Double D rushed into Nazz's room to find that the Koopas had her surrounded.

"WHERE'S THE LAMP?" yelled Bowser.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" cried Nazz.

Ludwig thought about this. "Wait a second! This means that Double D has it right now!"

Wendy grabbed Nazz. "Let's kill her and then get him!"

Double D stepped out. "Not so fast, Koopas.

"Wow," said Bowser, "this day has been, like, so convenient. Koopa Pack! Attack!"

The Koopalings rush for him. Double D jumped up and grabbbed Jr's wand and hit him with it. He zapped Iggy and Lemmy, who collapsed. Larry and Roy ran for him, but tripped over the three fallen Koopas. Double D kicked Roy's shell, sending it bouncing around the room. It hit the remaining Koopas.

"I think we should retreat!" suggested Ludwig.

"Good idea!" said Bowser, pulling out a magic potion. "He who koops and runs away, lives to koop another day!" Bowser threw the potion at the wall, creating a door. The Koopas all ran through.

"What's going on?" asked Nazz.

"They're escaping into a warp zone!" pointed Double D. The door disappeared.

Nazz jumped into Double D's arms. "That was SOOOOOOO awesome! Tomorrow, I'm announcing to everyone that we're a couple!"

"A couple?" repeated Double D. Suddenly, he felt very guilty. He wasn't even acting like himself! What had happened?


The next day, Double D walked through the hallway at camp, wondering what he should do. Just then, the Hitchhikers burst out of the lamp, which was in his backpack. "You did it!" cheered Ezra. "Hail the conquering hero!"

(To the tune of "The Mickey Mouse Club March")

Hitchhikers: Who's the leader of this club that's made for you and me?

D-O-U-B-L-E D. he's Double D!

"Weird..." said Gus. "He looks depressed."

Phineas smiled. "Aww, I bet you're just gonna miss us now that we're being wished FREE!"

"I can't," said Double D.

"What do you mean, you can't!" cried Ezra. "I knew you couldn't commit!"

"I know that what I'm doing is horrible and immoral," admitted Double D, "but Nazz loves me now...without you, I'm nothing."

"You weren't nothing," said Gus.

"But you are now that you're turning on us," said Phineas, as the three genies/ghosts returned to the lamp.

Ed, who had been watching, made a puppy dog face and left.

"Ed," called Double D, "please don't look at me like...fine, I...I just don't care! I need to think." He sighed and walked away.

As he left, Iggy and Lemmy hopped out of a Mario Book.

"Is he..." began Iggy.

"...gone?" continued Lemmy. "I think so!"

"Good, now let's check..."

" his backpack!" Lemmy pulled something out. "It's the lamp!"

"Now King Dad will be..." started Iggy.

" proud!" finished Lemmy. "And he'll stop complaining..."

"...about how creepy it is when we finish each others sentences!" they said together. Laughing, they ran off with the lamp.


Meanwhile, Double D had run into Nazz.

"Double D! Dude!" Nazz grabbed him and pulled him into the camp's gym. "Come on! We've gotta tell everyone!"

"Nazz, there's still something I must tell you..."

"Everyone!" announced Nazz. "Double D and me are a couple now!"

"How did the dork manage to do it?" wondered Kevin.

"I can't believe this!" cried Eddy from the crowd of kids. "This is the final straw!"

"Is this the last time we'll see him?" asked Jason.

"Probably," nodded Marcus.

"He won't be coming to any more GROSS meetings," agreed Calvin, "I'll tell you that!"

"Come on, guys," said Hobbes. "Double D is still our friend! The least we can do is be happy for him."

The four other boys shook their heads. "Nope."

Hobbes sighed. "It's hard being a tiger with morals."


The Koopas meanwhile, were in their castle's highest tower, overlooking the distant Mushroom Kingdom.

"In a few minutes, kids," grinned Bowser, "that'll all be ours!"

"Oh boy!" cheered Jr. "You'll finally get the glory that you deserve!"

"Got that right!" laughed the Koopa king. The second Bowser wasn't looking, Roy punched Jr.

Bowser suddenly grew grim sat down. " You know, I guess this all dates back to my childhood..."

(To the tune of "Why Me")

Bowser: Back when I was just a Koopaling

I never could truly accomplish anything

Even Baby Mario, would just get away and go

Why me? Why me?

For an amazing and great villain

How is it that I never do win?

Never killed a single guy and it makes me want to cry

Why me? Why me?

Why was I never able to take over a summer camp?

Thankfully I got my evil claws on this great magical lamp

Yes, here's the rub!


Bowser rubbed the lamp. The Hitchhikers emerged. "Well, well, well," said Ezra, not paying attention to his surroundings, "if it isn't the exploiting little master..."

Suddenly, the three ghosts/genies realized where they were. "KOOPAS!"

"That's right!" said Bowser. "I'M your master now, you stupid genies!"

"Uh, actually," corrected Phineas, "we're ghost-genie-hybrids."

"Yeah!" said Ezra. "See, it all started at Disney World. We were flying through Adventureland and saw the Genie from Aladdin. Everyone loved him and..."

Bowser cut him off. "Shut up! I don't care!"

"Rude," grumbled Gus.

"For my first wish," hissed Bowser, "I wish to be ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom!"


The kids at camp, meanwhile, were still in the gym. Suddenly, Kamek jumped in and zapped them all with their wand. "We've got a surprise for you, kids!"

Suddenly, the kids were all transported to the Mushroom Kingdom, sitting in front of Peach's Castle.

"What's going on!" asked Charlie Brown.

"It's a long story," said Calvin. "Remember a few weeks ago when I was reading a choose your own adventure book...?"

Peach, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi were suddenly knocked out of the castle.

Peach got to her feet. "Who dares to kick me out of my own throne!"

"It's me..." said an evil voice. Bowser burst out onto the castle's balcony. "Your new ruler!"

Everyone laughed. Bowser looked down to see that he was wearing Peach's pink dress. "What's the meaning of this!"

"Sorry," smiled Ezra, "we thought this would be a good prank."

"You morons!" Bowser ripped off the dress, but put a giant gold crown on his head.

Bowser: I have power, I have clout personified

There are some ghosts with sheer malice on my side

It's a combination which hooks me up to fever pitch

These three and me

"As ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom," he announced, "I declare war on that stupid summer camp! Enslave them all unless they bow to me now!"

In response, everyone just sort of sat there in silence. "Plank," whispered Johnny, "do you have any idea what's going on?"

"We're not gonna bow!" called Calvin. "Make us!"

"Oh, I'm ready for that!" roared Bowser. "My second wish, genies!"

"Ghost-genie-hybrids," reminded Phineas.

"I wish to be an all-powerful sorcerer!" Energy shot through Bowser. His crown turned black and he now wore a cape.

Kamek was taken aback. "Oh my. Um, Lord Bowser, if you're all-powerful...what does that make me?"

"FIRED!" Bowser shot some lightning bolts out of his claws, sending Kamek flying into the distance.

Bowser: When the master of the lamp says bow, you bow

You forget who wears the pants around here now

A guy who knows just what to do and who to do it to

Who's he? M-E!

And as for you, you little twerp

From now on it's as you were time

(Double D: "It's as I was time?")

Let's have your little girlfriend see how she's been wasting her time

I'll strip him bare...and there's nothing there!

"That's right, ladies and gentlemen!" he laughed. "We have a special surprise for you..." The Koopalings all grabbed Double D and Nazz and threw them onto the balcony.

(The song switches to "Prince Ali Reprise")

Bowser: Double D

I stole from he

Three brand-new wishes

Read my lips and come to grips

With reality

Yes, I've got three stupid ghosts

Who'll turn the whole world to toast

Thanks to our good friend, Double D!

Bowser zapped Double D. He instantly went back to his former tiny self.

"Ooh," Roy said sarcastically with a big smile, "so sad."

"Back to seventy pounds!" laughed Wendy.

"Well," sighed Double D, "I suppose I deserved that..."

Bowser: Double D, turns out to be, merely still wimpy

He's a sap, 'cause with my zap

The world's history

He's naive, fortunately

For he has given to me

A chance to destroy Princess Peach

A victory for them is beyond all reach

I sure commend ya, to thank you, I'll send ya

Straight to Iced Land, whoopee!

So, thanks

Our Double D!

Double D was tied to several Bob-Ombs. They exploded and sent him flying into the distance, much like Kamek had been. Ed saw this and blew up his jacket like a blimp again. He jumped on and flew after his friend.

"This is all very shocking," thought Snoopy, "but WHAT IS ALL THIS!"

(The song goes back to "Why Me?")

Bowser: I'm sorry, but you've all lost

Couldn't beat the final boss

Someone's finally defeated all of you




Ooh, spooky. "Why Me" is a deleted song from the movie that can be found on the DVD. One verse has been cut out of this version, only so I could include a version of the "Prince Ali Reprise."