Written: September 6th 2006

Published: October 1st 2006

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Life With Derek: A Secret Not Kept part 2

Casey's POV

As I ran out our front door thoughts and feelings sped rapidly through my mind. Thoughts of things that could never be. Feelings that were forbidden and I wasn't supposed to be feeling. But yet I was thinking and feeling these things. Or was I?

Do I love him? Do I hate him? Do I love him as a brother? No, I never thought or cared about Derek as a step-brother. I do know it was never that.

Agghh! This is so wrong. What would Mom and George say? What would Dean say. ..


(normal POV)

"You little bitch, you're a worthless piece of shit!" Yelled Dean McDonald as he punched his twelve year old daughter across the face.

"You'll never make anything of yourself! You're always gonna be Daddy's little failure. In fact, you wouldn't have been conceived if you're fucking mother hadn't wanted kids so damn much." He slurred in his drunken state. He kicked Casey in the ribs so hard a sickening crack erupted in the air.

The small girl groaned and whimpered in pain. However, Casey was used to this pain. This man she was supposed to call Dad was drunk whenever Nora was gone.

He stood on top of her frail right leg until he heard it crack. Today he went all out, to drunk to realize what the end result would be. He got some sick satisfaction from hearing her small bones break. Just then an eight year old Lizzie appeared gingerly from the stairs.

It was as if it were a ritual, he would beat Casey and Lizzie would beg for him to stop, though he never did.

He continued to beat every inch of the girl until she was knocked unconscious. He never touched Lizzie, though. It wasn't picking favorites as you would assume. He just got more satisfaction from breaking her. This had been going since she was ten.

Then that day, nine days before Casey's thirteenth birthday, Nora arrived home early. They divorced and Nora had a restraining order put on him. Casey had to testify in court and show all of her scars, bruises, and broken bones, but Dean McDonald was given a fat jail sentence.


A single tear trickled down her face as she reminisced the still fresh memoir. Memories such as this plagued her every night, whether she showed it or not. Only four people know these weren't just nightmares she had. Hell, only four people know at all.

He wouldn't care, he never has and never will. Neither Dean or Derek.

Her feet were tired and her throat was burning, begging her to stop running. She looked up from the ground to evaluate where her feet had taken her. Sam's house.

He has always been so nice and understanding . We dated for a while, but we just weren't right for each other but still, just friends. Sam always listened to her problems. He was like her and Derek's Psychiatrist and problem solver. But she just needed to vent.

She walked up to his front door and rang the bell twice. A little over ten seconds later he opened the door.

"Sam" She was in tears as she spoke.

"Oh, Casey." He said gently, pulling his best friend into his strong arms.

"Casey, Casey, Casey, Casey, Casey." He murmured softly as he tried to calm her down. He just assumed Derek did something stupid again. Every time they got into one of their more hurtful fights, Casey came to him for consolation and comfort but rarely crying. Derek would eventually come to him for advice and help to apologize.

One reason she always came to him was because he never asked what they ever fought about unless she just flat out told him.

"Com'on, let's go to the Diner." He asked her after she had calmed down a bit. She nodded as he helped her up.

As they both piled into the car Casey suddenly asked, "What do you really think of Derek?"

"In what context?" Sam reciprocated.

"Overall." She replied.

"He's a great dude, but he has a really short fuse. He's a little too competitive, but deep down he really cares about people. Honestly, he's pretty complex." The seventeen year old summarized. She simply nodded her head and murmured something that sounded like "Tell me about it.".

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