Pokemon Colosseum: New Dimension

A/N: I'm utterly screwing up the timelines for Pokemon Colosseum, making the game occur five years before Ash goes on this adventure. Here are the modified ages:


Ash: age 7

Brock: age 10

May: age 5

Max: age 2

Michael: age 7

Jovi: age 4

Wes: age 16

Rui: age 15

For the current timeline, add five to the character's ages.

In this story, Jovi has a Minun and Plusle, both of which can be found at the Pokemon HQ Lab in the game. Michael himself carries a few incredibly powerful Pokemon, including his starter, a Vaporeon (Neptune). I'm using Vaporeon since that's what I evolved my Eevee into. And this Vaporeon's a girl, since mine was.

I think that Flashbacks take up nearly a third of this story. The first chapter doesn't count.

And this is sort of Contestshippy, but mostly from someone else's (Michael's POV). Therefore, I don't think this merits the Romance genre.

No Dividers This Time

Out on the high seas, there was a massive ferry blasting through the rough waves. It was a cool, dry day out, with clouds covering the sun. The other passengers had scurried inside at the vanishing of the sun, but not a couple of kids who were still standing at the bow of the boat, enjoying the cold air. They would have been inside a while ago, but the waves crashing against the helm weren't quite large enough to soak the pair.

"Michael, Jovi wants to know how long it will be until Jovi will see Hoenn," said the girl. She was about nine years of age, but spoke oddly, never using pronouns. The girl had soft blue eyes that spoke of an insane amount of immaturity and optimism. Her hair was blue and fell to her shoulders. Two small buns held her bangs out of her face. She wore a white T-shirt, blue skirt, blue sneakers, and a blue denim jacket. On her back was a light blue backpack, through which the forms of two Pokeballs showed.

"I'm not sure, Jovi." Michael, Jovi's older brother, answered. Michael was obviously a few years older than his sister. His red hair stuck out in every direction, but was marginally tamed by the blue headband he wore. Two particularly long sections of it framed his face, somehow emphasizing his green eyes. He wore a black long-sleeved shirt under a yellow vest. A pair of goggles hung around his neck. He wore blue jeans that seemed a size or two too large for him. On his left arm was a strange machine, and above his left ear was a scanner sort of device. Neither made Michael seem particularly odd, just a little different. But for all the items on his person and in his red backpack, he didn't have a watch.

"Well, Jovi wants Michael to find out, then," Jovi said after a bit of silence between the two, disturbed only by the crashing waves around them.

Sighing, but knowing that Jovi wouldn't stop hounding him until he got her what she wanted, Michael moved from his position leaning against the railing.

It was just as well, he thought as his back gave a twinge at the sudden motion. He hadn't moved in hours, due to the fact that Jovi had dragged him to the bow and simply stayed there. Michael couldn't leave his sister alone, even if she did have two Pokemon of her own. Well, he couldn't leave until she told him he could.

"Just stay there, all right?" Michael called back to her as he reached the door. She probably wouldn't listen, but there was always a chance that she'd listen to his warning.

"I will, big brother!" the blue-haired girl called back.

Michael shut the door behind him. The grand entranceway wasn't really all that impressive, since it was occupied by almost restaurant-like sections, some of which were occupied.

The redhead simply walked to the diner area and took a look at the massive wall clock. "Let's see…we left at one and it's three-thirty right now, so…half an hour more." That was true. The ferry from Gateon Port was due to reach Slateport City's dock at four P.M. Unless a freak storm popped out of nowhere, he didn't think they'd be delayed much.

Frankly, Michael was positive that no such thing would happen. The weather outside didn't look all that great, but it didn't look like the beginnings of some sort of natural disaster, either.

Michael suddenly became aware of the sounds of people rushing around him. He spared a glance to see where the crowd was heading. The masses were heading to the bow…right where Michael had left Jovi. Oh man!

He broke into a run towards the door. If something had happened to his sister, heads would roll.

Some Dork Killed My Dividers

The crowd had already assembled out on the deck, forcing Michael to push and shove (and sometimes kick) people out of his way. When he'd forced his way to the front, he wasn't sure what to do for about three seconds.

Jovi had somehow gotten into a Pokemon battle with a boy of Michael's age. He had spiky green hair and dark eyes. He wore mostly reds and blues, and also wore a bandanna. His two Pokemon were a Primeape and a Machamp.

Jovi hadn't sent out her Plusle or Minun, probably because she knew neither of them was particularly strong. That, and she was still too young to have a trainer's license.

The blue-haired girl turned and spotted him. "Big brother!"

Michael walked up to her. "Jovi, get out of the way," he said softly. He said in a louder voice, "Who are you and why are you picking on my sister?" It was that dangerous tone he reserved mostly for bullies. And Cipher peons.

The other boy watched him, smirking. Clearly, he didn't know that despite Michael being only twelve, the redhead had an arsenal of evolved Pokemon at his disposal.

"She was mouthin' off. Needed to be taught a lesson, ya know," said the boy in a heavily accented drawl. "The name's Chase of Fuchsia City, Kanto."

"Michael of Orre." As he spoke, Michael drew out two Pokeballs. The two Pokemon inside were an absolute pain to deal with if one was the opponent. "I choose Neptune and Artemis!" He hurled the Pokeballs into the air, releasing the beasts inside. In a burst of harsh, white light, a Vaporeon and an Ursaring had entered the playing field. "Let's get to it."

Chase gulped, clearly weighing the odds, which were against his Pokemon.

"Artemis, use Slash on Primeape! Neptune, Hydro Pump on the Machamp!" Michael ordered, devoid of any mercy towards his opponent's Pokemon.

"Machamp, use Detect! Primeape, dodge that!" Chase called to his Fighting-type Pokemon.

As the agile Neptune blasted Chase's Machamp with enough water to fill a canyon, Artemis the Ursaring lumbered towards Primeape, lethal claws extended.

The opposing Machamp dodged the dangerous surge of water, but just barely. He had Hydro Pump's uncontrollability to thank for that. The nimble Primeape wasn't quite fast enough to escape Artemis's vicious claws, which followed through the attack.

Primeape fainted from the critical hit, forcing Chase to recall his poor pig-nosed monkey. Machamp was still in the battle, as were Michael's two Pokemon.

"Now Neptune, use Ice Beam before Machamp gets its balance back!" Michael called. Neptune's aim was a bit off, however, and she only succeeded in coating the soaked deck with a slick layer of ice. Michael bit back a curse he'd heard Cail of Pyrite Town use sometimes.

"Machamp, use Cross Chop on Ursaring!" Machop's arms glowed as soon as Chase ordered it, and Machamp charged for the hapless Normal-type. Granted, the bear Pokemon was larger than all three of the other Pokemon in the battle combined, but still, there was a type disadvantage.

"Artemis, use Faint Attack and the ice to slide away!" Michael cried, realizing the usefulness of his earlier mishap. "Neptune, use Water Gun on Machamp!"

The Ursaring used the Dark attack to seemingly vanish from Machamp's vision before appearing again, this time way out of range. The Faint Attack had masked the bear's trip across the ice.

Meanwhile, the Vaporeon sprayed the confused Fighting-type Pokemon with a jet of ice-cold water, knocking him out.

With that, Chase was once again forced to recall his Pokemon. The crowd of trainers (mostly twelve and younger) soon dispersed, along with the arrogant Fuchsia City kid.

"Jovi wants to thank Michael!" his sister said brightly. "Did Michael find out when we'll reach land?"

"Um…" With the battle as a major distraction, he'd forgotten how much time they had until the ferry arrived in Slateport. It had been about thirty before the battle, but…crap. He couldn't even guess now. But Jovi shouldn't know that. "Maybe twenty minutes, give or take a few."

Jovi seemed to accept that before going back to staring at the waves. Michael recalled Artemis. As the huge, brown bear Pokemon disappeared, Neptune gave a questioning mew.

"Enjoy the view, girl," he murmured to the water-cat, scratching the base of the Vaporeon's finlike ears. Neptune purred, giving her equivalent to a grin as she looked out to sea, where one could see the very beginnings of land.

Jovi had looked at the waves.

So did they.


By the time the ferry had finally docked, Michael, Jovi, and Neptune stepped out into the sunny, tropical Slateport weather. All in all, the coast looked like a resort town all its own.

"I was expecting something a little…drearier." Michael muttered to Neptune. "Return." The Vaporeon disappeared in a flash of scarlet light, returning to its safe haven of a Pokeball.

"Big brother, where is Jovi going now?" Jovi asked. For some reason, Jovi could ask the best questions.

Michael paused and looked around before he spotted a Pokemon Center's distinctive roof over the beach shacks. "We're going there," he replied, pointing. Jovi glanced over there and smiled.

"Oh, maybe Nurse Heather is there!" she said, referring to the blue-haired nurse who operated the Pokemon Center in Gateon Port. Jovi hadn't seen any other Pokemon Centers, he supposed. He doubted that Nurse Heather or her clone-like sisters would go to Hoenn for any reason. Orre had always been their place, as he'd heard from the one in Agate Village.

These thoughts carried him all the way to the Pokemon Center's front door. Jovi practically skipped inside, leaving her older brother to simply trail after her.

Michael went to the counter and left his Pokemon with the nurse at the counter. Apparently, she was named Joy, and she had several (hundred) relatives who looked exactly like her and were all named Joy. Michael supposed that the Joy family was remarkably short on imagination.

Apparently though, Nurse Joy was quite the medic, and handed his Pokeballs back to him within ten minutes.

There weren't many other trainers in the Pokemon Center, but those there were seemed to be traveling together in a group.

There was a boy Michael's age. He was tanned, with dark eyes and hair. He wore a blue vest with a black shirt underneath, and pale blue-gray jeans. On his head was a stylized Pokemon League official hat, red and black rather than red and white. On the ground next to him was a green backpack.

Perched easily on his head was a Pikachu, who by Michael's reckoning was stronger than his Ampharos. There was just a…quality about strong Pokemon that weaker ones didn't have. Michael chose to take a guess and decided that it was confidence.

Sitting next to him on a bench was a girl a little older than Jovi with brown hair and blue eyes. She wore a red bandanna on her head, on top of which a Beautifly sat. She wore mostly black red and white, in a blouse and a pair of multicolored shorts. Around her waist was a yellow pouch, which Michael assumed the girl used instead of a backpack.

Next to her was a boy with dark hair and dark eyes, though they were framed by overlarge glasses. The boy was obviously a few years younger than Jovi, wearing a green polo T-shirt and dark brown shorts with green sneakers. He was holding out a PokeNav and pointing out a city on the route.

Standing up near the counter, flirting with Nurse Joy, was who Michael assumed to be the fourth member of their party. He was taller, definitely a teenager, and also darker than any of his teammates. His eyes were permanently narrowed and looked like they weren't open at all to Michael. He dressed in earthy tones like brown and brownish green, which made Michael think of his as a more mature person than the flamboyantly-clothed girl.

And then there was a blue-haired girl who…wait.

It was right then that Michael realized that Jovi had left his side and started talking to the group of trainers.

"Jovi wants you to meet Jovi's big brother, Michael," his little sister was saying. "Michael, Jovi would like you to meet Ash, May, Max, and Brock." '

Michael grinned and gave a short wave. "Hi. And just in case you're wondering, she's Jovi," he said, pointing at his strange little sister.

"Oh, good," said the boy introduced as Max. "I was starting to worry that she had an imaginary friend."

Michael gave a sort of nervous laugh at that. Jovi didn't have an imaginary friend to his knowledge. What Jovi did have was a tendency to refer to herself in third person. He often wondered when she'd grow out of that.

"So, what Pokemon do you have?" Michael was jolted out of his thoughts by the sudden inquiry. Ash, the boy with the Pikachu, had asked him.

"Uh…we'd better go outside." Michael replied. At Ash's confused look, he added, "Most of my Pokemon are on the large side."

"Oh. Okay."

The group of six quickly vacated the Pokemon Center.

"Before I show you mine, know that you'll have to show me yours in exchange." Michael said, groping blindly in his backpack for his shrunken Pokeballs. "And I'd prefer not to battle right now." His fingers closed around Neptune's Pokeball, which he could distinguish from others because of the fact that there was a sort of calming aura about it.

Quickly, he gathered the other five.

"Got them?" Ash asked.

"Yeah," Michael answered. He tossed the six Pokeballs in the air. "Come on out, everyone!"

In a burst of white light, six Pokemon appeared. There was a female Vaporeon who watched Ash and his friends with an unfathomably deep gaze, which seemed to go right through them. An Ursaring regarded the group with vague curiosity; he shrugged off the feeling and lay down to relax. A large male Arcanine glanced at them before turning a questioning look on his trainer. The female Pidgeot simply spared the lot a look before turning his head to the sky, wondering if he would be allowed to fly today. A female Ninetales viewed them with a sort of cool indifference, before looking back at Michael. Finally, a Lunatone regarded each person in turn and then gave a funny little sigh, as if humans were so strange.

"Their names are Neptune, Artemis, Arkon, Pikon, Nikon, and Selene," Michael said, pointing out each Pokemon. He gave a smile. "Jovi and I each named three of my Pokemon. I bet you can guess who named who." Neptune gave a cheery mew at that. "Also, Jovi has a Plusle and a Minun, named Pepper and Salt."

For the rest of the afternoon, Jovi and Michael were introduced to Ash, May, and Brock's Pokemon (as Max was still too young; Michael knew that Jovi was as well, but neglected to mention it). Ash's Pokemon were Pikachu, Swellow, Grovyle, Corphish, Torkoal, and Snorunt. May's were Combusken, Beautifly, Skitty, Bulbasaur, and Munchlax (Michael had recognized the beast because of a certain Munchlax that kept eating his PokeSnacks whenever they were laid out). Brock's Pokemon were Mudkip, Ludicolo, and Forretress.

Jovi had squealed with delight upon seeing May's team, instantly beginning to play with them, as the rest of them gave her weird looks.

"She's always been…overly excitable," her brother said sheepishly, watching his sister take advantage of Skitty's attraction to moving things. Soon Jovi's short hair was hopelessly tangled and her backpack strap was in shreds. "Looks like she needs a replacement pack, again."

"Ah!" May exclaimed at the ruined strap. She gave Jovi an apologetic look, which wasn't noticed. "I'm so sorry! And Skitty's sorry too, right?" The pink cat ignored her in favor of attacking the other strap.

"It's no big deal." Michael responded, making calming gestures with his hands. "We have a Delcatty at home that makes a bigger mess of things."

At that, May turned her attention to Michael. "A Delcatty? Wow!"

Ash grew curious, "How many Pokemon do you have at home?"

Michael's brain drew a blank. "Um…I think it's in the mid-eighties somewhere, if you're only counting what Jovi and I have caught…and Professor Krane's got a load running around for research purposes. And then most of the PokeSpots got announced as nature reserves, property of the Pokemon HQ Lab…I'm not sure, but the number's huge."

The looks on his new friends' faces were priceless.

"You've caught more than eighty Pokemon!" Ash half-shouted. He was still reeling, it seemed. Eighty-six wasn't really a lot for a Snagger, but Michael decided not to mention that most of his Pokemon had once belonged to other trainers.

"Uh, yeah," Michael answered, still kind of confused by his new friends' reactions. "The number's unusually high, especially in Orre, but that's just what I've caught. I gave most of them away." The Legendary Bird trio suddenly came to mind, along with the formerly-Shadow Lugia, "Or released them."

Suddenly thinking of Pokemon he'd given away, Pepper and Salt came to mind. They had been a present for Jovi's half-birthday, which was exactly six months before her tenth. And that brought him to the first time he'd almost seen her call them out in battle – on the S.S. Tidal.

"Jovi." His almost quiet address did what no amount of yelling would: it got his sister's attention.

"Big brother?" Jovi asked.

"What did you say to that boy on the S.S. Tidal? You know, the one that made you battle him, Chase." Michael clarified when he noticed his sister's blank look.

"Whoa, hold on," Brock interrupted. "Chase of Fuchsia City?"

"Yeah. Is that a big deal?"

"It sure is! In Lilycove City, there's a sort of trainer tournament every year called the Grand League. Chase of Fuchsia City was first runner-up last year." Brock said, after pulling out a tourist's guide to confirm the facts.

"…If that was the same Chase, then everyone else at the tournament last year must have been beginners," Michael said after a longish silence.

Max, the kid with glasses, spoke up at that. "According to the TV special about it, Chase used primarily Fighting-type Pokemon against the winner's Steel-type Pokemon, and lost anyway. And then the winner left and passed the title to Chase."

May looked at her brother with confusion written across her face. "Who was the winner?"

"That's easy. Steven Stone!" Max replied.

Michael stared at the boy, stunned speechless. Neptune mewed to break the irritating silence, as Michael's other Pokemon milled about, looking for Berries and such.

Max noticed. "Is something wrong?"

"Steven Stone entered a tournament like that?" he managed to respond.

"Yeah." Max answered, "But other than the fact that he's Mr. Stone's (who's the president of Devon Corporation) son, there's nothing really special about him."

Jovi, at that point, laughed. "Doesn't Max know? Steven was the first runner-up in the Hoenn Pokemon League. Steven gave up the title of Champion to the true winner, Wallace, a while ago. Wallace was running Sootopolis Gym until then."

"Steven was the Champion!" Ash cried, stunned.

"Not just the Champion of the Hoenn League." Michael said, pulling out a special item called a Fame Checker. "According to this, Steven was the leader of the Elite Four with his team of Steel-type Pokemon. The others are Sydney, Phoebe, Glacia and Drake. You might have seen a one or two of them if you've been traveling around Hoenn."

Ash seemed to think about the new information for a minute before replying, "We saw Steven in Dewford, where he was collecting evolutionary stones."

"By the way, why are you in Slateport City?" May asked. "We're here for the Pokemon Contest Grand Festival, which is in a few days."

"Jovi and Michael are here for sightseeing." Jovi responded before Michael could speak. "And for Jovi to train with her Pokemon. And for Michael to see if the trainers here are any better than the ones in Orre."

Michael, after changing what he was going to say, said the words that would spell his doom; "What's a Pokemon Contest?"

Thus the hapless redhead was pulled into an explanation of what Contests were, how they worked, why May and many other people loved them, why they were better than battling freestyle, why Jovi would do better than Michael in them, why Ash didn't like them, and so on.

By the end, the boys were bored, Jovi was enamored with the concept of Contests, and all of the Pokemon had fallen asleep.

Any idiot would be able to see that this was the start of a beautiful friendship.

If These Dividers Turn Out Just To Be Invisible, I'm Suing

As the six friends (plus Neptune and Pikachu) walked around Lilycove City looking for a place to eat, they also looked around at the town.

Slateport City was well-named. It was huge! At the very least, it took up as much room as Phenac City, Pyrite Town, and Agate Village combined. Shopping districts made up a lot of the city, and in between times where the boys were looking for something to eat, May would pop into a store and Jovi would have to go in and drag her out again (as the masculine cowards they were, none of the males in the party would go anywhere near the makeup store May had chosen).

It took another hour of running around, running in, and running out to find the place they were looking for: Kingler's Seafood Restaurant. Famous around the world for its amazing selection, it was also infamous for its ridiculously high prices. But there was a half-off deal during the week of the Grand Festival, so it wasn't too bad. If they pooled their resources (meaning Ash's, Michael's and Brock's resources), they'd be able to cover the costs easily.

As they sat down to order (and got Pikachu and Neptune something to snack on next to the table) they met the bane of May's existence. Better known as Drew.

The green-haired boy with equally green eyes and an ego the size of Mt. Battle declined to make the first move as May glared at him.

"Who are you?" instead of May, it came from Michael, who was eying the other boy with dislike. May hadn't said anything about a boy like this, but the hostility in her eyes was a hint enough. He doubted that it was anything above a simple rivalry, but no one with his background could take things so lightly.

"The name's Drew." Eying the boy for a moment, and noting the self-assured way he'd introduced himself, Michael decided to try and be polite.

"I'm Michael," the redhead said after a time. He nodded towards his sister, who was browsing the menu, "This is Jovi." Finally, he stroked Neptune's head, as the Vaporeon was done snacking on her Pokemon pellets. "And she's Neptune."

Neptune looked at Drew, her purple eyes surveying everything about him, from his hair to his shoes to his personality. She snorted and went back to contemplating the secrets of the universe, or whatever it was that Neptune did in her spare time.

"Huh," was all Michael said in response. "She isn't usually like that. Sorry."

That apparently hadn't merited a response, since Drew simply gave May a look and walked away.

As soon as the green-haired boy was out of earshot, Michael found himself attacked by May. Actually, to another person it might have looked like enthusiastic hugging, but not to the redhead. To him, it was rather like being strangled.

"…medic…" Michael wheezed, at which point May let go of him. He was suddenly very glad that they'd chosen a booth over a table. Especially one of the corner ones, which were a sort of semicircle.

"Wow, Michael! I've never known anyone who could get Drew to stop bothering me like that," May said happily, as if it were some sort of monumental discovery, like the meaning of life or something.

"…It's not anything special. I was just polite." Michael said after he'd made the world stop spinning.

Jovi seemed to agree, but didn't put her two cents in. But she seemed to want to say something very badly.

"You know, it may be because you're not a Pokemon Coordinator," Brock theorized. May looked at Brock expectantly, now that he'd caught her attention. He continued, "Drew's a Coordinator, so it could be a matter of pride."

"I guess that could be it." It was Ash, this time.

"But then why'd he go away if May was still here?" Max asked.

There was a silence in which the waiter came and became annoyed with the unresponsiveness of his customers and left without taking anyone's orders, but none of them noticed.

"He's jealous."

As one, everyone at the table looked at Jovi.

As the full gravity of what she'd said sunk in, Michael started mentally smacking his head on the table. Why hadn't he noticed that something had seemed odd! And he prided himself on being observant, too. Apparently, his sister was more so.

"W-what did you say, Jovi?" May looked somewhere between nervous and stunned. And maybe a bit excited by the possibility.

"Drew's jealous," she repeated innocently. "Drew didn't leave the restaurant, so Drew probably saw May hug Michael. So Drew's jealous."

Michael felt heat rising to his cheeks, in the way that did not denote affection. More like in the way that one was totally humiliated. Like forced to sing 'I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today' humiliated. "Aw man…!"

"Mom didn't say this would be all fun." Jovi said with a smile.

"She didn't say I could get on bad terms with people just by existing, either."

Chapter One Over

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