known you for so long,

When our lights meet,

Will you want me then?

And will you ever know it?

It seems you've known me for so long,

The jester's arms were around his neck and Nanatsusaya continued facing forward so he wouldn't have to see the expression on Mad Hatter's clown face. "You don't really have to know what you truly are, do you? If she holds your weakness in her hands like that," she breathed the words into his ear and the truth behind them stung. "It just gives you a reason to stay by her side . . . Doesn't it?"


(A/N: Time is flowing together starting . . . Now.)

Alexiel could feel her spirit aligning with her body. Water all around, the warmth emitting from it seemed to drag Setsuna's consciousness into oblivion. She'd borrow the power of the river Lethe for a while. The shadow of a man crossed her vision and Alexiel swiftly rose from the water while righting the dress she wore. Nanatsusaya's stone floated in the water and she looked at him lazily.

"What is it? Don't say that you fail to recognize me. As cold as ever I see, Nanatsusaya . . . No . . ." She came out of the water and began walking towards him. Hell seemed the same like always and Nanatsusaya continued to stare at her like an idiot. "By now you should've gradually begun to remember. Lusting for the truth you came down to this land . . . The truth of your identity? Whom your soul first belonged to before you became Nanatsusaya?" Her eyes roamed over his body and she asked, "What happened? Didn't you always want to touch my hair? Well you have it now don't you . . . Your own body . . . A pair of hands to embrace me with . . . Or . . ." Alexiel asked cruelly, "Would you still have me living my life as a Goddess of War? Like in the olden days . . .? Even though, I'd have been perfectly happy just to be an ordinary woman . . ."

He had no response and her eyes were feral, dark, as she screamed "Why haven't you released me from God's curse?"

I don't understand.

"Whatever you're talking about, I don't understand any of it. I'm just a lost soul living inside a sword." Nanatsusaya stated, staring at Alexiel's body. She was close enough to touch if he reached out his hand . . . Close enough to be wrapped in his embrace . . . Close enough to kiss. He wanted to kiss her, but Nanatsusaya waited instead for her to make the first move. In truth, he didn't want to be rejected by her . . . He didn't want to trust her to be on the other side, waiting.

Alexiel placed a hand on his chest and used her other part his hair and laid it on his neck, right on his pulse. Even if he didn't want her to know, his pulse was slightly erratic. "What? Would you not even warm up to a poor . . . Wet . . . Shivering woman?"

Warm up to a terrifying woman like Alexiel? He thought not.

"You really are a cold man . . . Lucifer . . ."

A piece of the puzzle: A simple name. That name . . . What did it mean to him? He didn't know.

Right now he didn't care, the feel of her skin concerned him more. Nanatsusaya pressed his lips to the bend of her neck and inhaled the scent of her skin. He kissed her collar bone and lazily dragged his lips up her neck. When their lips met Alexiel parted her lips for him and he delved his tongue into mouth, reveling in the taste of her. She ran her fingers through his hair and kept a hand on the back of his neck so he couldn't pull away. Nanatsusaya didn't think he could anyways, even if he wanted to. He grasped her wrist and kissed the skin he found, then brushed his lips to the inside of her elbow and kissed the skin there.

"You seem different than before, Nanatsusaya," she commented out of the blue.

His hands moved down the contours of her body and he murmured against her neck, "I've been human for ten years."

She smiled, remembering a conversation she'd had with Lucifer long ago. "You always did want to be human . . ."

Her eyes closed and she simply enjoyed the way he was kissing her neck and shoulders. Nanatsusaya pulled the straps of her dress down to kiss the swell just above her breasts and paid special attention to the 'fallen' mark above her heart. She pushed the leather material from his shoulders and touched the hard muscles of his back. Oh, how she'd missed him. She'd never say it aloud, because she knew he would use those words against her, just as she's used the knowledge of his past, and the blood crystal, to keep him by her side.

It's always the same, she thought sadly, Whichever era it might be, we always just pass each other by . . .Just barely miss each other. Strive as we may, for a moment of tranquility, it is always the same. For we are no more than dolls sculpted by God, and that is what waits for us at the end of the road. To kill each other till the last one remaining draws their last breath . . .

Alexiel raised her hands from Nanatsusaya's back and a dark light appeared between them.

Our destiny.

He sensed it just in time, just like before. She shouldn't have been surprised. Nanatsusaya knocked the knife out of her hands and pushed her down into the ground, an arm across her throat.

"You haven't changed a bit since the old days. Cruel woman." There was a look in his eyes, one Alexiel recognized since she'd seen it enough as she looked through Setsuna's eyes into a mirror. She felt an invisible hand squeezing her heart inside her chest and closed her eyes to calm her racing thoughts. If she didn't acknowledge it, it didn't exist. Pain didn't exist. "What is it, Alexiel?" he asked quietly. "No longer have any use for me?"

"Seems like you've started to remember all sorts of things . . ."

"From the very start, the only thing on your mind was to use me? When you helped me back then," he said with sudden clarity. "You did it knowing that originally I was the soul of the Lord of Hell, didn't you?" His eyes blazed and Alexiel remembered when those exact same eyes had told her he loved her. "Using your own body as bait . . . Just to lift God's curse?"

(A/N: Has a different meaning here than in AS.)

He didn't understand anymore. How much she wanted to be free from God and his power, how much she had wanted him. She'd been expecting too much too quickly. Nanatsusaya couldn't remember everything, at least not yet. He wasn't Lucifer, but he would be soon.

"Yes." she answered.

Nanatsusaya frowned at her and sat with one leg stretched out and the other brought up to his chest so he could prop up an arm. Alexiel stood and bent over him, a hand on his left shoulder, and another to caress his face and trace the outline of his lips. He closed his eyes quickly then opened them up to gaze into her angelic face. For a moment, he really believed that she cared about him.

"You understand, don't you? I am . . . Just a marionette, struggling to sever the strings she is dangling from, and what amasses beneath my feet is a mountain of corpses. I am the Angel of Death now, demon-lord-in-making." Alexiel lowered her head and their lips were barely an inch apart. "It's time to say good bye, Lucifer . . . Or perhaps, Nanatsusaya." His heart was beating fast inside his chest as he stared into Alexiel's gentle eyes. She'd never looked at him like that before. "Love me as you may . . . But it has no meaning. None at all." she murmured against his lips.

When our hearts meet,

Will we make it then?

Will we even notice that they are eclipsed?

"Once again," Beliel sighed quietly in her butterfly form. "Alexiel is no more than a beautiful corpse."

Nanatsusaya stared at her apparition sadly and cradled Alexiel's lifeless body to his chest. He stood, her body with him and ran a hand through her beautiful, long hair.

Alexiel . . .

With her eyes closed she looked like she was asleep, and he remembered the time he first laid eyes on her chained form.

He kissed Alexiel's cold lips.


With the help of Beliel and, oddly, Inorganic Angel Rosiel, Lucifer returned to his real body. The only reason Rosiel's spirit would give for helping him was: "I want my sister to be happy." The damn angel really did. Which surprised him, because he thought of Rosiel as a sadistic, homosexual angel, though he carefully masked it behind a stoic face. It wasn't his place to harp about other people's sexual preferences either.

Hell had not changed much. The Satans, though one short now, had been keeping the demons in line and preparing for the battle against God.

Almost everyday he'd go to see Alexiel. Her beauty still astounded him, and the fact that she wasn't alive killed him every time. Figuratively of course. There had to be a way to bring her back to life, something, anything. There was that pervert Angel of Wind Raphael, who was said to be able to bring people back from the dead . . . No. That would mean entering Heaven. Not that he couldn't do it, but Lucifer wanted the easiest method of resurrection. An interesting idea entered his head then and he rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

What about killing Mudo Setsuna?


Lucifer waited with Alexiel's body beside him in Eden, her past prison. Rosiel's spirit waited with him, looking out at the sea. Suddenly, Rosiel's eyes turned skyward and he said, "He comes." The angel didn't say anything more and continued gazing out to sea. What the hell was he thinking anyways? Lucifer wondered why he was here, with him, instead of gone into the darkness like other dead angels. Why wasn't he with his little pet Katan?

"Why are you with me?" Lucifer asked.

Rosiel cast him a sideways glance and said dryly, "I'm helping you get my sister."

"Don't you want to be with your boy toy?"

"He has a name," Rosiel snapped. "And it's Katan."

"He's here." Lucifer said absently. He shouldered Alexiel's body and spread his four black wings, flying down to perch on the stone roof of one the rooms in Eden. Inside was Setsuna, falling into a memory of Alexiel's past. He was so . . . Setsuna seemed so weak, too weak to be the reincarnation of the powerful, beautiful woman he loved. But he was Alexiel's reincarnation, and Lucifer recalled many memories of the life of Sakuya Kira then, how he had once been 'friends' with this human.

Setsuna was seeing Rosiel and the dead corpses of the nurses and animals he'd killed. The smell of blood was so strong and he heard the screams and Rosiel's claim that he was the only one who loved her. "No matter what Alexiel will never be yours!" Setsuna yelled. Beside him Rosiel glared silently and Lucifer felt his anger. Once the boy realized it was all a memory he cursed.

"What you saw was the memories of Alexiel's soul within you." Lucifer said loudly. Setsuna whipped around and stared at him, wide eyed. Of course he hadn't noticed his presence . . . Of course. This was going to be easier than he thought. "Alexiel is locked up in this prison called 'Eden' . . . And now I'm going to free her." He leaped and dove straight for Setsuna.


Lucifer sent an explosion of dark astral energy and Setsuna raised his arm, shielding his eyes from the barrage of stone and dust. Setsuna crouched inside a deep hole he'd created and suddenly seemed to realize he was serious. Lucifer wanted to applaud the boy. He watched as Setsuna hastily touched his arm, where the Nanatsusaya sword rested. To his surprise, and fear, it didn't appear and Lucifer smirked. He sent another bolt of energy, but Setsuna ducked in time and only received partial damage.

He knew Alexiel's reincarnation couldn't use his powers, or fly, and Lucifer used those factors to the fullest advantage. Whenever Setsuna cringed in pain, part of him wondered if Alexiel could feel it. Was he hurting her? Even though Setsuna was human, he was Alexiel in a sense, having her soul residing within his body. Lucifer wondered if she would hate him after he killed Setsuna, her reincarnation, her 'child' in a way.

"Didn't you chase after Alexiel for so long?" Setsuna screamed the question above the roaring wind around them. "No matter how many times you traveled through time and space . . . Chasing after Alexiel's soul because you were protecting her . . .You couldn't have possibly pursued her that long because you hated her right?! That's bullshit! Don't you even realize? Even after Alexiel and the Nanatsusaya were separated, you continued to look for her!"

Lucifer didn't know where Setsuna got the notion that he hated Alexiel. What the hell was the boy thinking? If he hated her, he wouldn't be going through all this damn trouble just to bring her back to life. Then he remembered a conversation Kira and Setsuna, it clearly formed in his mind. Ah, Nanatsusaya had told Setsuna he hated Alexiel. No wonder . . .

"No matter how many times you were reborn, or how many times you changed . . ." Setsuna continued on and Lucifer let the wind die down slightly. "You've always been in love with Alexiel, right?!"

Giant rocks lifted out from the ground and slammed into the area around Setsuna, pinning him, rendering him unable to move.

Out of the corner of his eye, Lucifer could see Rosiel staring at him in interest. The damn angel was also waiting for his answer. To hell with them, he was not going to tell a puny human boy his feelings, he'd rather slit his own throat. And he was most definitely not going to spill his guts to Alexiel's twin brother. Rosiel would make him feel happy and will him to say his inner most feelings. He'd die from the embarrassment and would never live it down.

". . . You say I am . . . With Alexiel?" Rosiel was chuckling quietly and Lucifer quickly gave him a slashing look before returning his attention to Setsuna: The boy couldn't see Rosiel's spirit. "I only share something in common with her, nothing more. He was desperately trying to get out of his 'rock prison' and managed to push away one, scrambling up onto his feet. "We both enjoy meaningless bloodshed, while fighting we get a natural high through claiming all things living. The feeling of bringing everything down."

Lucifer sent another attack at him and Setsuna ran, barely dodging it. He was getting tired of this game and Lucifer halted Setsuna's movement by appearing directly in front of him, causing Setsuna to fall onto his ass. Lucifer stared down at him, eyes void of feeling. Soon Alexiel would return . . . As soon as he killed this boy . . . There was a look of pain upon Setsuna's face, and for a second Lucifer hesitated, seeing Alexiel's spirit behind those human eyes. She was sad and angry, angry at him.

"It's over." he said with finality. Didn't she want to be with him anymore? He was doing all this for her sake.

And then the spirit of the young boy Sakuya Kira appeared. He was glaring at him over the rims of his glasses and Lucifer turned towards him. He still remembered how, as Nanatsusaya, he'd made a deal with him. The boy hadn't thought about himself, he'd thought about his father.

Why did these creatures we call humans . . . Think of others during their final moments . . .?

Sakuya held the Nanatsusaya stone, the one Lucifer had given Alexiel all those eons ago, and slowly it began to reform, the pieces appearing out of thin air and connecting. He spouted some asinine comments and Lucifer remained calmly blank, letting the boy's words sink in, the weird fact that Sakuya was incomplete. A part of Sakuya Kira's soul remained inside him. Was that why he'd hesitated before killing Setsuna? Because Kira's soul had stopped him? Not possible. Once Setsuna processed this information then he began spouting nonsense too.

Lucifer narrowed his eyes, daring Setsuna to say another word.

"In truth you treasured your life back then! You really treasured living as the human named Sakuya Kira, right!?" Setsuna yelled the question, turning his brown eyes to Lucifer's silver ones. Behind those human features Alexiel looked back at him, her expression ice and her eyes piercing his soul. Only Setsuna needed to hear his vocal answer, young Sakuya and Alexiel already knew the truth. Sakuya was a part of his soul, and Alexiel had known from the very beginning.

Yes . . . Setsuna.

Instead of telling the truth, he buried his feelings and attacked Setsuna, slicing his body from the shoulder down to the middle of his chest. Blood burst from the mortal wound and Setsuna's eyes widened in surprise as Sakuya's widened in dismay. I'm sorry Alexiel. She would never accept his apology, and might never look at him the same way again. Rosiel sighed deeply and gazed at his sister's lifeless body one last time before taking off into the sky, leaving him alone.

"Did you really kill Setsuna?!" Sakuya's spirit demanded. "Did you!?"

Lucifer ignored him and raised his hand to deliver the killing blow, but once he struck, something met his power with resistance. Part of a broken sword fell to the ground and Setsuna, no, Alexiel, crouched with the Nanatsusaya raised in her hands, Sakuya pushed behind her. The blood on his chest had stopped flowing, but Lucifer didn't understand. Alexiel's power was sealed within Eden, how could it have healed so quickly?

"It's been a long time . . . Lucifer."


"So it was fated to be like this," she began sadly. "You couldn't kill him could you? I created this child from all the power I had attained overcoming the difficulties placed upon me." Alexiel took a deep breath. She understood why Lucifer was doing this, and it made her feelings for him grow deeper, but she couldn't let Setsuna die like this. "I won't let you kill this boy."

He watched her silently, wanting to embrace her. He hadn't seen Alexiel in so long, and now she was telling him not to kill Setsuna. Lucifer didn't understand the woman at all. "The only thing I'm good for is creating mountains of corpses," No. Not true, never true, Alexiel, he thought. "I was created as a goddess to guide people who sought paradise at the end of their paths . . ."

What was she implying?

For a split second he remembered their first meeting in Eden and the girl she had been back then, innocent and child-like when he'd come to rape her. He hadn't, but Alexiel had always been his since that day, as he had belonged to her since that day. She would always hold a piece of him in her hands till the end of time. He wouldn't kill Setsuna, not if she didn't want him too, but only grudgingly would he accept her wishes. Lucifer never could go against her.

"I didn't forget. You haven't changed a bit, the way you never help the ones you love . . . You're just like me. There's nothing left for us to discuss." Alexiel said. She left and began running towards the chamber she knew housed the roots of the great 'tree', intent on getting her powers back. Lucifer was stunned for a second before yelling at her to wait, then following her down.

A tall glass cylinder, filled with what looked like tree roots and an eye, was the only thing in the room. Alexiel touched the glass and glared at the eye. "This is a collection of roots from the Tree of Knowledge at the center of Eden. The roots grow longer as they absorb my powers, keeping me imprisoned here. That's why . . ." She broke the glass and the Nanatsusaya's blade sliced through the roots, the eye falling to the floor. Lucifer narrowed his eyes at her as the ceiling began caving in, large slabs of stone crashing into the ground. Soon they wouldn't be able to stay here.

"This evil paradise is destroyed," Alexiel stated quietly. "But . . . I . . ." She didn't finish, instead flew out from the chamber and up into the sky. Lucifer could still see her, and imagined that she was glaring down at him. He smirked; he'd never have Alexiel any other way. His eyes surveyed Alexiel's former prison one last time before he disappeared into the air.

She could feel Setsuna's presence close to the surface and let the full power of her astral energy materialize between her hands. Alexiel! Are you serious Alexiel!? he screamed into her head. Oh yes. It had gone on long enough and she was tired of the constant reminder of her past. Alexiel bit her bottom lip and let the energy burst from her hands, down onto the center of Eden. The island cracked open and it's pieces exploded from the center, showering the sea round it with stone.

Her revenge.

The body jerked and Alexiel realized Setsuna was taking over. He forced her down into his subconscious and she was glad to go. Alexiel smiled.


Lucifer hadn't expected the blow and realized too late how powerful Sara was. His chest hand been totally blown apart and blood ran down his face. When Setsuna asked him why he had Kato's sword, he didn't know how to answer. He didn't know why himself, what meaning it had, but he just knew he couldn't let it be destroyed in Eden. Perhaps all those years of being a human had rubbed off on him. Lucifer could see Sara raising her arms to kill him and he closed his eyes, waiting. At least he had seen the true form of God and tried.

I'm sorry I failed you Alexiel . . .


And he disappeared into YHWH's servers. It was the only way he'd be able to free her from the curse, and himself. He broke through the wires and the front of YHWH exploded. He'd infiltrated the system and held a few wires in his hand. This would be the end of him, Lucifer knew that, but he was strangely happy. Out of nowhere hundreds of angel embryos started attacking YHWH, and they managed to damage his head. Lucifer closed his eyes.

One last time . . .

"While he's repairing his head, kill him with the Nanatsusaya!" he yelled.

Setsuna was startled and screamed, "Sempai!"

Lucifer smiled and replied, "He's not here anymore . . . It's just me now . . ." He loved that human boy . . . That brash, incredibly human boy. "Do it quickly." he murmured. Tears had begun to form in Setsuna's eyes and Lucifer couldn't look at him. "Besides . . . There's a promise I made . . . To Alexiel."

"Sempai!" Why did Setsuna persist in calling him that?

"Do it! Grant me my last wish Setsuna!"

He was such an idiot.


Lucifer opened his eyes, the light became a realm of darkness, and he rested on one of his knees while his other leg was partially up. I guess this is where God sends the fallen angels who die . . . Just like Hell . . . In truth he'd been expecting to see a certain someone here, waiting for him. Hadn't she told him herself that she was a goddess sent to guide people who sought paradise at the end of their paths? Where the hell was she?

"Impatient as ever I see,"

Alexiel stood in front of him, stark naked. Wow, this was paradise. Her eyes looked down at him warmly and Lucifer stood, keeping his silver gaze on her to make sure she didn't leave. He touched her cheek and she closed her eyes in bliss. Lucifer brushed his lips across her forehead and stepped back slightly.

"I did that for you." he said. "Here to stay now?"

"Foolish man . . ." she answered while shaking her head.

This was what he'd been waiting for. He'd taken Alexiel as his bride and had fallen in love with her all those eons ago. Then they'd been separated and he was sealed inside the Nanatsusaya, but even though he'd lost his memory he hadn't truly forgotten her. When they fought together and she was recaptured and began reincarnating, he followed her. Forever it seemed. All those tragic human lives, and the constant cruelty of God. Always waiting for the day they would be together again . . .

He smiled and opened his arms.

Alexiel entered his embrace, and they fell into darkness together.


The End


A/N: Out of all my stories, this is probably the best I've written. The reincarnations I got from Nanatsusaya's explanation to Arachne in volume three of AS. The lyrics are from the song 'Eclipse' by Evans Blue. Well, review and tell me what you think!