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"Harry! Over here!" Harry turned around to see Hermione waving her hands wildly to get his attention. He smiled, dropped his bags and ran over to her. She grinned, hugged him and then held him out at arms length. He was taller and a lot more muscular. He was also quite handsome. He looked her over as well. She was still shorter, but her hair had grown longer and she was wearing a little bit of make up.

"Wow! You've grown!" she pouted, "I'm jealous. You're taller than me." He rolled his eyes.

"I've always been taller than you, Hermione." She shrugged as she picked up her trunk and crate for Crookshanks.

"Not noticeably." They laughed and caught up on each other's summers. To each ones surprise, they both hadn't been invited to spend time at the Burrow.

"What do you think happened?" Harry asked as they boarded the Hogwarts Express. Hermione paused to say goodbye to her parents and then the two went to find an open cabin. As they pushed their way down the crowded hall, Hermione voiced her opinion.

"You don't think that something happened, do you?" Harry finally found one and entered and helped Hermione put away her trunk. After settling down, they both began to brainstorm.

"If something happened, I'd think that Ron would tell us… or at least Ginny." Hermione nodded, stroking a sleepy Crookshanks.

"True…" They remained silent until someone knocked on the door. Harry looked up to see a flushed Neville. Harry smiled and beckoned him in. Neville smiled gratefully and entered.

"You two don't mind if I stay do you?" Hermione smiled kindly to the nervous boy.

"Of course not! Sit down! Harry, help him." Harry rolled his eyes at Hermione's snappish voice and helped Neville put his trunk up. As he sat down, Neville looked around.

"Where's Ron?" The two shrugged.

"Don't know… He wasn't at the station." Neville looked out the window.

"Well… he's missed the train." Hermione frowned.

"What about Ginny?" Neville looked surprised.

"You mean she's not here either?" Harry shook his head.

"I wonder where they are?"

"When they had arrived at Hogwarts, Harry and Hermione were extremely anxious. They had not heard a single thing from Ron all summer and the fact that he hadn't shown up on the train seemed to rattle them. As they sat down, Harry looked around the Hall searching for red hair. He didn't see Ron or Ginny. He nudged Hermione and leaned in.

"You don't think he used magic?" Hermione shook his head.

"He's seventeen, Harry. He would have had to use something illegal." Harry sighed.

"That's what I meant Hermione…" he whispered. Hermione shrugged.

"Why would he use something illegal? We know Ron. He wouldn't do something like that… and if he had? I would have heard of it in the Daily Prophet." Hermione frowned.

"True…"He looked over at Hermione and noticed her distressed look. He put his hand on her shoulder and the two turned back to the Sorting. It was now over and Dumbledore was standing, waiting, seemingly for Harry and Hermione, to be quiet. He sighed.

"I would like to welcome all to another wonderful year at Hogwarts. I will like to mention, again," he said this looking directly at Hermione and Harry. "That the Forbidden Forest is in fact forbidden. For our older students, it would do you extreme good if you stayed out of the forest this year. I will also like to say, on account of Mr. Filch that there are certain objects that are not allowed on the grounds. You will all find the list on his office door. Now… if there is nothing left to say. Dig in!" With that he sat down and the students began to eat. Hermione looked down at her empty plate and up at Harry.

"I'm not hungry…" Harry nodded.

"Mr. Potter. Ms. Granger. Will you please follow me?" The two turned around to see Professor McGonagall standing there. They both glanced at each other and then got up and followed the teacher out of the Hall. They followed her into an empty room. Hermione opened her mouth to say something when McGonagall turned around and stared at the two.

"Please sit… and Ms. Granger, before you say anything, yes this is about Mr. Weasley." The two clamped their mouths immediately. After McGonagall seemed satisfied she began to speak again. "As you two, and several others have noticed that Mr. and Ms. Weasley are both absent. I would advise you two to not worry too much. They are both fine. I also wish that for the next few days that you not call too much attention to that fact that they are missing. They will be here in a week or so. Hermione raised her hand. McGonagall sighed. "Yes, Ms. Granger?" Hermione frowned.

"Please, Professor. Where are Ron and Ginny?" It was McGonagall's turn to frown.

"Ms. Granger, all you and Mr. Potter need to know is that they will be here in about a week. I am not obligated to tell you anything." She began to leave then turned. "I suggest that you that you two not ask any more questions…" Then she left. Hermione looked over at Harry.

"What's going on, Harry?"


It was a long week. Hermione and Harry were dealt with questions about Ron and Ginny in which they knew nothing. Even Snape was making it hard. He would keep saying snide things that made Hermione extremely uncomfortable and Harry hate him more. It was Friday afternoon when it got worse.

"Hey Potter!" Harry stopped and turned around. Hermione grabbed his arm.

"What, Malfoy?" he asked through gritted teeth. The blonde smiled, draping his arm around Pansy Parkinson. His cronies surrounded him.

"I was just wondering. Now that Weasel's gone, do you share the Mudblood whore with someone else or do you do her all by yourself?" Pansy shrieked with glee while Harry advanced on Malfoy, only to be stopped by Hermione. She had grabbed him.

"Ignore him," she begged him. He glared at Malfoy.

"I wouldn't be talking. What do you do with that slut hanging off of you?" Pansy gasped in horror. Malfoy just smirked.

"A lot more that you can do with any skank, let alone that Mudblood plaything." Harry was about to retort when someone interrupted him.

"Call her a Mudblood one more time and I'll do more that give you a bloody nose, Malfoy." Hermione and Harry whirled around to see Ron standing there. Ginny was beside him. She was smirking.

"I suggest you leave Malfoy," she said, pointing down the hall. Dumbledore was standing there talking to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. Malfoy scowled and moved away, his henchmen following him. Hermione and Harry smiled and ran over to the red heads. Hermione threw herself on Ron, squeezing him. He yelped and pulled away, wincing. She frowned.

"What's wrong?" Ron shook his head, gasping and clutching his side. Ginny kept an eye on her brother.

"Later… we'll talk later."

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