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Hello my name is Hyuuga Hinata. I'm an only child. Why you ask? Well...when my mom was supposed to have my baby sister, she had an accident. The doctors couldn't save both of them, so that's why I'm an only child.

I live with my cousin Neji in our house (just to make it clear). He and I are best friends. We treat each other like equal. He teaches me things and I teach him things. I use to have a crush on him when I was little. I didn't know better. He found out about it though, but we worked it out.

I'm a tomboy because I've been surrounded by guys, even if I have maids. I'm not girly and I like to wear some of my nii-sans clothes. I'm always wearing jeans and nothing else. I do wear tops, but not that much. But I could be girly if I wanted too. I'm just like a guy. I'm tough, I'm not afraid to stand up for myself and my family, and many more.

I three great girl friends. They are Tenten, Ino, and Temari. They're very girly, but Tenten is not that girly. They all have boyfriends. Neji with Tenten, Ino with Naruto, and Temari with Shikamaru. I also use to have a crush on Naruto. Even now I still do, but just a little, nothing serious.

The girl goes to an all girl school and the guy goes to an all boy's school, except for Neji. He and I go to a public school.

Our fathers decided to transfer us to a private school. Too an all BOY AND GIRLS SCHOOL. But mine is NOT with my friends! So I decided to do something about it. I'm going to an ALL BOY SCHOOL with Neji! We have NEVER been apart from each other and it won't be starting until HE gets married! I'm attach to him okay and I can't help it. Neji wasn't sure at first, but then he said yes. The others also knew about it and were okay with it. But there are two problems. ONE: trying to HIDE it from our fathers and TWO: trying to hide my chest from the guys, but also if Neji and I don't get the same dorm together...I have to keep on hiding my chest.

I don't have a problem acting like a guy, since I'm just like a guy even though I'm a girl. I'm cutting my long hair all the way to the very top of my neck, just like a guy. There is nothing wrong with a guy in long hair, but I just want to see. I'm dying my hair black! Again, I want to see how I look like. My natural hair is purple with blue highlights. Besides it's not like I can't dye it back.

I forgot to mention one thing. My father, Hiashi, and my uncle, Hizashi are in better terms. They decided that it was best. We are very rich as well. I'm still the next heir to our company and if anything was to happen to me than Neji would take over until than. Neji and I don't mind it at all. The two of us are very into the business. Our fathers are very proud of us. We own 100 companies. It's kinda hard, but you'll get use to it. Neji and I had to run the company's when ever our fathers are sick. It was kinda funny when we ran it the first time. But enough of me, let's move on! o

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