I came up with this story while listening to Journey really loud in my car.

What this story is about:

Basically, the war is escalating quickly as Ginny's parents are killed. Unable to take it, she steals money from a muggle man and buys a train ticket, hoping to make her way in the muggle world.

Draco has refused the dark mark, and so he decides to run away. He exchanges his money into muggle money and gets on the same train as Ginny, hoping to make it also.

They see each other in the lounge on the train, but for the night, decide to forget all prejudices and enjoy each other's company very much.

They exit the train, going their separate ways. Not seeing each other for almost two years.

They meet once again on the street. Draco is looking well, being successful in the muggle world while Ginny is having a harder time. She has become homeless and dirtied, and has lost all hope. Draco lost his hope the day they took separate paths.

Upon seeing each other, he takes her to his apartment not from the street and the two cannot keep their hands, or mouths, off the other. In desperation, they make love hoping to gain back their lost hope and lost emotions.

After their first night together, they become inseparable and in love.

While walking, they pass the train station as their old feelings of misery swept over them. Not wanting to become hopeless again, Draco kisses Ginny, and both feelings of despair are gone and are now replaced by love.

They walk off, hand in hand and in love.