A/N: This is like Albus's version of "Crush", mainly thanks to those who first requested a continuation of that fic. It may seem a little more angsty than the other, but I do not intend it to be that way. Based partly on the song "Out of My League", by Stephen Speaks.

Out of My League

I am a simple man, a lover of the world's unique treasures, such as sunset on a cool autumn evening, the melodious ring of the laughter of a child, and particularly the wondrous beauty of my best friend and Deputy Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall.

I cannot help but to watch her intently over our routine games of chess as she anticipates my next move like a cat preparing to pounce upon its unsuspecting prey. As I complete my move, her emerald eyes sparkle, telling me she has likely noticed something on the board that I may have missed. She reclines her chin against her hand and uses the other to push back a soft lock of hair that has escaped from its bun. After gracefully moving her game piece, she looks at me with a growing warmth. It would be lovely to hold her hand, I muse...

"Albus," she says suddenly with a smile on her face. "It's your turn."

"Of course," I reply unconvincingly, my voice wavering.

Minerva rolls her eyes and shakes her head, the smile broadening on her face.

My hands tremble as I begin to make my move, knocking over a couple pieces. She quickly reaches to replace the tumbling pawns, and our hands brush together for an instant. I immediately feel the jerking sensation one feels as he misses a step while going down the staircase. I can feel my cheeks redden, but I hope she does not notice.

"I apologize."

"Don't," she says, the smile never leaving her face.

We sit comfortably in the silence, and I wonder to myself why two people such as she and I can be seemingly perfect for each other and yet be perhaps forever apart. Alas, I need not question it. With one look at her I remind myself that I- not even with all the magic in the world- will never be good enough for her. Yes, though I love her with all that I am, she- the only woman I have ever and will ever love- is out of my league.