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Hawkeye was afraid he was going to die.

In the war, he knew that soldiers and innocent people alike died every day, but the realization that he may die was suddenly obvious.

He looked over at BJ, who was crouched under his own mattress. By turning his head slightly, he could barely see Charles in a similar position. How in the world did we get like this? Hawkeye asked himself.

They had been talking and laughing over some wine. Charles had come in, saying something…he couldn't remember what it was; only that Charles had found it incredibly important. But they were just the slightest bit drunk.

Then the first bomb had been dropped.

Unlike some of the others, this one had been really close. The sound had made all three men clamp their hands over their ears and dive under their mattresses. They knew that the Swamp was not going to hold up if hit, and suddenly Hawkeye remembered what Charles had been trying to say.

"They're going to bomb us. The entire unit is moving out!" he was red in the face when he said it.

But he and BJ had just laughed it off.

Now they were under the mattresses, and Hawkeye could hear his heart beating in overtime. He cringed when explosion after explosion rocked the ground they were on.

Finally it stopped, and not a moment too soon. The entire room had been turned virtually upside-down with glass and broken records and odds and ends everywhere. A large wooden beam made it impossible to get out.

Hawkeye stood up, swaying slightly as he did so and stumbling over a pair of boots. "Everyone all right?" he called out.

A matteress was pushed aside and Charles crawled out, dazed but realitively unharmed. Hawkeye sighed in relief, happy to see his friend moving. Charles caught Hawkeye's eye and both of them glanced to where BJ's cot was.

The same beam that had been covering the door had fallen on BJ's cot. Hawkeye's heart started beating double time. He and Charles picked their way through the rubble, calling out for BJ.

They didn't get an answer.

Together, Hawkeye and Charles got the beam off of the cot revealing BJ. He wasn't moving, barely breathing, with broken bones, cuts, and bruises all over his body.

Hawkeye bent next to him, trying to figure out the extent of the damage. "My god, Beej, what'd you do to yourself?" he muttered.

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