A Path Not Taken

During Revenge of the Sith and during Attack of the Clones

Summary: Some people resign themselves to their fate, others resist.

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Anakin yawned in boredom. The nineteen-year-old padawan was in the archive cleaning. After a dangerous mishap with some paint, the teenager was punished with cleaning duty. Usually droids cleaned the archive since it was huge. Clarification: It was beyond huge. It was enormous. You could fit a house in the archive. Some say the archive holds many secrets, others say that there are skeletons of Jedi from the past that was lost and died. The latter was a rumor that had been circulated around the temple since the library was built. Hopefully.

What happened was the unfortunate accident with Master Windu. To everyone's surprise and eventual dread Master Windu was finally growing his hair out. He bought some shampoo and special chemicals to make it grow. It took a few months but he grew out long luscious hair. From the back, he looked like a girl, from the front…no comment. Let us just say, even Yoda closed his eyes when Mace faced him. The other problem was the chemicals made Master Windu smell. Badly.

Anyway, Anakin was painting the Jedi starfighters. He loved being with machines and volunteered to paint and fix them in his spare time. He had just finished painting the last starfighter and was going to put the paint away. To his dismay, there was not any room left and he would have to put them away in a different storage room. Cursing softly in Huttuse he lugged the paint can with him twelve flights of stairs. As he ascended to the other levels, he paused to watch a class full of younglings. The object of his curiosity was a black haired Master. Said master was demonstrating with his lightsaber in front of the younglings. You could tell it was Master Windu by the color of the lightsaber and the smell. What was unique about the smell was the person who smelled could not smell it. Only the people who smell the smell can tell.

The smell was of rotten eggs, soured milk, a decaying corpse, and a faint lavender tinge.
The smell did not bother Jedi; it did bother the delegates who came seeking the Jedi's help. Because of Master Windu's position on the high council, he was assigned to help with the younglings that certain day. It bothered Anakin's sensitive nose. However being human, his olfactory senses were not as advanced as other species, good for him, bad for the delegates.

The delegates were from a distant world that relied on their sense of smell to survive. They resembled canines on hind legs. They arrived to the temple in order to speak with the council. Unfortunately, for Anakin, they were a few steps ahead of him going down. They caught a whiff of the smell, and simultaneously fainted. Five bodies fell down the stairs. The Jedi Knights that accompanied the delegates were able to use the Force to stop the descent of the first four delegates. The fifth delegate fell near Anakin, nearly hitting Anakin. Quickly using the Force, Anakin grabbed the delegate and stopped the dangerous descent. Very carefully, Anakin gently rested the unconscious delegate on the carpeted steps. The cans of paint were hastily dropped when Anakin stopped the delegate's fall, one can was sitting dangerously on the edge of the stairs. What happened next would be a legend, some say he did it on purpose other say it was not an accident. What they were all thankful of was that it was an answer to a problem.

The can of paint by some stroke of misfortune fell off the stairs. Anakin caught the can with the Force, slowly pulling it up. Master Windu was currently showing younglings flips and he demonstrated by flipping in the air, waving his lightsaber around. At that moment he flipped up and slashed over his head, nailing the can, slicing it in half. Some of the pain dried instantly while the rest splattered all over the Jedi. Note: Paint is flammable, very flammable. Lightsabers are in other words a fire hazard.

The younglings and Anakin watched in shock, all the Jedi in vicinity watched in shock and a bit of happiness as the Master went up in flames. His nice shinny hair also went up in flames; he was the human torch, who was screaming. After overcoming their shock, the Jedi doused the flames and sent Master Windu to the healer's wing. After the Master was stabilized, an investigation was made. After a week, a Jedi Knight reported to the high council and to a bald Master Windu about what had occurred. Seeing that Anakin was the reason Windu went up in flames, he was punished. The other Jedi gave him their condolences and even helped him with his chore. His own Master was bemused and forgave Anakin. Obi-Wan even told Anakin of the many accidents that occurred in his childhood. Master Windu was a bit miffed about losing his hair, but he was a Jedi and went to the archive to apologize to the young padawan for overreacting.


Anakin cleaned and cleaned, scouring the walls and floors. He cleaned the computers and even fixed a few. As he handled the artifacts a particularly shinny one caught his eye. It was a shiny orb, the size of his palm. The inside was murky, filled with a grayish substance. It looked vaguely like a fortuneteller's seeing stone. Eyeing the placard that was placed next to the stone, he recited it, word for word.

After a pregnant pause he placed the stone back on the shelf, sighing. He thought something cool would happen, something that would make his boring chore less boring.
Picking up the dustpan and broom he continued he clean not noticing that his body laid on the floor, seizing.

He felt a chill enter his body and then the fear that surrounded him. It was so sudden, one moment peace, the next pain. Screams and ….blaster shots? Dashing out of the archive, he ran into the main corridor of the temple and gasped. Burns and bodies covered the hall, white armor of people he did not recognize and bodies of Jedi. Horror spread through his entire being as he fumbled for his lightsaber. How could he be so stupid and not notice people were attacking the temple! Remembering his master's teaching he calmed down and squashed the desire to attack the people who killed so many of his friends and colleagues. Searching through the Force, he was floored by the dark side that flooded the Jedi Temple. He withdrew and fought to calm himself down. He was so focused on calming himself down he didn't know someone was behind him until he felt the hot muzzle of a blaster pressed on the back of his head.

"Die Jedi-scum."


Master Windu walked into the archive looking for Anakin. As he walked he felt a ripple in the Force, then a wave lashed out nearly crippling him. Every Jedi in the temple winced as the Force shuddered. Stumbling Master Windu tripped over something. Holding his head in pain he stared into Anakin's shaking form. The boy was pale and sweaty, gasping and gagging at the same time. Master Windu quickly located Jocasta-Nu and contacted the healers, something was very wrong.

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